8 Calendly Alternatives That Make Scheduling a Breeze

Are you shopping around for a Calendly alternative? We got you. Check out these eight sought-after appointment scheduling options that are wildly popular now.

8 Calendly Alternative
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When deciding on the right appointment scheduling software fit for your biz, weighing up all options is essential. Calendly is undoubtedly one of the most well-known, but many others are just as elite. If not more. 

Every booking-based business is different and has unique traits. You should find appointment scheduling software that suits your business needs to optimize sales and increase ROI. 

At the end of the day, you want appointment scheduling software that converts more leads into paying customers. 


Because that’s how you make money. 

Let’s snoop a few Calendly alternatives that keeps productivity high and dollars in your pocket.

Top Calendly alternatives

1. Doodle

Doodle has an ultra-sophisticated polling feature that uses crowdsourcing to democratically vote the best time for a meeting to occur. In other words, meeting participants vote for the meeting time that suits them best, making this a fantastic Calendly alternative

This is especially nifty when your business has employees and clients on an international level and different time zones come into play. 

However, you can still use Doodle if you’re a solopreneur who doesn't need to schedule meetings with a large group.

Doodle is used for: 

  • Recruitment and interviews. 
  • Sales and prospecting.
  • Board meetings with multiple people across the globe.
  • Freelancers and consultants.
  • Tutoring schools and education. 
  • Non-profit organizations. 
  • Big enterprises to cover scheduling needs for an entire company.  


  • The free plan (limited features). 
  • Pro plan for one user = $6.95 per month (paid annually). 
  • Team plan for five users (or more) = from $8.95 per month (paid annually).
  • Enterprise plan= you can contact Doodle directly for a customized plan.

2. Book Like A Boss

Of course, we will mention the best Calendly alternative in the business! 

Also known as BLAB, this is a booking page builder with the focal purpose of making you more money in one place. 

If you’re looking for appointment scheduling beyond just a booking form, you need to check out Book Like A Boss. A highly automated booking system that looks professional, customized for brand identity and integrates seamlessly with other apps.  

You’ll be provided easy-to-use booking pages that convert more leads into paying customers. 

BLAB is an innovative way to organize appointments, increase productivity, and sell more products and services.  

Book Like A Boss features will ensure your booking pages are successful.

Your business will look professional & present day.

BLAB is used for

  • Real estate viewings.
  • Live events for any occasion. 
  • Group and one-on-one video meetings with Zoom and Google Meet.
  • One-on-one appointments. 
  • Restaurant bookings online.
  • Selling physical and digital products.
  • Webinars with automatic reminders. 
  • Managing an entire enterprise
  • Multi-day events. 
  • Book multiple sessions in one go. 
  • Memberships for recurring revenue. 
  • Tutoring and lectures.
  • Booking transportation services.

And much more.


Take BLAB for a test drive with a 14-day free trial. If you like what you see, choose from the different pricing options 

Solopreneur= starting at $9 per month (discount if you pay annually). 

Company= starting at $35 per month (3 users).

Custom plans = Contact BLAB to chat about this plan.

3. Appoint.ly

If you’re riding solo, appoint.ly is a great Calendly alternative. It’s specifically applicable if you don't have a website and instead rely on social media to bring in clients & bookings. 

It’s straightforward to use with very little tech knowledge and complications. All you have to do is create an event, share the link, and attendees can pick a time slot that suits them best. 

Appoint.ly makes it easy for you to set active hours and sync calendars. 

Appoint.ly is used for

  • One-on-one appointments
  • Groups meetings 


Basic= Free. 

Pro= $8 per month. 

Enterprise= chat to the team to find the best price suited for your biz. 

4. Setmore

Setmore is mainly for solopreneurs or small companies. But suppose you want to stay one step ahead, reach global customers, and get paid upfront. In that case, Setmore is a great Calendly alternative

Setmore has a free option that can accommodate up to 4 users. As soon as you’ve signed up with them, you can set up your customized booking page and immediately start taking payments for appointments and bookings. 

The free version even offers unlimited appointments. 

