Turn Your Knowledge Into a Thriving Online Business Using Booking Pages

Drop the 9 to 5 and be your own boss because 2022 is the year to turn your ideas into a thriving business to make money online, and booking pages are your solution.

Make money online using booking pages
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Your nine-to-five job is underpaying you miserably, and your infuriating boss is barking orders at you that devalue your skills. The time has come to start an online business so that you can update your LinkedIn profile to Chief Executive Officer and start calling the shots. 

Are you excited yet? 

Let's look at the top 4 reasons you should start your online business. Booking pages are the solution to showcase you as a professional, automate your life, and easily make money even while you are asleep. 

1. Being your own boss is the biggest flex

How would you feel sitting around a dinner table with friends on a Saturday night and announcing that you own your own business? It's quite the career flex, and here's why. 

a. Autonomy and flexibility 

We all know that awkward conversation with the boss about skipping the Monday morning strategy meeting because you have a front tooth to fix. 

The problem with a 9 to 5 job is that it's set in stone. You arrive at 9 am and leave at 5 pm, and there is very little wiggle space to book appointments beyond work. 

This is the beautiful thing about starting your own online business. You are the boss, and you can begin working when you like and stop working when you are done. There’s no set time, and you can book your dentist appointments when it suits you.

You can also work from wherever you want and if pajama pants and slippers are your fashion choice, then go tooth and nail because, in the end, you decide. 

b. Cut out the middleman

Another epic flex is that you reap all the financial rewards of your business. None of the middleman nonsense in which the company takes a considerable amount of your work value fees. Only 15-30% of a company's revenue goes to payroll. The actual payroll that your paycheque comes from. 

Suppose you are a Mathematics tutor working under a tutoring company. In that case, the company's owner can take up to 50% of your earnings. Imagine keeping this all for yourself? 

Ok, maybe some of this money goes to the taxman; we don't want you going to tax jail. But, you get what we mean. You decide if you're going to use that money to scale your business (which we 100% suggest you do by using our booking pages) or buy your Mother something nice. 

c. Endless growth 

One of the best parts of owning your own online business is the endless growth and education you will reap. There are no corporate climbing ladders and losing out on promotions because Tom in marketing got one instead. From the beginning, you are the CEO and founder of your business, and now that’s a flex! 

And suppose you’re interested in growing your business in a specific direction. You have the power to move the needle. If you want automated systems like highly optimized booking pages, you can choose to do this on your own terms. 

You’ll experience endless growth opportunities in your online business. It will keep your morale high, your pride strong, and the productivity of your business booming. 

2. Your online business needs a booking page 

You’ll undoubtedly be busy when you start your online business, which is the nature of becoming your own boss. The most important thing to remember is to prioritize the essential commodities that keep making you money and automate time-consuming tasks.  

Prioritizing, in the beginning, is a tough pill to swallow because you feel like everything is necessary. However, you’ll quickly realize that tasks like scheduling appointments can be automated as you go along. And this is a game-changer. It’ll increase your productivity ten-fold, and you can do this by using the Book Like a Boss state-of-the-art booking page system. 

Let's go through a few reasons why our booking pages will make you the most productive, well-oiled machine in your industry and usher the banknotes into your bank account.

a. No more back and forth emails 

Scheduling appointments with your clients by going back and forth via email is the biggest time-waster - repeat after me- The biggest! 

You can spend an entire day finding times to meet with potential clients. Often this back and forth time waster gets lost in translation, and you lose them. Or boom- there’s a clash! Booking pages take agony and unprofessionalism out of the equation by automating the whole process. 

Booking pages are completely administration friendly, and you can continue working on your priority tasks while clients book you in the background. No hassle and no fuss.

b. Booking pages make you money 

Ultimately the biggest goal of starting your own online business is to make money, and booking pages will achieve this swiftly and soundly. 

You’ll showcase your services in an advanced and professional manner that will naturally give your clients a sense of ease and trust to nudge them toward their wallets. 

And you can literally sell anything online such as an ebook, video, or audio file. You can sell your time, such as crypto coaching, or even something you make or do, like writing an article or designing a logo. Or book conference rooms and English lessons. 

Your options to start an online business are endless. Our booking pages are your solution to make it easier, faster, and more productive. Hence, the money keeps filling your pockets. 

c. Software Integration further increases your productivity

We have concluded that productivity makes you more money online. Why not further this productivity wheel because Book Like a Boss makes sure that all the apps you are already using integrate with our booking pages. 

