Standing Strong from Israel

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Standing Strong from Israel
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As many of you are aware, Book Like A Boss originated in Israel. I deeply appreciate those of you who reached out during the recent conflict to inquire about our well-being. Your concern means the world to us.

Years ago, as a company, we resolved not to delve into discussions about politics or religion. Our mission has always been to foster a safe and welcoming community for everyone—irrespective of their origin, race, or religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

Our vision remains: to empower millions of Bosses globally, enabling them to leverage their unique skills and talents in running their businesses, all while backed by a supportive community. We staunchly believe that we are all one people, created in the image of G-D, and we maintain zero tolerance for any form of hate.

The events of October 7th are too significant to ignore.

That day marked our Sabbath and the Jewish Holiday, Simchat Torah. For reasons I can't explain, I found myself awake at 4 a.m., unable to drift back to sleep. Consequently, I decided to attend early morning prayers, which began just before 6 a.m.

After 7 a.m., while in the synagogue, distant sounds of explosions reached our ears. Since using electronic devices on the Sabbath goes against our beliefs as Orthodox Jews, we remained uninformed about the unfolding events. Amidst our prayers, the blare of the first two out of seven sirens that day interrupted the silence. Yet, most of us remained steadfast in our devotion, unaware of the looming threat.

By midday, during our Sabbath/Holiday meal, my parents, who reside nearby, joined us. My father's dedicated aide from the Philippines, Joel, was with them. Eager for news, we inquired about the situation. What Joel conveyed seemed implausible. While we've endured rocket attacks from Hamas in the past, never had we heard of such casualty numbers. We initially doubted his sources, but come Saturday night, post-Sabbath, the grim reality became clear.

The numbers Joel mentioned were but a mere fraction of the total losses. As I write this, over 1,450 Jews have lost their lives, with more than 220 taken hostage. This dark day stands as one of the gravest in our history since the Holocaust.

So, how do we cope? The anguish is palpable. The shadow of the events makes it challenging to maintain our daily routines. With sons, sons-in-law, friends, and family at the front lines, our collective heart aches. Israel, though geographically small, is bound by an immense spirit of unity. When one of us suffers, the pain resonates across the nation.

Our faith in G-D remains unshaken, and our children continue to exhibit resilience. The future may be uncertain, but what we do know is that a world with those intent on our demise cannot stand. Our prayers for peace never cease.

Despite the circumstances, our team is determined to persevere. We take immense pride in their dedication, as we persist in our mission to make Book Like A Boss the premier platform for service offerings and appointment bookings.

Your thoughts, prayers, and continued support are invaluable to us.

Thank you for being a Boss.

Nachum Kligman & Dovid Yudkowitz

Co-Founders, Book Like A Boss

Bet Shemesh, Israel


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