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(Missing just the kitchen sink… but if you want it, we’ll add it)

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Full Feature List

(Missing just the kitchen sink...but if you want it, we’ll add it)

Core Features

All the core features you need to get your booking page running and converting visitors into sales.

  • Personalized booking page

    Add your photos, font, colors, style, brand, and make it your own.

  • Custom BookMe.name link

    Brand your booking page with a unique web address tailored to you.

  • Multiple languages

    Display your booking page in over 6 languages.

  • Mobile optimized

    Your booking page is fully mobile optimized to display ensure fast load speeds and easy navigation.

  • Fast & secure https hosting

    Add your photos, font, colors, style, brand, and make it your own.

  • Unlimited bookings

    Accept as many bookings as you like. We scale with your business at no extra charge.

  • Unlimited booking pages

    Whether it's services, appointments, products, or events, you get unlimited booking pages to display and sell all of your offers.

  • Messaging system

    Add your photos, font, colors, style, brand, and make it your own.

  • Locale settings

    Match your preferences and regional conventions like the week start day, day names, and time format.

  • Affiliate partners program

    Earn up to 40% recurring commission for anyone you refer to BLAB.

  • Bookings list

    See all of your past and upcoming bookings inside your dashboard.

  • Clients list

    Collect your customer's contact information from each booking and access it your personal dashboard.

  • GDPR compliant

    Your users' personal data is handled with transparency, accountability, and enhanced privacy protections.

  • HIPAA compliant

    Safeguard sensitive customer information, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.


Streamlines scheduling by syncing appointments across multiple platforms, making it simple for your customer to book you.

  • Client time zone detection

    Display your availability in your customer's local timezone.

  • Default availability settings

    Set your default availability and display time slots that work for your regular schedule.

  • Custom availability settings

    Customize your availability settings for each appointment or keep it the same for all of them.

  • 2 way calendar sync

    Synch your booking calendar with your personal calendars like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more.

  • Multiple calendars per account

    Synch more than one personal calendar, whether it's one, two, or five.

  • Time off & vacation settings

    Block off down time and vacations so you can relax without getting booked unexpectedly.

Appointment & Service Settings

Customize appointment and service settings to align with your business needs and preferences.

  • Duration

    Set custom meeting durations. No limits here

  • Cutoff (No bookings within allotted time)

    Set a deadline for making bookings, ensuring preparation time and preventing scheduling conflicts.

  • Padding before and/or after bookings

    Set the amount of time you need before and after an appointment to avoid back-to-back meetings.

  • Availability Intervals

    Display booking time slots according to custom intervals that you set.

  • Max cutoff days

    Specify the maximum number of days in advance that bookings can be made.

  • Max participants

    Set the total number of participants that can attend or book a meeting.

  • Custom success message

    Provide customers with instant confirmation and relevant details upon booking an appointment.

  • Redirect & auto redirect after bookings

    Direct customers to relevant post-booking web pages or URLs after they place their booking.

  • Hide appointments

    Hide specific appointments, products, or services from your booking page.

  • Approve appointments

    Approve bookings before meeting invites are sent to participants.

  • Date range

    Specify a range of dates in which your appointments and services can be booked.

  • Custom fields

    Tailor appointment forms with personalized fields, capturing relevant information for your appointment or service.

  • Email & text reminders

    Effortlessly stay organized and punctual with our Email & Text Reminders feature, ensuring you never miss an appointment again.

  • Custom URLs

    Easily personalize each of your packages with Custom URLs, so you can share them effortlessly.

  • Full page & lite page

    Choose between a comprehensive view and a minimalist interface for streamlined booking.

  • Look busy

    Intelligently fill your schedule to present an active availability while maintaining flexibility.

  • Limits on cancellations & rescheduling

    Ensure smoother scheduling processes by setting reasonable boundaries for changes.

  • Limits on  bookings per day

    Manage your workload effectively by setting daily appointment thresholds.

  • Block out

    Enables you to designate specific times or dates as unavailable for booking.


