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Employees are the backbone of your small business. Learn what the 10 types of employees are that you're going to want on your

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Qualified and talented employees are key to the success of any organization, but for enterprises with 50 or fewer staff- every employees role is that much more important. There should be a proper balance between competent skills and personal qualities. In a small business every team member can have tremendous impact on the success of the company-  the people you hire have the potential save or destroy a small business.

There is no business strategy in the world worth anything when it is missing the right people who can translate it into reality. That’s why the owners of all companies, both big and small, need to be very careful with the selection and evaluation of people during the interview process. 

Those who are responsible for new hires should examine every candidate and make sure that the potential employee can cope with the duties assigned to him or her.  To solve personnel duties, hiring professionals should keep several types of employees in mind, as they build their team and the foundation of a small business. Read below to learn more about this employee types.


Unlike big companies, a smaller business usually can’t afford extensive staff training. When bringing someone new on board in a small company they usually need to hit the ground running, and get to work. However, you want to make sure that your employees have opportunities to learn and receive guidance as they perform their tasks.  To accomplish this you want to look for employees that can serve as mentors to their colleagues and team members. There are people in the world who can serve as great teachers. They may share own knowledge and skills with other employees and provide on the job support and  As a result, less experienced workers can learn from these mentors and develop their skills on the job.

A "mentor" type of employees is very important for a small business. It means young specialists can feel more confident and learn in real working conditions.  a manager shouldn’t worry about their results.  Having a mentor on your team means reducing cost and negates the necessity to hire an external coach. It is also very convenient, as this person is always near young workers who may face some difficulties and want to ask for help. Finally, there are some questions that can be solved only within a company and no external business coach can help. A mentor who is on staff knows the "ins and outs" of the business, company culture and specific issues that applies to the company.

Overall, having a mentor for small business provides the company owners with an opportunity to educate the next generation of leaders within the company.

IT Expert

Every company in the modern age uses computers and other technologies for performing  a multitude of necessary tasks.  The ease of access to that technology enhances our work however, tech problems are expected and can happen at any time. Instead of surfing the 'Net hoping to find a suitable cure, it is really great to have someone on you staff who is more technologically minded- someone who you can depend on to be your go-to IT expert. This person knows everything  (or at least knows more than  the average person) and can find and fix a tech problem with ease.

You won’t need to waste any extra time and money for applying to a professional company for help when an issue crops up. If you have an IT expert on staff , a tech issue can be dealt with immediately.

Knowledge Seeker

Not all workers were born to be mentors or have the tech background to depended on to be IT Experts. However, there are employees ready to develop and become mentors, who always are thirsty for new information and like to keep their finger on the pulse of everything  Editor of writing company, Chester Ramos, says, about the knowledge seeker type of employee “They are always crazy about own profession and have an impressive desire to learn more to be successful and they constantly look for an opportunity to master new areas.”

These workers are happy to train at specialized schools, workshops and continuing education programs. They lead by example for the rest of the staff to be forward thinking and interested in furthering their knowledge and experiences. As a result, other employees may get some inspiration to develop and widen own horizons. The knowledge seeker tends to know everything about the up-to-date trends, popular technologies and latest inventions.

Jack of All Trades

You probably know that a small business owner must perform several tasks and be a "Jack of all trades". Having employees who can be categorized similarly will surely make a boss's life easier. Such people feel comfortable working in any area that they are placed and are flexible switching assignments as needed.. This type of employee can easily fill in for others who are out of office including the CEO/Big Boss Man should he or she need to attend conferences or meetings out of town. A boss who has a Jack of all trades on staff can breathe a little easier and focus concentrate on company strategy and growth.

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Moral Inspirer

Sooner or later every business must deal with challenges. Though quite normal, it can demoralizing for those working in a start-up or small enterprise. Having a moral inspirer on staff is a must. Someone who can rally the team, provide positive encouragement and model proactive and positive thinking can really help a business thrive, even in difficult times. A positive-thinking employee will support other workers, cheer them up and find something good even in dull days. Their work will become a great inspiration and motivation for the rest of the team. Workers with higher degrees of morale perform better, according to many studies.

There is no way to avoid slumps  or challenging times in a business, but a moral inspirer will prevent the company from having totally bad days. Someone who can fill this role this person is ready to provide staff with psychological and moral support- which is a priceless investment for a company.

Every company will have its own cast of characters. Hopefully the employees you select will be assets to your staff and to your company as a whole.



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