Ultimate Guide To Creating Eye-Catching Booking Pages To Sell Your Services

Taking bookings is vital for an appointment-based business. Here are our tips to create an eye-catching booking page for your company.

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Whether you teach classes online or have a service-based business, like a spa or an HVAC company, you need an eye-catching booking page to sell your services.

As an appointment-based business, taking bookings is vital to your cash flow. But are you setting appointment schedules optimally and providing your customers with the best booking experience possible?

To stay competitive, you need online appointment scheduling software, such as Book Like A Boss (BLAB). In fact, stats show that offering online scheduling results in 26% more customers for a business.

Appointment scheduling software, also known as booking software, enables you to do more than set schedules. You can promote customer loyalty, improve the booking experience, and increase revenue by reducing no-shows and managing appointments better.

Ready to leverage the power of a great booking page? Here are our tips to help you create an eye-catching booking page for your business.

Why Even Create a Booking Page?

You may ask why a basic contact form isn't enough for your business? After all, it can collect information and notify your team about inquiries.

And what about free scheduling software? These platforms can take online bookings, allow you to set your schedule, and sync calendars.

Why create a booking page

In reality, there is so much that contact forms and free scheduling software can’t do. They don’t:

  • display images and videos that allow you to show off yourself or your service
  • allow you to create automated workflows that trigger when bookings come in
  • display FAQs to objection-handle questions from customers
  • allow you to collect payments at the time of booking
  • customize customer event notifications and reminders
  • build your credibility online

Quite simply, a well-designed booking page is a powerful tool to have within your reach. With an optimized page to sell your services, you can do things like:

Put Customers In Control

Research shows as many as 70% of consumers would book online if they had various booking options to pick from. It gives them more freedom to self-serve, select a suitable date and time, and even pay online.

When you put your customers in control of the booking experience, they feel valued and appreciated.

Every savvy business person worth their salt knows that an appreciated and valued customer can quickly become a loyal, paying client.

That means increased customer retention and a thriving business lush with sales.

Say Goodbye To Booking Mistakes

Instead of trying to juggle hundreds of appointments on a whiteboard or that crumpled day planner on your desk, let intelligent software take care of it for you.

Booking software, like BLAB, can automatically send out notifications to your team and your clients with reminders about upcoming appointments. You’ll never have to remember to pencil in an appointment a customer called to schedule while you were on the road.

Your booking software will also ensure that there are no duplicate bookings! No more awkward calls to cancel an appointment because you got double-booked.

Benefits Of Booking Pages

Make Money, Even When You’re Not Working

We’re rather proud of the fact that a booking page, when designed correctly, is an always-online, helpful sales consultant. Given that 40% of appointments are booked after business hours, a booking page ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities to book your service when you’re not at work.

It’s a matter of filling up your page with all the right information, including service write ups, images, videos, and FAQs. By doing this, you can show off your expertise and answer common service FAQs people have to effortlessly convert leads into sales 24/7.

Begin Accepting Bookings More Quickly

Time is money. You don’t want to spend months creating your first booking page. The longer it takes to get your services online and bookable, the more valuable sales you lose out on.

On the other hand, the sooner you begin scheduling appointments, the quicker you can grow your business.

At BLAB, we have a unique 17-minute challenge. Yes, it only takes 17 minutes to create a booking page that converts leads into sales and helps your business grow.

Who Needs A Booking Page?

Today, booking pages are essential tools in various industries.

They’ve been helping solopreneurs and businesses of many shapes and sizes to compete with large brands, thrive, and stay relevant in modern society.

Most often we find that booking pages are used by:

  • Real estate agents
  • Sales teams
  • Legal teams
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Recruiting consultants
  • Salons
  • Marketing firms
  • Gyms
  • Escape rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Events organizers
  • Educational institutions
  • Home improvement services
  • Customer Support teams

Now that we've convinced you to create your first booking page, let's help you set up the ultimate boss-level page to showcase your services!

How To Sell Services Online

5 Steps To Create The Perfect Booking Page

So, how do you get all of this? How do you build a page that does the selling for you?

We’ve taken our experience and compressed it into an ultra-powerful 5-step recipe for success.

Step One: Make It Look Polished and Professional

When creating a booking page, you want it to be an engaging extension of your brand.

After all, it’s going to be your always-online, kick-ass sales consultant.

Follow A Professional Page Format

To make your page look professional, you need to design the proper layout for it.

When working out the ideal format, your main goal is to address the classic four ‘Ws’:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you do it?
  • When can you do it?

Use BLAB’s About section for your product or service, and break the information visually into four segments. Each section will address one of the 4 Ws.

For example, the first section, “WHO,” should inform your visitors who you are. Here you can tell them about your company and add fun tidbits of information that makes your business relatable and human.

The following section, “WHAT,” should let your visitors know what your company does.

The third section will tell visitors “WHERE” you are based.

Finally, the fourth section will be the call-to-action. This final section will urge visitors to book your service as soon as possible.

Prevent Double Bookings

Emphasize Your Brand

Your brand is as unique as you are. It is also how customers differentiate you from the competition.

