3 Ways To Use Google Appointment Scheduling Software To Streamline Your Small Business

Learn how to use Google appointment scheduling software like a pro. We've got three useful tips to help you streamline your small business.

google appointment scheduling software
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Google has made significant improvements to its standard Google Calendar. This improvement has paved the way for new Google appointment scheduling software. 

This software promises to help streamline small businesses to make more money.

Today, we’ll find out exactly what Google appointment scheduling software is and how it’s helping businesses, coaches, and entrepreneurs achieve so much more!

What Is Google Appointment Scheduling Software?

Recently, the tech-heads at Google improved the standard Google Calendar

It now offers businesses, students, and people of every background the opportunity to set up and manage their appointments effortlessly.

With Google Calendar, you can keep track of upcoming appointments, rearrange your bookings, and share your calendar with people who work with you.  

Even a Google Calendar mobile app is available to help make your life easier.

While this is pretty fantastic news, the fact remains that you’ll still be responsible for managing your busy schedule. 

That means you’ll still have to go back and forth with your clients to confirm dates, locations, and agendas. Errors can still creep in, missed appointments, or even double bookings!

With so much time lost on doing precisely this, it should be easier to make bookings using Google appointment scheduling software.

Let’s show you how you can unlock the incredible power of Google Calendar and save tons of time on managing your bookings. When you save time, you end up making more money.

How can Google Appointment Scheduling Software Help My Business Thrive?

Google Calendar

We’re thrilled about this recent improvement to the Google Calendar software. 

We find the most significant change behind the scenes. Those same tech-heads improved Google Calendar’s integration features. 

Integration means that you can use one piece of software with another and gain the benefits of both.

In this case, since Google Calendar is now so easy to integrate with, popular booking platforms, such as Book like A Boss, can effortlessly integrate with your existing Google Calendar.

This joining of forces opens up an entirely new world of more accessible, faster business. 

Since you don’t need to juggle several software packages and platforms at once, you end up saving loads of time.

When you do business more efficiently and manage to lower your administrative costs in the process, you end up making more money.

Here’s how to leverage Google appointment scheduling software to streamline your business.

1. Integrate For Instant Success

Instead of managing those bookings yourself, you should let a booking platform manage them for you. 

A booking platform such as Book Like A Boss (Or BLAB as we like to call it) will take care of all the time-consuming administrative tasks that go into confirming bookings.

When you combine BLAB with Google Calendar, you can completely automate the entire booking process. It offers an ultimate hands-free experience for the busy entrepreneur.

Customers can go to your online booking page, where they can directly book a time slot that suits their specific needs. Doing this puts customers in control, and they’ll feel valued.

Google Calendar Integrations

With a booking platform that works with Google Calendar, you can also get rid of all those reminder emails you need to send to get people to attend the meeting. 

BLAB will automatically send those reminders via SMS or email to ensure everybody is aware of the upcoming appointment.

By doing this, you, your staff, or the customer won’t miss any important meetings. You also don’t need to hire someone to manage your schedules anymore. 

This feature reduces human error and ensures a smooth, fast operation. Clients will definitely be impressed with how streamlined your business is!

2. Brand It As A Big Company Does

One of the few negatives about using Google Calendar is the stigma of using free software. 

Free software comes with its own branding, advertisements, and a look and feel that probably never matches your brand. Clients also often think you’re just being cheap.

So, when you combine the popular power of Google Calendar with BLAB, you get the opportunity to create a fully customized, completely branded booking experience.

Not only will clients feel like they’re dealing with a big company, but you also get some valuable free marketing space. 

Our top tip is to add some videos, frequently asked questions, or even testimonials on your booking page. By doing this, you can effortlessly turn leads into sales. 

Since your booking page is always online, it can convince visitors that your business is the right one for them. After all, why shouldn’t your booking platform also advertise your business?

Benefits Of Google Appointment Software

3.  Take Payments When People Book You

Another clever way to use Google appointment scheduling software to improve your business is by adding online payment gateways.

For instance, BLAB lets you add Paypal, Stripe, or Square payment portals to your booking page. Now a client can book your service, class or team, and immediately pay for it.

This service will cut down on your administrative costs as there’ll be no need to issue invoices, follow up with payments, or deal with cash on the day of the appointment.

The Top Five Scheduling Platforms That Integrate With Google Calendar

So, the benefits are apparent. When you combine Google Calendar and an appointment scheduling app, you can:

  • Improve your business and make more money,
  • Impress clients with a fully customized, on-brand booking experience,
  • Reduce double bookings, no-shows, and constant back-and-forth emails,
  • Get paid faster!

Some of the best appointment scheduling platforms that integrate with Google Calendar are:

Your business can definitely benefit from using Google appointment scheduling software. 

Are You Ready To Streamline Your Business Like A Boss?

It’s a simple choice to make. When you take the power of Google Calendar and you combine it with the flexibility of BLAB, you end up with a streamlined, successful business.

Customers will find that it’s easier to make appointments, and you’ll end up saving loads on administrative costs and time! 

Grab your free trial of BLAB and start booking like a boss with Google Calendar.


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