7 tips to help home-based entrepreneurs stay sane

Working from home can get lonely and lead to a whole lot of hair-pulling stress. Let us show you 7 ways to keep your sanity in tact while working from home this year.

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Being an entrepreneur who works from home sounds ideal right? You get out of bed when you want. Your commute to the ‘office’ takes less than a minute. You can wear what you want…Actually, most entrepreneurs work long, hard hours, getting their business off the ground. Rather than taking it easy, many entrepreneurs struggle with the time they dedicate to the job, feel they never get out and can even burn out.Without proper planning, your home working dream can become a home working nightmare.

Here are 7 tips for working from home

1. Set up a proper office

Do: create an office which is not in your bedroom. This space should have a good quality chair, enough lighting to stop your eyes from straining and should be customized to your needs – get a second monitor, or a laptop stand if needs be.Don’t: try and do your work in bed!

2. Dress smart

Do: wear professional clothes that fit with your profile. If you’re a management consultant, wear your smart office attire. If you’re a graphic designer, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever you do, dress like you would if you were going to a ‘real’ office – it will get you into the right mentality.Don’t: wear your pajamas – however comfy they are!

3. Walk to work

Do: get out the house and make a ritual of ‘walking to work’ every day – even if that’s just a trip around the block. It sounds crazy, but it will get you into the mentality that your working day has begun.Don’t: roll out of bed and start working straight away

4. Follow regular office hours

Do: set yourself regular office hours, and put limits on how long you will work for each dayDon’t: be tempted to work all hours – in the end you’ll burn out

5. Organize your time at the start of each day

Do: be aware that without a manager looking over your shoulder, things can slip. Set yourself a list of tasks you will do every day and prioritize themDon’t: let yourself lose focus on the bigger picture

6. Take breaks, be active and eat healthy

Do: move around your house, try and get at least some exercise each day and keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foodsDon’t: fall into a routine of sitting at a desk for hours and snacking on junk food

7. Avoid distractions

Do: allow yourself some time each day to read the news and check social media – just like when you were an employee. However, set yourself time limits for this kind of procrastinationDon’t: keep social media, the radio or even the TV on in the background where you can easily be distracted Want tips and advice on the entrepreneur lifestyle? Read more here


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