How to Use Book Like a Boss for One Time Events

Learn how to set up one-time events with Book Like A Boss

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One of the goals of Book Like a Boss is for the platform to be a one-stop-shop for Bosses to reach their clients, book and sell services and market themselves to the world.

A recent update to the site is a pretty cool one if we do we say so ourselves.

Thumb's Up for BLAB!

From the Book Like a Boss Dashboard, Bosses (on plans that include the ability to sell services) can now create a one time event - digital or face to face. Bosses can either offer these events as paid events or free events. If the Event is a paid event Bosses can sell tickets for that event directly from the Book Like a Boss spot.  

This can be really helpful for one time events, online webinars or other one-off programs that you are offering your clients.  Using the settings template that Bosses are familiar with, an Event can be created to your specifications. Some of these settings include : profile details, colors and fonts, testimonials, custom fields, cutoff settings, reminder notifications, custom success message, payment options, cancel period, Zoom meeting room auto-generation and max participants and FAQ's. Basically,  all the custom settings that BLAB's Bosses have come to know and love to enhance their landing pages and which streamline all their booking  needs.

A couple of super cool settings that are unique to an Event are - Countdown and the ability to opt out of receiving booking notifications.

A countdown clock is always a great way to get your clients looking forward to an event, it helps gives people a tangible way to build up anticipation for an upcoming webinar/class/workshop/concert.  Anyone who has the URL for your event will a countdown clock in real time, noting the amount of time left before your awesome event takes place.

The ability to opt out of receiving booking emails regarding your event bookings is something we thought would be helpful- especially for Bosses who are hosting hundreds or thousands of people for their event- don't think you'd want your inbox filled up with all of those notifications!

Each event has both a lite URL and a full URL and can be linked to your payment portal to easily receive online payment. Additionally, gallery images and video can be added to the full URL link to further customize the page for your lucky clients to check out what you and this event are all about.  

If you would prefer to use live-streaming and rather not use Zoom meeting for your event- that is possible too! You'll need to go to your YouTube channel and set up a live-stream. Make sure to save that URL and add it to your success message text box on your Event settings. By doing so, every time a spot is booked at your event the event participant will automatically receive the link to the live-stream. This truly streamlines the whole process for you and ensures that you don't need to scramble to get emails and reminders out- it is all set up before. If you use another platform, aside from YouTube, for your live-streaming this would work exactly the same way.

By having this Event capability directly through the BLAB platform, Bosses can eliminate the need to use other websites and platforms to market and sell tickets for their events. While those can be okay at getting the job done - do you really want to juggle all those various log-in details, learning and setting up different interfaces and figure out ways to share details from a whole 'nother site. Instead, everything can be done through one platform, which just so happens to be one of the top platforms out there. ( BLAB! BLAB! BLAB!)

To see this excellent,extraordinary,easy, effective EVENTS feature in action check it out in action here by watching the video below.

We can't wait to see how our Bosses use this for all of their Boss needs.


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