What Makes Great Event Scheduling Software? (Features To Look For)

Event planners, business professionals, & solopreneurs all use great event scheduling software! We explore what to look out for in a platform.

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So much goes into planning and organizing a successful event; it really is no simple task. 

To help make your life easier, event scheduling software takes care of aspects of the admin for you. When you have the right platform backing your needs, you can bring people together, communicate seamlessly, collect information and payments, and manage schedules better. 

Narrowing down your options for a great platform to use isn’t always as simple as it’s made out to be, though. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of what to look for in event scheduling software to help you pick the right one for your needs.

What Is Event Scheduling Software?

Event scheduling software is all-in-software that allows you to create and manage events from one centralized online platform. Event planners, business professionals, and solopreneurs use it online to:

  • Create eye-catching event landing pages
  • Market and advertise events online
  • Register attendees
  • Take bookings
  • Automate the booking process
  • Collect payments
  • Provide customer service
  • Schedule speakers, one-on-one, or group sessions
  • Organize the event planning team’s schedules
  • Optimize the event line-up
  • Access event analytics & reports

With the right software, you can handle all the details from one simple dashboard. Forget all the back and forth emails, messages lost in translation, lengthy spreadsheets, and manual processes that waste time and are hard to keep track of. 

Instead, you can focus on managing your staff and resources, ensuring that everyone involved has a stellar experience from start to finish. 

What is event scheduling software

Event Types That You Can Use Scheduling Software For 

  • One-time events
  • Meetings
  • Round robin events
  • Multi-day events
  • Conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Live events
  • Real estate viewings
  • Classes
  • Restaurant bookings
  • And more

What Makes Great Event Scheduling Software?

It’s no secret that every event is unique and has various areas of planning and execution. When selecting software, you need to identify which aspects of the process you need assistance with. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to choose an application that meets your specific needs. 

Here are some of the features to look out for when pinpointing which scheduling software to use for your events:

1. A User-Friendly and Accessible Platform

As with any tech-related stuff, your scheduling software needs to be easy to use if anyone is to adopt it. There is no point in paying a ton of money for a sophisticated app that you can’t understand. 

In general, your platform should have features and tools that are quick and easy to navigate and streamline your events management. These include but are not limited to:

  • Unlimited bookings
  • Integration across various booking channels
  • In-app messaging features
  • Automated messaging
  • Seamless integration with your favorite apps
  • Mobile optimization and multi-device use
  • Multiple languages 
  • Client timezone detection
  • Host, meeting, and appointment availability settings
  • Multiple calendar integration
  • Max participant cutoff
  • Email and text reminders
  • Cancellation and rescheduling limits
  • One-click duplication
  • Reminder and confirmation emails
  • Multiple recipient option
Event Management Platforms

2. Customizable Event Landing Page 

Branding is essential for events management! You need software that will give you full creative flexibility, allowing you to customize the look of your events scheduling platform. 

The right software will allow you to customize your scheduling page to match your brand's style, color scheme, and overall aesthetic. With customizable landing pages, your event scheduling page will become a beautiful extension of your brand. 

3. Online Registration

Event registration is a pivotal point that can weigh in on your event’s attendance and overall success. If it’s not easy for attendees, you risk losing their interest and even their business. 

On the other hand, with an optimized application to support registration, you can seamlessly sign people up for your event while collecting their information at the same time.  

4. No Hidden Costs

On top of monthly subscription fees, some event scheduling platforms charge a small percentage of every booking you take. This might take you by surprise if you didn’t do your homework at the start. 

When eyeing out software to use, check in with the vendor to ensure that the costs you see upfront are the only charges you will come across. 

5. Well-Known Payment Integrations

When hosting an event, ticket sales are your lifeblood. For this reason, it's essential to have a secure and easy-to-use payment checkout portal. 

Payment platform for event scheduling

These days, with the right integrations on your scheduling platform, you can embed payment processors directly on your website, on booking pages, and in direct links. 

Keep a lookout for software that integrates leading processors such as Stripe, Square, and PayPal. This will give your event attendees a choice and make it easy for them to submit payments. 

Other factors you might want to consider for payments include offline processing, discount or coupon codes, and repeat collections. These make your events more accessible to suit the individual requirements of your attendees. 

6. Guaranteed Security 

Whether you’re hosting events online or in person, there is always a risk of hacking or data breaches. For this reason, choose event scheduling software that supports offers you and your clients a secure experience. 

In this case, there are a few key security features to look out for:

  • Data encryption and protection
  • Two-step authentication
  • PCI compliance
  • GDPR/UK DPA compliance
  • Firewalls
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Reliable backups

7. Automated Communications

Tools for automation make scheduling management that much simpler. You can automate communication to keep attendees updated and informed with the latest information about your brand and event.

As people sign up for your event, you can collect the information you need to communicate with them. Instead of reaching out to each person individually, you can automate email and SMS messages to keep your audience base up-to-date.

You can also automate welcome emails and other event updates as customers sign up. 

Event scheduling software free

Notification updates will also ensure that your attendees know everything about the events program, including any changes that arise along the way. You can share automated notifications with your events team and attendees via email, text, or app push notifications with your software.

8. Marketing Features

Advertising and marketing are an essential part of any strategy for reaching more clients. Great event scheduling software allows you to seamlessly share your event to your website, social media platforms, and other digital spaces. 

You can also use your customized event landing page as a marketing hub, providing your attendees with all the information they need about your event. 

Add videos, images, quotes, reviews, and more to make your landing page a dynamic extension of your brand and event. This will ensure that everyone gets the full experience of your brand.

Why Choose Book Like A Boss (BLAB)? 

Book Like A Boss is a one-stop-shop to help you showcase, schedule, manage, and collect attendee information easily.  

BLAB offers you everything from customizable landing pages to innovative third-party integrations, including Mailchimp, Stripe, Zoom, Zapier, Square, and many more. 

The platform also integrates with all major payment companies like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, as well as video conferencing platforms for virtual events. 

Book Like A Boss App

Another stand-out feature is the focus on security. BLAB is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest level of safety for your attendees.

The platform is ideal for everyone, from solopreneurs who offer single, recurring, or multi-day events to large companies that regularly schedule teams or services. You can use it in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and German. Plus, it’s trusted by over 40,000 users in around 100 countries. 

Last but not least, BLAB offers transparent, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service. Expect everything, plus the kitchen sink, to set you up for success. 

Final Thoughts

Both physical and online events require a lot of planning and preparation. Without the right event scheduling software, you may find yourself dealing with endless admin and empty meeting slots. 

Be sure to carefully consider the features you need to help you successfully execute your mission. To find out more about how our software can help you schedule events, get in touch with the team for a demo today. 


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