When you begin paying for the more extensive plans, you'll have access to SMS reminders, two-way calendar sync, and other payment gateways. 

Setmore integrates with some top third-party apps like Stripe, Facebook, WordPress, Zoom, and Google Calendar. 

Setmore is used for:

  • Barbershop bookings 
  • Booking doctors appointments
  • Automotive bookings 
  • Photography appointments
  • Personal training scheduling


  • The free plan (up to 4 users). 
  • Premium = $12 per month per user (maximum 2 users). 
  • Pro= $9 per month per user (minimum 3 users).

5. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an esteemed, highly customizable Calendly alternative fit for tech newbies. 

If you’re happy to spend a little more than usual, you'll be satisfied with its easy-to-use, quick-to-create, highly customizable booking pages.

Acuity Scheduling also offers a quick and efficient way for your customers to reschedule appointments or cancel without your own finger being lifted. 

You can showcase multiple offerings from 1:1 consultations, group packages, and memberships.

Acuity Scheduling has various payment options like Stripe and Paypal, as well as integrations with apps such as Google Calendar and QuickBooks. 

Acuity is used for

  • Classes 
  • Private lessons 
  • In-person appointments 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Gift certificates 


7-day free trial.

Emerging= $15 per month (1 user).

Growing= $25 per month (6 users).

Powerhouse= $50 per month (36 users).

6. Calendar.com

Calendar.com is a Calendly alternative offering unique customization options, making this a robust tool for enhanced meeting scheduling. 

For instance, when you set up a time and date for a meeting occurrence, the software picks up local restaurant suggestions for attendees to choose from (if needed). This is just one of many feature-packed examples that they offer. 

It’s pretty easy to use and provides a single view of all meetings across calendars, so there are no scheduling errors or confusion.

Their calendar analytics allows you to pull reports to keep you more productive and manage your time better. 

Calandar.com  is used for

  • One-on-one appointments 
  • Groups meetings 


14-day free trial.

Basic= free. 

Standard= $8 per month (per user).

Pro= $10 per month (per user).

7. Simplybook.me

This Calendly alternative is a top pick if you need to set booking pages in different languages with a massive choice of international payment gateways. This opens up your ability to access clients abroad.

Simplybook.me also offers a cardless checkout for your clients. Payments are processed against the client's stored credit card quickly and efficiently. 

Their booking page design templates are top-notch, with multiple variations. You don't need any design skills to use their templates are create your own booking page. 

It’s an excellent appointment scheduling software for hair salons, massage studios, and doctors, especially as they are HIPAA compliant.

Simplybook.me is used for: 

  • Sports and fitness 
  • Beauty and wellness 
  • Educational 
  • Medical and health 
  • Events and entertainment 
  • Personal meeting services 
  • Driving lessons 


14- day free trial. 

Free=  with limited features. 

Basic= $9.99 per month. 

Standard= $29.99 per month.

Premium= $59.99 per month.

8. Vocus.io

Vocus.io is a slightly different Calendly alternative, as it doubles up as a marketing tool for email campaigns as well as a meeting scheduler.

This is an excellent option for companies with established marketing teams.

If you’re just looking for appointment scheduling software and not interested in marketing features, then choosing another Calendly alternative is best. 

Vocus.io is used for

  • Personalizing email campaigns. 
  • Track and automate email follow up.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Sync with your CRM.
  • Team collaboration .


30-day free trial. 

Basic= $5 per month. 

Starter= $10 per month. 

Professional= $20 per month.


And there you have it. 

Some out-of-sight Calendly alternatives that are ready to serve you a booking sandwich. 

Nowadays, it’s paramount to have booking-based software that is highly automated and easy to use. 

More so, you need booking-based software that makes you money. 

How do you do this?

By choosing highly optimized booking pages that convert leads into sales and keeps you and your business as productive as possible.

Do your homework.

Don't jump on the first booking-based software that comes your way. Choose the one that makes you the most money due to sales conversions and caters to the array of events you offer. 

Click here to start your FREE trial with Book Like A Boss to see how much money you can make using state-of-the-art booking pages customized especially for you.


No credit card required.

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