Take control of your communication strategy, personalize and optimize your messaging for enhanced client engagement.

  • Booking confirmation emails

    Instant confirmation and peace of mind for both you and your clients.

  • Multiple recipients for bookings

    Allows you to include multiple recipients in booking notifications for enhanced coordination.

  • Cancellation & rescheduling

    Seamless options for adjusting appointments to accommodate shifting priorities

  • Reminder emails

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  • Custom emails

    Personalize your communication experience and tailor messages according to your unique preferences.

  • Choose your public display email

    Maintain control over your public image, select the email address visible to clients, ensuring professionalism and privacy.

  • Custom reply-to email

    Designate a specific email address for clients to respond to, ensuring efficient follow-up.

  • Custom colors

    Express your brand's personality by personalizing  the appearance of your scheduling interface.

Page Customization

Crafting your booking page to reflect your brand identity is easy with the  tools to tailor every detail to your liking.

  • Customize every booking page

    Edit the appearance of each package on your booking pages to perfectly match your brand identity.

  • Cover photo

    Make a captivating first impression by adding custom images that reflect your brand's personality.

  • Profile photo

    Add a professional image that enhances credibility and helps clients connect with you.

  • About Me Section

    Share your story, expertise, and personality to create a welcoming and informative booking experience

  • Fonts

    Customize the text style and enhance the overall look and feel of your page.

  • Colors

    Infuse your booking page with personality and match your brand's aesthetic by customizing its colors to your preference.

  • Social media links

    Integrate your social profiles into your scheduling platform for increased visibility and engagement.

  • Sidebar

    Personalize your main booking page's sidebar relevant information like text or links, effortlessly.

  • Testimonials

    Build trust and credibility by showcasing client testimonials on your scheduling page.

  • Photo gallery

    Capture attention and showcase expertise through visual displays, highlighting your work with images.

  • FAQs

    Offer a convenient resource for clients to find answers to their questions.

  • Customize texts & buttons

    Tailor your messaging to perfection and personalize everything, from wording to button labels.

  • YouTube video

    Boost engagement by embeding a video, seamlessly integrating informative or promotional videos into your booking page

  • Facebook comments

    Encourage communication by seamlessly incorporating social interaction into your booking page.

  • Custom footer

    Tailor your booking page's final touch with a custom footer section, where you can add contact details or links.

  • Add favicon

    Upload a custom icon that enhances your booking page's identity and professionalism.

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Full Feature List – part 2


Enhanced capabilities you can access to take your scheduling experience to the next level.

  • SMS reminders

    Ensure your clients never miss an appointment with convenient text message notifications

  • Custom domains

    Optimize accessibility and match your brand's identity for effortless access to your scheduling platform.

  • Embeds

    Embed your calendar, packages or events directly into your website for better accessibility and convenience.

  • Group bookings

    Organize and manage appointments for teams, events, or group activities.

  • One-time events

    Host special events with our One-time Events feature that allow allow you to schedule and manage within your calendar.

  • Multi-day events

    Simplify the planning and organization of extended events directly within your calendar.

  • Text pages

    Craft informative and personalized text-based messages such as Terms and Conditions, Thank You notes, instructions and more.

  • Multiple bookings

    Simplify group scheduling and manage multiple appointments or reservations at once.

  • Multi-day bookings

    Schedule extended appointments or reservations, providing flexibility and convenience for longer-duration events.

Full Feature List – part 2

Time–based Services

Essential tools to diversify revenue streams, simplify payment processes, and engage customers effectively.

  • Project-based services

    Work with efficient organization and management, allowing you to easily structure bookings according to project requirements.

  • Digital products

    Sell digital products directly through our platform, expand your revenue streams and offer convenient access to your digital content.

  • Physical products

    Enrich your offerings and provide your customers with a streamlined purchasing experience.

  • Payment processing

    Accept payments directly through our platform, ensuring seamless transaction without any fees.

  • Offline payments

    Offer flexibility allowing clients to choose alternative payment methods such as cash or bank transfer.

  • Pay what you want

    Foster generosity and flexibility enabling clients to contribute an amount of their choosing for services.

