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  • Team Level Reports
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Teams Pro Add On


  • Remove all Book Like A Boss branding
  • Unlock advanced admin customization
  • Double SMS limit from 100 to 200 per seat
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This software is clean, easy to use and very powerful. The most important aspect of my public-facing real estate business is making it easy for people to talk to me and/or meet with me.”
Luke Menkes
Advisor on Kelowna Real Estate
BLAB is an all around AMAZING and indispensable tool in my business! I love the clean look of the book page, the beautiful reminder emails and the ease of setting everything up! I love the price as well.
Nicole Roth
Owner, Marriage Minded Mentor
I have been using BLAB since May 2017. It is a great package offering brilliant and very useful features, intelligently laid out, easy and intuitive to use, when they bring out new features they are always spot on to make BLAB even better for the entrepreneur and business owner.”
Paul Marwood
Life Coach and Guide


Teams Pro

Get all Freelancer features plus:
Remove BLAB branding
Fully remove any Book Like A Boss branding from your booking pages and admin to truly make it your own.
100 per seat
200 per seat
Advanced Customization
Access advanced team-exclusive customization features like multi-member management, round-robin bookings, and company-wide availability settings.
Brand your booking pages and your admin with your own fonts, colors, logos, and brand.
SMS Limit
The total limit of how many SMS notifications and reminders you can send to your customer each month.
Round Robing Booking
Automatically allocate time slots to each team member systematically. It allows multiple people to schedule meetings, events, and other activities despite limited availability.
Team Page
Get a dedicated page to show off your team, services, and booking types.
Team Level Reports
Get booking and activity reports for your entire team.
Log In as Team Member
Log in as any team member to set them up and modify their settings.
Team Member Directory
Display a directory of your team members on your booking page.
Team-Wide Payments
Collect payments for your company as a whole rather than per team member.
Collect Payment Per Member
Allow each team member to collect their own payments and get paid out directly.
Team Continuity Settings
Set and lock in team-wide settings to ensure you maintain a unified presence across all team member booking pages.

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