App Integrations Your Online Booking System Must Have

If you're a booking-based business, learn which third-party apps your online booking system should integrate with to give your customers a drool-worthy user experience.

Online booking system app integrations
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What are app integrations for online booking systems? 

Integrations connect your online booking system with third-party apps that give you and your customers more features and options to work with.

When independently designed apps like Zoom merge with your online booking system, there’s a seamless flow of information between the two parties.


Top-of-the-range apps that should integrate with your online booking system are Google Meet for video conferencing, Facebook pixel for marketing analytics, and PayPal for easy payment methods. 

For instance, say your clients love PayPal. Integrating this popular high-demand payment gateway into your online booking system makes the payment process easier for clients.

It's done all in one place, on your online booking system. 

Think of it this way…

Five epic parties are happening all at the same time in your neighborhood. You're not a superhero, so it's impossible to be at all five parties. You’re having difficulty choosing which one to go to and don't have time to go to all of them.

(You're an extrovert in this scenario-obviously)

Suddenly, all the parties miraculously merge, and you get the best of all five worlds in one place. 

  • It feels intuitive.
  • It feels right. 
  • It's so effortless. 
  • You're happy.

An online booking system that integrates with other apps unifies the same way- only it's a software party.

Which third-party apps should online booking systems integrate with?

Which third-party apps should online booking systems integrate with?

Integrating with third-party apps powers up your booking pages as it enhances their functionality. 

We all have our favorite apps that we cannot live without. By choosing an online booking system that integrates with some of the most loved apps, you're doing your customers a massive favor by making it easy for them to book your products and services.  

You're also doing yourself justice, as you can continue working with your most appreciated apps that are integrated and utilized on your booking pages. 

Let's have a look at some of the most iconic apps that are essential to the functioning of an online booking system.

1. Video conferencing apps

A no-brainer. 

Did you know there are 11 million video conferences happening every day in the U.S? Can you imagine the adjusted statistic if we had to apply this to the rest of the world!

So yes, your online booking system should integrate with some of the most notable video conferencing software companies, such as; 

  • Zoom the Original Gangsta (O.G). 
  • Google Meet, which is pretty much free and fabulous.

2. Calendar apps

The second app integration that your online booking system needs is flawless calendar integration

You want to ensure that bookings are automatically placed into online calendars. Hence, there's no confusion around the time of your booking, and it allows you and your client to manage the work day.

This should be a cakewalk task with reminders that are automatically set to limit no-shows. 

Your online booking system should be integrated with two of the most prominent calendar apps out there: 

  • Google Calendar is one of the best time management and scheduling calendars. 
  • Apple Calendar if you're an avid Apple user, this calendar app is for you.

Integrating your calendar with your online booking system will sync your bookings and events.

By setting up this integration, you'll be able to make sure that appointments are automatically mapped out on your online calendars, so you don't have to worry about being double-booked.

3. Analytics and marketing strategy apps

Analyzing how prospects respond to your online booking system is crucial when making better decisions on improving your online presence. 

  • Are prospects converting?
  • How long are they staying on your page? 
  • Should you readjust your goals? 
  • How to understand paid and organic marketing better.

Cue the analytics apps…

These apps are essential for your online booking system to assess where to improve your marketing, what's working, and what's not. 

  • Google Analytics tracks the performance of your booking pages by watching the amount of traffic that lands there. It's an excellent tool to discover if your booking pages are optimized well to increase conversions. 
  • Facebook pixel is wondrous if you're using paid advertising on Facebook. The pixel will track the success of these ads and their conversion rates.

4. Digital payment apps

Biz wouldn't be biz without making money, right? 

In that case, make it easy for your clients to pay for your products and services. Ensure your online booking system integrates with some of the most well-known digital payment platforms. 

To name a few: 

  • Clover Connect is new and exciting for anyone in the U.S and Canada. 
  • Stripe the all-time favorite with raving reviews. 
  • PayPal is accepted worldwide in most countries that support online payments. 
  • Square welcomes multiple forms of payments made easy. 

Your online booking system should ensure that your customers have different payment options. You would hate to lose a lead at check out because they can't pay, so payment gateway choices are critical for a successful transaction.

5. Other epic apps to consider

There are copious amounts of third-party apps that, when integrated, will make your online booking system that much stronger. So that you develop into an esteemed business owner. 

Let's take a look at a few more: 

  • YouTube to show off your brand and offerings through video-based content.
  • Zapier is one of the best online automation tools to date.  
  • Mail Chimp email marketing software for managing mailing lists and campaigns. 
  • Office 365… I mean, everybody needs this!
  • WordPress is one of the best content management systems worldwide.

Choosing an online booking system that seamlessly integrates with the best apps

When deciding on the best online booking system that integrates with the apps you and your customers adore…do your homework.

Book like a Boss integrates with over 20 third-party apps to ensure the user experience is seamless and satisfying. 

We live in a world where instant gratification is a given, so it’s even more important to make the user experience for your customers outstanding with a five-star rating. 

Book a 14-day free trial with Book Like a Boss to see how seamless this online booking system is. 

Get started today and integrate all the apps you already use to enhance your customer’s experience… and your own.


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