Seven Best Doodle Alternatives (Free & Paid Options)

Scouting for a Doodle alternative? We've put together a line-up of seven scheduling apps and reviewed them so you know what's out there.

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Are you scouting for a Doodle alternative? 

There are a number of options (seven to be precise) to put on your radar that will make your Boss meeting life a little easier.

Speaking of meetings, either you love them, or, well, you love them. After all, they are a means to growing your business. The good news is you can now handle meetings just the way you want to (with ease and as little effort as possible) by using an appointment scheduling app.

Below, we go into detail on several alternatives to Doodle. From this, you can decide which of those are better left on the shelf and which can help you win business. If you want an insider tip, Book Like A Boss is a top contender.

Seven Appointment Scheduling Apps To Consider For Your Doodle Alternative

1. HubSpot Meeting Scheduler

This free alternative is well-liked and used by sales and marketing pros.

Why? Because it's unlike your straight-up meeting schedulers and links to your calendar, inbox, and CRM software. This alleviates the back and forth talk of when to meet that no one has time for. 

You can embed booking links into the invitations you send out to give your invitees an up-to-date view of your availability. Plus, CRM integration means that you automatically get a record of new contacts as soon as someone books.

Hubspot Scheduler

2. Book Like A Boss (BLAB)

Success is all in the name (and in the functionality, ease of use, pricing, and look).

As a Doodle alternative, BLAB offers affordable options to suit your needs. Whether you are a business of one or one thousand, it is a favorite for scheduling appointments, selling services, showcasing events, and more.

The platform can be as clean-cut or feature-packed as you need it to be. If appointment scheduling is the name of your game, the entry-level Solopreneur plans provide the stage to do a bit of show and tell of your brand to ensure your invitees know exactly who they are booking with every time.

If you are booking meetings to sell digital or physical products, host webinars, classes, or events, then the Company or higher-level Solopreneur plans are a winner. Get integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Stripe, Zapier, MailChimp, and more.

3. Amelia Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress plugin for your website. You buy it for a once-off fee, then install it onto your website to give outsiders access to your availability and the ability to book an appointment.

The plugin allows for an interactive and multiple calendar view with different viewing options. The product is useful for medical practices, spas, salons, and consultants because of the scheduling wizard option. Clients can choose a service to book, the person they want to consult with, and the date to do it.

Amelia Plugin For Meeting Scheduling

4. Rally

Ring a bell, rally the troops. If you have an event that you and your team need to attend, you can share your booking page and allow everyone to vote on a date that works best.

As far as a free alternative to Doodle goes, this one provides stiff competition because it is straightforward to set up, and invitees can discuss the best time for an upcoming event.

There is no paid version of Rally, so functionality is rudimentary at best. If you are looking for some of the bells and whistles, turn your attention elsewhere.

5. Clara Labs Virtual Assistant

Switch things up with Clara, the AI-driven virtual assistant that caters to organizations, teams, or individuals that haven't quite waxed the art of scheduling.

Not only is it geared towards organizing schedules, but as a Doodle alternative, it also allows for the creation of scheduling patterns that work best for you. From the get-go, you can lay out your needs and preferences. When do you like to meet, who should attend, and where is a nearby coffee shop that can work for everyone?

6. NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet is a straightforward scheduling app. Using the calendar interface, you can propose meeting times and let your invitees fill in a poll to select the best time.

Note that while the premium versions offer unlimited timeslots and attendees, the standard free plan doesn’t. You also won’t be able to share or integrate your personal calendar without paying for the functionality.

7.  Appointlet

Appointlet offers all of the features you would expect to find in appointment scheduling software. The lineup includes calendar sync and automated workflows. You can also send out booking links via email, your website, or landing pages. Plus, invitees can see group availability, and you can collect their information, set your availability, and more. 

For its price, Appointlet is a bit leaner on features than some of its competitors. If it's bang for your buck that you are after, it may be best to work through the list again.

What Is The Best Doodle Poll Alternative?

It all comes down to what your scheduling software needs to achieve.

Doodle is pretty straightforward but requires a bit more manual input than some of the options on this list. At the end of the day, you need to decide whether saving time and streamlining scheduling are important. Do you need integrations with other apps, additional features, and to work within a budget?

Of course, we are positive that Book Like A Boss will knock your socks off. Go on and give it a try with a 14-day free trial, or get in touch for a demo.  


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