Calendly vs ScheduleOnce (Reviews, Comparison, & Alternatives)

Which is better: Calendly vs ScheduleOnce? Here’s what you need to know about these scheduling solutions so that you can make your decision.

calendly vs scheduleonce
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So, you want to know more about Calendly vs ScheduleOnce? 

As The Boss, your time management is of the essence. You want to spend more time facing clients and less on admin. And that’s where scheduling software can elevate your game. 

If it is seamless bookings that you are after, we have made a quick comparison of some of the top features and pricing for ScheduleOnce vs Calendly. 

Plus, we have an alternative that we think will knock your socks off: Book Like A Boss, aka BLAB. It has everything you need to create amazing booking pages that impress your clients.

About The Platforms

Calendly helps you set up meetings with minimal effort. You send clients your Calendly link, giving them access to your calendar so they can choose a time to meet when you are both free. 

The system is easy-to-navigate and user-friendly; plus, clients can reschedule and self-manage their bookings. It offers both individual and team plans. 

ScheduleOnce is geared toward organizations and teams. It offers different meeting scenarios, including one-on-one, panel, and group sessions. You can show the availability of your entire team and assign meetings to connect the right people to your clients. 

Book Like A Boss is for professionals and companies of any size. It is a landing pages builder that you can use to create high-converting booking pages, schedule meetings, host webinars, arrange events and services, and more. No Ph.D. in tech is required. 

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Calendly vs ScheduleOnce Comparison & Alternatives

Main Features

On its Basic Plan, Calendly offers a personalized booking link, one event type, integration with your preferred calendar, and video conferencing. You also get unlimited meetings, notifications, and website embed. 

As you scale up, there are extra integrations (see the section below), group meeting capabilities, customized branding, more admin functionality, and greater customer support.

ScheduleOnce packs a bit more on its Starter Plan. Like Calendly, it offers unlimited bookings, custom pages and links, and calendar and video sync. There are also unlimited event types, pooled availability, and activity analysis. 

If you opt for the Growth Plan, you get the white-label service and extra integrations. There is also unlimited meeting history, custom notifications, and styling. 

True to its name, BLAB has some BOSS features. Starting on the Espresso Plan, solopreneurs can count on unlimited booking pages, unlimited bookings, and premium and calendar integrations. You can also access SMS reminders, group bookings, priority support, calendar embed, and skins. 

From there on up and on the company plan, it is all custom URLs, your own domain branding, and click-and-paste functionality. Get company and employee pages, take bookings for events, classes, and groups, secure memberships, add coupon codes, and more. The sky is the limit.

Reaching for the sky

Platform Integrations

All three platforms share these app integrations on at least one of their plans:

  • Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365
  • Zoom
  • PayPal
  • Zapier 

Added to those, Calendly supports Stripe, Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and Google Analytics. 

ScheduleOnce keeps it on the simpler side, although it does connect with a few other apps, including Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. That said, with some technical knowledge, you can do custom integrations through their API. 

Finally, no business or professional is complete without YouTube, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, WordPress, Square, and MailChimp integrations. Luckily, you can tick those off the list with BLAB.

Pricing & Plans

On Calendly, you get the following plans:

  • Basic – free
  • Premium - $10 per month
  • Pro - $15 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – custom pricing 

ScheduleOnce offers two packages, namely:

  • Starter – free
  • Growth - starts at $15 per month for three licenses 

BLAB features Company and Solopreneur plans: 

On the Company Plan, you can start with a three-seater and get up to 100 seats. Pay annually, and you get two months free.

  • Three-seater - $35 per month
  • Up to 100 seats - $10 per seat per month
  • More than 100 seats – custom pricing

Solopreneurs can sip on: 

  • Espresso - $9 per month
  • Mocha - $12 per month
  • Cappuccino - $19 per month
  • Latte - $29 per month 

Select annual pricing to save. Not sure which plan to choose? Sign up for the 14-day free trial – no credit card required.

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ScheduleOnce vs Calendly: Which One Should You Choose?

The answer to the Calendly vs ScheduleOnce debate really depends on who you are (a single professional, team, or large enterprise?) And what do you need from the scheduling software (book meetings, make sales, team collaboration?) 

Calendly has a simple focus on scheduling meetings. That said, it does scale up to take payments and automate workflows in the higher plans. 

ScheduleOnce is quite specific about the group effort. If you are in charge of a large team where meetings need to be distributed to balance the workload or assign the person with the right skills, it is a good option. 

Book Like A Boss has it all, plus the kitchen sink. With company and team pages as well as individual and business accounts, there is something for everyone. It is everything you need to schedule meetings, wow your customers, and make money in one tool. 

Start your free trial today.


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