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Why connect WordPress and Book Like A Boss?

This integration is primarily for users that already have a WordPress site or blog that they have created and want to add the functionality to sell their products/services or take appointments through their existing set-up. WordPress itself integrates with plugin-ins, which are add-ons of sort that give their users additional functionality outside of the core WordPress platform. There are many plug-ins in existence that offer parts of the booking experience, but nothing all-under-the-hood as do Book Like A Boss. In addition, there is the constant need to keep the plug-in updated to the latest version so that it will run. Book Like A Boss does not operate in the same way and no matter how many times you embed your services/products or appointments, it will always remain up to date.

What can I do with this integration?

Direct from your account dashboard you will have the ability to customize each embed with the colors, fonts, and appointments/products/services of your choosing. Every embed could have a different color or font if you desire and the appointments/products/services that you want to show are up to you as every embed will have its own unique link to add to WordPress.