Nachum Kligman: On The Success Of Booking Pages

We talk to Nachum Kligman, the co-founder of Book Like A Boss, to find out why booking pages are the solution to making more money online.

Nachum Kligman on the success of booking pages
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Who’s Nachum Kligman?

Who’s Nachum Kligman?

Nachum Kligman is a visionary entrepreneur, brand builder, marketer, and business consultant, who holds authorship to various entrepreneurial books and podcasts. Nachum has founded and co-founded multiple successful high-tech software companies, including Book Like a Boss

Nachum is a born entrepreneur. 

  • He was the kid shoveling snow off the sidewalks in winter to make an extra dollar.
  • He sold baseball cards at trade shows when he was 12 years old. 
  • He created a candy store at school that got shut down because he was making more money than the teachers.

Bottom line- from childhood, Nachum possessed innate entrepreneurial instincts that he evidently used to capitalize on his brilliant ideas. 

Nachum’s no-fear mindset handed him the opportunity to take risks. Risks that have, at length, established him as a triumphant business owner, co-founder, and CEO of Book Like a Boss.

Why did Nachum start Book Like A Boss?

Why did Nachum start Book Like a Boss?

Book Like A Boss is a web-based platform for scheduling appointments and selling products and services online through a custom, all-in-on-one booking page

Users can connect with various payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe to collect payments and sync with third-party calendar apps, like Google Calendar and multiple others. 

It’s the only landing page builder optimized for conversions, sales, and bookings, all under one roof.

Before Book Like A Boss, countless people had read Nachum’s books on business and listened to his podcasts about entrepreneurship. The same people wanted to meet with Nachum to obtain his specialized business consulting services. 

Naturally, Nachum had a fee attached to his business consulting service. However, he often found the back and forth administration to set up these consultancy meetings was quickly becoming time-consuming

Nachum needed a quick and easy way for clients to book and pay for his services upfront, which also synced with his calendar. 

In addition, Nachum wanted a customized booking method that revealed: 

  • Who he was.
  • What he does.
  • What others are saying about him.
  • Frequently asked questions about his business. 
  • How to book his services. 
  • When he’s available. 

Ultimately his idea was centered around a landing page specifically for bookings. An unsurpassed solution to make the scheduling process incredibly efficient and easy instead of wasting a vast amount of his day. 

The tipping point was when Nachum received an email from a friend of his, asking if there was a booking-based service that his sister could use alongside her masseuse biz. She needed a booking system that was simple and easy so that clients could book her services that didn't entail a lot of tech knowledge.  

Nachum realized that an all-in-one customized booking page was the solution. Nachum partnered up with a top-of-the-line developer and designer to begin the fantastic journey of Book Like A Boss.

Flawless Book Like A Boss features

Book Like a Boss features

Book Like A Boss is an all-in-one solution to obtain more bookings and make more money online. It’s the only landing page builder optimized for conversions, sales, and bookings…all under one roof.

Let’s examine how these high-converting booking pages are the solution that turns visitors into high-paying and loyal customers.

1. Optimized booking pages that convert leads into customers

The Book Like A Boss booking pages look polished and professional. They showcase your total value, including everything you offer, so you convert more leads into customers. 

Prospects can book your services, pay upfront and have the booking sync with their calendars. You can showcase your testimonials and address sale-blocking questions using a FAQ sheet to flush out any objections.

2. Quick and Simple booking pages

The Book Like A Boss booking pages are simple to use and only take 17-minutes to set up. You can send a quick link to prospects that directs them straight to your booking page. 

These booking pages entertain your ability to stay productive in your business and are designed for ease and simplicity.

3. Easy upfront payment methods to boost business cashflow 

Book Like A Boss integrates with payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and Clover Connect. Customers can pay you upfront, increasing the cash flow streaming into your business. 

You don't have to chase after overdue invoices that awkwardly get in the way of your busy schedule. Upfront cash flow enables you to make more informed decisions in your company.

4. Multiple booking types that diversify your business

There are various types of bookings that you can offer your clients:

  • Memberships for monthly recurring revenue.
  • Event set up for special occasions.
  • One-on-one meetings and consults for multiple objectives. 
  • Group meetings for team cohesion.  
  • Webinars for brand awareness and training. 
  • Innovative in-house meetings with staff and partners.

There’s a booking page for any occasion to diversify your offerings and increase the capacity of your business.

5. Automated systems to reduce administration

A business without automated procedures is hanging out in the past.

It’s essential to ensure you have a booking system that automates mundane and repetitive tasks. So that you and your staff can focus on the more critical high-skill areas of your business.

Book Like Boss booking pages certifies that the booking process is as automated as possible, making the experience easy for you and your clients.

6. Booking pages that are integrated with the apps you love

And, of course, we all have our favorite apps that we cannot live without. Book Like A Boss integrates with some of the most iconic apps:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Mail Chimp 
  • YouTube 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Facebook pixel 
  • PayPal
  • Stripe 

 And so many more!

7. All your questions answered effortlessly

You’ll never feel lost with Book Like A Boss. Their diverse support methods ensure all your questions are answered with ease.

  • A members-only Facebook group to get valuable input from the team and over 6400 super-active bosses. 
  • Search detailed answers to common questions with in-depth explanations and step-by-step guides. 
  • Chat to an operator to get your question answered briskly. 
  • Over 50 tutorial videos that you can access if you’re a visual learner.

Get your booking pages set up now

Grab your 14-day free trial to set up your booking pages in minutes. The faster you do this, the quicker you’ll convert leads into paying customers. 

Nachum created this state-of-the-art innovative booking software for a reason.

So that YOU can make more money online.


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