Free vs Paid Service Scheduling Software: 3 Functions On The Line

Weighing up paid vs free service scheduling software? We let you know what you stand to gain and lose by going either route.

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So, you don’t know whether free service scheduling software is worth it for your business? After all, what essential features are on the line if it’s free?

Will you waste your time and effort trying to use a scheduling platform that doesn’t come with the full package, per se?

We decided to investigate, and what we found can save you loads of valuable time and money, boss! 

Who Uses Service Scheduling Software?

Suppose you don’t know who uses service scheduling software? In that case, we suggest reading our handy guide on who the software can help and what features to look for.

Otherwise, if you’re already familiar with it, let’s get the ball rolling.

The Benefits Of Service Scheduling Software

Let’s start by looking at how paid and free scheduling software can help a busy service company thrive and grow. 

Improves Your Communication

Service scheduling software can help improve your company’s communication. 

However, when it’s free, you won’t always have the feature to send out regular or automated reminders to your teams or clients about upcoming booked appointments. 

Why does this vital feature matter so much?

It means that with free service scheduling software, you or one of your managers will still be responsible for this daily administrative role. 

If you have to employ somebody to manage this administrative role, you’ll end up losing money. 

There’s also the risk of human error creeping in and causing your company to lose more money or end up with upset customers.

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In contrast, paid service scheduling software such as Book Like A Boss, or BLAB, will automatically keep everybody in the loop of necessary appointments at all times. 

This clever system will automatically ensure that your technicians and clients are always in the know, whether via SMS or email. 

This handy feature will reduce administrative costs and free up valuable time. When you have these, you end up making more money!

It’s not the only benefit, though. With improved communication, it’s easier to avoid double bookings or missed appointments. 

This feature will streamline your operations and help your company make more money while keeping your customers satisfied and impressed.

In this case, it seems like a paid, subscription-based service is better than a free alternative.

Enables You To Make Data-Driven Decisions

Most free field service scheduling software won’t provide the savvy business owner with valuable data and reports.

As you know, every successful business owner needs reliable and proven data to grow and build their business. The clever business owner uses this data to drive future business decisions.

After all, suppose you see that a particular piece of equipment or a specific skill set is constantly in demand and overbooked. In that case, it’s a good indication that you may have to invest in adding more of it to your business.

When you do this, you can capitalize on its popularity and end up making more money. Unfortunately, unlike BLAB, free service scheduling software won’t provide you with space-age reports. 

technician sheduling software free

You’ll constantly have to juggle bookings and never really know which service is in demand and which is not.

However, use BLAB’s NASA-level reporting, and it’ll be easy to decide whether you need to hire additional technicians or invest in more equipment to keep your business growing.

The best news is that you’ll be making these vital business decisions based on actual data.

Always Look Impressive

Let’s face it. Customers will always judge your business on the way that it looks. You’ve worked long and hard on establishing your business. You gave it a professional look and feel.

Unfortunately, while free service scheduling software is excellent, it won’t follow your distinctive look and feel.

That’s right! You’ll end up looking less professional because free service scheduling software won’t allow you to change its branding.

It’s one of the reasons why BLAB is an excellent tool for service companies. BLAB allows you to quickly and effortlessly customize your booking page to follow your company’s branding.

Suddenly you have a booking page that looks as impressive and professional as your company does. However, the benefits of a unified look and feel don’t end there.

You can further customize the booking page to become a sales page. Add some FAQs, and perhaps show off with those expensive videos you made a while back.

With all of these elements on the booking page, not only does it look and feel like your company, but the page can help convert visitors into customers.

Sadly, no matter how great, service scheduling software free won’t provide you with this ever-online salesperson. You’ll end up losing money and customers.

free vs paid technicians appointments app

This Is What You’re Missing Out On

While we’ll never discourage you from trying out free service scheduling software, we feel it’s essential to understand the features you’ll be missing out on.

After all, these features are essential tools that can help you effectively grow and manage your busy service company. Some of the crucial features that your scheduling tool must have are:

  • Automated reminders about appointments,
  • The ability to be customized to suit your company’s style and branding,
  • It makes bookings quick and effortless,
  • Provides you with detailed reports to help grow your business,
  • It should be easy to install,
  • Allows you to accept online payments.

With these features, you’ll be able to run your business like a boss. Your customers will feel happier when they know that they’re working with a professional service company.

That’s how you grow your business and make money simultaneously. Unfortunately, free service scheduling software will only end up costing you valuable money and time.

Try Boss-Mode, For Free!

Still not convinced? Why not grab a free trial and try Book Like A Boss at no cost. BLAB is a world-class platform with everything (and so much more) that most free service scheduling software lacks. 

This jam-packed tool is the essential secret to growing your service business. It’s the perfect tool to help your service company grow and get more bookings.  

Now that’s boss-mode switched on!


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