7 "Must-Have" Features Of An Online Booking System

When shopping for an online booking system for your biz, thoroughly inspect all the features to ensure you get more bang for your buck.

Features Of An Online Booking System
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No matter what kind of booking-based business you run: 

  • Career coaching as a solopreneur.
  • Tutoring school with five employees and 30 consistent clients. 
  • Hypnotherapy practice with ten employees and an investor. 
  • Sales consultancy company with 100 employees and numerous clients.
  • University with thousands of students and hundreds of lecturers. 

You want to provide your clients, partners, and employees with a state-of-the-art online booking system that's futuristic and ahead of the game. 

To do this, you should evaluate the key features you receive when purchasing an online booking system. 

The bottom line is that an online booking system should make your life easier by automating most tasks associated with the booking process of your business. 

If these three questions all have the answer YES attached to them, you're on the right path:

  1. Is the online booking system quick to set up? 
  2. Is the online booking system simple to use & straightforward to understand?
  3. Will the online booking system make you more money

Let's look at what an effective online booking system should include before you decide to take your credit card out.

#1: Test out all the features with a 14-day FREE trial

Test out all the features with a 14-day FREE trial

Take long-term commitment fear out of the equation and choose an online booking system that offers you no less than 14 days to try for free.

You shouldn't even have to take out your credit card for this free trial. 

This is the perfect amount of time to set up the online booking system you are trialing and ensure that all the features make your life easy, simple, and stress-free. 

  • Is it quick to set up? 
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will it make you money? 

After the 14 days are up, you can decide whether that particular online booking system is for you.

Don't be afraid to shop around and test out different ones until you find the glove that fits.

# 2: An array of payment gateways for improved customer experience

Customers like to pay for products and services using different payment gateways according to their experiences. 

Make it easy for them by choosing an online booking system that integrates with various payment gateways such as:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square 
  • Clover Connect 

Making the payment process effortless for your customers is the difference between converting them into happy and loyal customers who keep coming back… or not.

#3: Multiple customizable booking pages for any occasion

 Multiple customizable booking pages for any occasion

Building your empire starts with killer booking pages. When shopping around for an online booking system, focus on the layout of the actual booking pages and whether you can customize them for different services. 

For example, 

  • One-on-one appointments and consults 
  • Webinars 
  • Group classes and meetings 
  • Live events 
  • Memberships
  • Custom funnels 
  • Multi-day events 
  • Even physical products 

The actual booking pages themselves should have the capacity to include:

  • FAQ sheets to squash objections and answer vital questions about your services. 
  • Testimonials and Facebook comments for social proof power. 
  • Videos and images to personalize and brand your booking page. 
  • Booking calendars that are easy to use. 
  • Undemanding payment options.
  • Displaying your logos and adding your favicon for brand identity.

#4: Trouble-free calendars that provide effortless communication

What's an online booking system without a booking calendar? 

Zip. Zero. Zippo. 

The online booking system you choose should have a booking calendar that puts you in the driver's seat to set your own availability, cut-off days, and buffer times. This allows you to decide when you're available for booking and when you're timed out. 

In addition, your booking calendar should make you look busy even when you're not. Ensure you can hide a percentage of your availability if you're a little quiet from time to time. 

Fake it till you make it. 

To zap no-shows and rescheduling headaches, ensure you can send customized and automated SMS and email reminders to your customers. It should also be easy for the customer to reschedule the booking independently with one button click. 

You should be able to design intake forms so clients can answer questions you need to be prepped and ready for the booking.

#5: Wildly popular app integrations

 Popular booking software pp integrations

We all love apps.

Apps are wondrous. 

And we all have your favorites. 

Before going near your credit card to pay for an online booking system, ensure the software integrates with the apps you already use to make your business tick. 

Suppose your best-used apps can integrate with your online booking system. In that case, your business will breathe a new life of accessibility and simplicity. 

Check it out below!

#6: Supreme data protection

Data protection is something no one can skip over, especially if you're working with sensitive information from your client.

We live in a world where the data captured on the internet can be abused or misused. 

Before you purchase an online booking system for your biz, find out the following:

  • Is it GDPR compliant? 

The online booking system you choose to use has to define its data privacy policies and make them accessible to you. 

  • Is it HIPAA compliant?

If you're in the health industry within the US and handling sensitive client info, ensure the online booking system you use is HIPAA compliant. Your patients' sensitive data will be protected under the law. It's great that your clients know this, as they'll feel secure sharing sensitive data with you on your booking pages.

#7: Incomparable support  

Incomparable booking software support

All tech and software that you purchase to enhance your business come with learning curves.

It's the pits when something isn't working and you need it to. 

Before deciding on an online booking system, figure out how much support you’ll get on the rainy days when tech gives you grey hairs.

  • Do they have a supportive Facebook community where you can ask questions?
  • Do you have access to tutorial videos to guide you every step of the way? 
  • A knowledge base that answers all of the most common questions?  
  • Does the website have chatbots that search for the solution to your questions in minutes? 
  • Do you have access to support via email if you prefer one-on-one attention?

If you've got unconditional teach support with the online booking system of your choice, you've picked the right one.

Choose an online booking system with unmatched features

A whirlwind of software promises you the world, creating a lot of noise in your head. Especially when it comes to online booking systems. 

With Book Like a Boss, you'll receive extraordinary features that'll make you more money and scale your business, all while finding the booking process a breath of fresh air.

Start your 14-day free trial today to test all their key features that turn visitors into loyal and happy customers. 

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