  • Donations/Tips

    Allow clients to express gratitude by contributing additional funds.

  • Memberships

    Offer flexible subscription plans, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual options, to best suit needs and preferences.

  • Multiple currencies

    Expand your global reach and accept payments in various currencies for international clients.

  • Unlimited coupon codes

    Boost customer engagement and sales and distribute discount codes to incentivize bookings and drive business growth.

  • Video & photo gallery

    Multimedia content provides visual context that enriches your descriptions and fosters engaging customers.

  • Order list

    Stay organized and informed with a view of your client's basic information for efficient management.

  • Recurring payments

    Automate regular payments from clients, ensuring consistent revenue flow and hassle-free transactions.

Full Feature List – part 2


Seamless connections to popular tools and services, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  • Zapier

    Connect Book Like A Boss with thousands of your favorite apps through Zapier.

  • Google Calendar

    Automatically add and update bookings in your Google calendar.

  • Apple iCloud

    Automatically add and update bookings in your personal Apple calendar.

  • Microsoft Exchange

    Automatically add and update bookings in your Microsoft calendar.

  • Office365

    Synchronize seamlessly with Office365, enabling effortless collaboration and organization.

  • Zoom

    Connect your Zoom account to automatically create Zoom meetings as your meeting location.

  • Google Meet

    For easy scheduling and access to virtual meetings as meetings are automatically created and added to your schedule.

  • WordPress

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  • MailChimp

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  • Google Analytics

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  • Facebook Pixels

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  • YouTube

    Effortlessly embed any of your sections into a WordPress site, enhancing customization and functionality with ease.

  • Google Tag Manager

    Implement and update tracking codes for enhanced analytics and optimization.

  • Webhooks

    Connect to thousands of your favorite apps with webhooks.

Full Feature List – part 2


Access a variety of resources and assistance to ensure success with your booking page.

  • Knowledge Base

    Access hundreds of in-depth tutorials and articles helping you to easily navigate and use BLAB.

  • Email

    We're here to support you over every day (excluding Saturdays) when we take a day off.

  • Private Facebook group

    Join our members-only Facebook to ask questions, get support, and connect with other Bosses.

  • Dozens of tutorial videos

    Get in-depth video walkthroughs of the BLAB platform, teaching you how to use it in the quickest way possible.

  • Hire a Certified Boss

    Hire a BLAB expert for live 1:1 technical support and account setup.

Full Feature List – part 2

Company Features

Suite of tools tailored to streamline operations, enhance client interactions, and elevate your business's efficiency and professionalism.

  • Multiple seats

    Whether you're a team of two or two thousand, effortlessly add more team members as you grow.

  • List team members or seats on your company page

    Display each of your team members on your booking page to show off your team and their availability.

  • Seats accounts login

    Each of your team members has a unique login to sign into BLAB and manage their own account.

  • Global calendar view

    Get a company-wide view of all bookings across your entire team.

  • Round Robin

    Automatically rotate or assign bookings among team members.

  • Company wide reports

    Get detailed reports on all of your company's bookings both at a company-wide level and for each team member.

  • Customize admin with your brand

    Add your company branding to your Admin panel to make it your own.

This software is clean, easy to use and very powerful. The most important aspect of my public-facing real estate business is making it easy for people to talk to me and/or meet with me.”
Luke Menkes
Advisor on Kelowna Real Estate
BLAB is an all around AMAZING and indispensable tool in my business! I love the clean look of the book page, the beautiful reminder emails and the ease of setting everything up! I love the price as well.
Nicole Roth
Owner, Marriage Minded Mentor
I have been using BLAB since May 2017. It is a great package offering brilliant and very useful features, intelligently laid out, easy and intuitive to use, when they bring out new features they are always spot on to make BLAB even better for the entrepreneur and business owner.”
Paul Marwood
Life Coach and Guide

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Try BLAB free - no catch, no hook, no commitment. See if you like it. What do you got to lose? (Other than all that back-and-forth scheduling stress, of course …)

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