When you design your booking page, you need to pay attention to how you convey your brand. 

When the page follows your brand guidelines, it will reassure your customers that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. It will then be easier to convert visitors into customers.

At BLAB, we make it easy to ensure your appointment page follows your brand guidelines.

You can choose from over 300 different fonts and colors using our platform. You can also include various media, from logos to photos and videos to display on your booking page.

Once you’ve planned the layout and selected the right fonts, colors, and media to use, it’s time to add the content to your page.

Step Two: Showcase Your Full Value

Let your booking page’s content show off why customers should buy your products or use your services. Are you best known for a specific local service? Do your customers consistently get great results after consulting with you? Are you highly regarded as an expert in a particular field? Are you available to take weekend and after hours bookings?

Whatever the case, there are several ways to get this information across to your online audience. We suggest that you:

Use Social Proof

In marketing, there’s a phenomenon known as social buy-in. This means that people are more likely to buy something if they know that somebody else has done so and had a good experience.

Leverage social buy-in by adding some interesting videos, customer reviews, social media links, and even pictures to your booking page!

Power Of Testimonials

Showcase your team working on-site, feature happy customers who have used your services, or document segments of your work process.

You can then create easily shareable social media posts or YouTube videos to post on your booking pages, social profiles, and your website.

Through word-of-mouth, people start telling their friends about your superb service. They buy from you without you spending anything extra on marketing or advertising.

Build Your Credibility

As a savvy business owner, you can also use these design features to establish credibility online.

Credibility is essential in an ever-changing online world filled with scammers and fly-by-night operations.

People want to know that you’re running a legitimate business and that they’ll get bang for their buck when they buy your services.

The key to building credibility is testimonials. Use BLAB’s testimonial feature to showcase how reliable and exceptional your company is. The stamp of approval from your customers will convince people why your services will rock their world.

Tease Customers With Visuals

People are visual creatures. Since we love pictures, we are more likely to buy a product or service when we can visualize how it’ll improve our lives.

That’s why, unlike other mainstream booking apps, our platform allows you to include stunning photos and pictures on your booking page to showcase yourself, your products, and your services.

The more visually appealing it is, the easier it becomes for customers to imagine buying your service or product and utilizing it.

Step Three: Bring It All Together In One Place

Sell Online

You don't need to have a hundred booking pages to sell your goods. Typically, one page is more than enough to showcase your portfolio of bookable services. 

Suppose that you’re a maintenance company. Chances are pretty good that you offer various services, from cleaning to repairs and perhaps even inspections.

Instead of spending hours crafting a different booking page for every service you offer, create one that includes all of your service options.

Customers can select the service they need from a drop-down and book it. 

Step Four: Address Sales-blocking Questions

Customers won’t book your services when they’ve got endless unanswered questions. You can proactively address these questions and make the answers accessible online without anyone needing to speak to your customer in person.

Add a Frequently Asked Questions Section

It’s easy to add a dedicated FAQ section to your new booking page on Book Like A Boss.

In this section, you can address all those burning questions that prevent visitors from becoming paying customers.

Not only are answering those questions good for SEO if your booking page is embedded on your website, but you also get to show off your skills, reputation, and knowledge.

Customers will feel more likely to part with their money if they know that they’re dealing with a reputable, knowledgeable expert.

And to boot, the improved SEO also means that more visitors will land on your booking page.

When they do, chances are higher that your ever-helpful and well-crafted page will convert them into sales!

Provide Expert Customer Care

Let Your Booking Page Do The Work

BLAB lets you set your schedule availability, plan days off, and add essential buffer times between appointments.

There is no need for clients to call into the office to speak to someone and find out when they can book a site visit. Instead, they can choose from the available time slots in front of them.

Don’t Forget The “Call To Action”

Every booking page should have a call to action. This is the final prompt where you urge a visitor to sign up, make an appointment, or buy a product.

With BLAB, you get numerous options to craft the ultimate call to action. We’re particularly fond of all the customizable buttons that can quickly urge actions such as select a date, book a time, or choose a service, for example.

Once your customer has booked your service, they can pay you online. From there, all you have to do is deliver an exceptional service.

Step Five: Get Paid

Processing invoices and payments can quickly become a daunting and time-consuming task.

Why deal with cash and sometimes slow-moving bank transfers when it’s easier to incorporate a payment option directly on your booking page?

Integrate With A Payment Processor So Customers Can Pay You Online

Sell Brand Online

Accept payments for your products, services, or classes directly on your beautifully designed BLAB booking page. 

Our payment integrations with Paypal, Stripe, or Square give you the flexibility to offer various payment options to your customers. You can even incorporate more than one to give your customers options when booking and paying.

Finally, you can issue coupons and discount codes to help spread the love and entice customers to return. 

Wrap Up

Creating an innovative booking page has never been easier with Book Like A Boss.

There is no need to struggle and waste time mastering complicated, code-based plugins. Say goodbye to poorly designed, free booking software that’s low on features and short on personality.

Want to take our booking pages for a test drive?? Get a free trial of Book Like A Boss today and start creating the best booking pages around.


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