These seamless integrations mean that you have no new learning curves, and they will enhance your customer's experience and your own. 

So the less manual labor you have to do, the more time for you to make more money, which gives you more time to work on the things you love. 

The Book Like Boss booking pages will convert your visitors into customers. At the same time, you stay productive or even make money while asleep.

3. Booking pages boost your ROI

Booking pages boost your ROI

The feeling of wanting to pull your hair out when something isn't working and you have a ton of other things to do is enough to throw in the towel. 

We know that starting an online business has its teething stage. Still, Book Like a Boss makes the process quick, simple, and more efficient to increase your return on investment by three times or more. 

a. Booking pages are quick  

You can set up multiple impressive pages in minutes and take payments in seconds by using booking pages. 

Your time is precious, and not everyone understands tech like Silicon Valley. So we have made sure that the setup of your booking page is so intuitive it takes less than 20-minutes to construct. 

In fact, we even have a 17-minute challenge to see if you can set up your first booking page in just 17 minutes to prove just how quick and easy it is. 

Your booking page will look polished and professional and showcase your total value and offerings to stand out from the competition. 

All someone has to do is click on your booking link, and there it is- your online booking page that’s highly optimized and itching to make you a lot of money.

b. Booking pages are simple

According to HubSpot's research, 65% of businesses said generating traffic and leads were their biggest marketing challenge. Another study shows people check their phones more than 150 times per day, but rather in micro-moments that last less than 70 seconds.

So what does this mean for you as a new online business owner trying to market your services?

You need an online booking page that catches a person's eye in less than 70 seconds. A person who is easily swayed away when the online booking procedure gets too complicated. The same person who puts their phone down without buying your services, causing you to miss out on a sale. 

This is why we have made our booking pages so simple. So that your clients book your services quickly and efficiently online. It takes less than 70 seconds for someone to utilize your booking page. The process is 100% intuitive and will optimize your conversions into sales, which means more money for you and a substantial return on investment. 

4. Discover what you love and do that 

All-in-one booking pages

Now that we have downright inspired you to start your own online business, it's time to talk about the importance of finding an idea you love because…

a. If you love your online business- it’ll succeed

There’s no shortage in choosing the type of online business you want to start. However, the power of your success will stem from how much you love your business. There’s no point in creating an online business selling t-shirts if it doesn't spark a flame in your soul. Even though Ted down the road made a few bucks doing it. 

The trick is to choose a business idea that fuels your fire. It will be the reason you get up in the morning to scale your business and skyrocket your boss energy. 

Let's look at a few examples;

  • Online course creator 
  • Consultant 
  • Life coach 
  • Tutoring school 
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Proofreader

And the list goes on… 

b. Be the know-it-all 

So many people start an online business and… Crickets. Nothing. No clients. No money. 

The biggest reason for this is that they have not niched their business idea, which hinders them from becoming experts in a specific field. Being an expert know-it-all and niching down is where the money’s at. 

If you decide online consulting is where your heart is, you will succeed more if your consulting expertise is specific. 

For example:

  • I help women over 50 lose 20lbs with the ketogenic diet.
  • I help people lose weight.

Which one is more specific? Which one will make you more money? 

If you niche down and become an expert in that domain, your booking pages will be optimized further. The right person looking for precisely what you offer will arrive on your booking page doorstep. Instead of just browsing, they will utilize your service, and that lead will convert into a sale. 

c. Make sure you are the solution to someone's problem 

We’ll leave you with the last bit of insanely valuable knowledge today.

Always make sure your online business is the solution to someone's problem. If you can solve a problem for someone, they’ll pay good money for your service. Period. 

It’s also essential to display this on your booking pages. When a person lands on your booking page, and it's clear that you are the solution to their problem, you’ll make a sale. 

Be that solution. 

Remember, a sign of a healthy market is a busy market. Where there is demand, there is money. 

For example, the health and wellness industry is jam-packed full of competitors. It doesn't mean you must stay away from this industry because there’s no space for you. There’s undoubtedly space; all you have to do is learn from your competitors, figure out how to do it better, solve a problem and niche. 

Final Thoughts  

Kindly hand your resignation letter to your boss, walk out of the office, go home, and set your heart on fire by starting your own online business. A business that will make you a lot more money than your 9 to 5 job. 

Start your free trial with Book Like a Boss to get everything you need to build your high-converting booking pages that skyrocket your bank account and leave you feeling proud of your career.


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