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Get an in-depth feature-by-feature review on some of the top Acuity alternatives. Have you heard of all the solutions on our list?

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How many missed meetings have you had lately where the invitee just didn’t show up? And what about time zone confusion when your client mistakes 15:30 ET for GMT and arrives at the wrong time? Not forgetting all the lengthy and delayed back-and-forth emails trying to set a date for a call? 

Yeah, we are sure that you can (unfortunately) relate in some way. And that is why you are curious about Acuity alternatives. Scheduling software is a superpower that can change your life for the better. And by better, we mean that first sip of espresso in the morning type of better. You can book your life like the BOSS that you are.

But, there is more to scheduling software than the ability to book meetings. Pack leaders such as Book Like A Boss offer the extra features you have always dreamed of. We are talking about accepting payments, personalized branding on booking pages, automated reminders and communications, and much, much more.

Whether your title is entrepreneur or employee, you want to make the right choice and sign up for the best platform. So, we are here to sift through the options. From BLAB through to Calendar, keep reading for insights on Acuity’s alternatives to help you make sense of what is out there.

Acuity Scheduling

Six Top Acuity Alternatives To Consider

1. Book Like A Boss

Whether you are the boss or not, Book Like A Boss is a winning solution. 

More than just scheduling software, this platform is a landing pages builder sporting features to help companies and solopreneurs scale and succeed.

You can create customizable, eye-catching booking pages that put your brand first and foremost. Sell services, book meetings, host webinars, collect memberships, take bookings, sell stuff; you name it!

Not only do these high-converting booking pages help you to market your brand, but they also allow you to quickly and easily earn your client's trust (and their moolah). Take payments using their preferred payment method and never waste time again with no-shows or coordinating calendars. Customers can book a meeting with you or sign up for your services and products before you’ve blinked.

If it is integrations that you are after, consider yourself in the right place. With an impressive list including MailChimp, Zapier, Microsoft Exchange, Stripe, Google Analytics, Zoom, and more, you will never want for automations or convenience to make your day all that more productive.

2. Doodle

Doodle Online Scheduling Software

Doodle’s tagline is that it shouldn’t take you 30 emails to schedule a 30-minute meeting. And they are right! It should, ideally, not even take you one. It should be a case of simply sharing your booking page link and then letting your clients schedule a meeting according to your (and their) availability.

As with BLAB and some other options on this list of Acuity alternatives, you can set time rules for your calendar on Doodle. Another similar feature is the updates and auto-reminders sent to your customers, helping to ensure that no one misses a meeting.

One of the Doodle top features is the ability to set up a meeting scheduling poll to easily gauge when someone is free and when they aren't. The results of when to meet are visualized in calendar form with a tally of the available people.

If you are scheduling meetings with a large number of participants, this can come in handy.  

3. YouCanBook.Me

YouCanBook.Me is yet another option for business owners. It is a simple scheduling platform to help you and your team get things done.   

Simply connect your Google or Outlook Calendar so that YouCanBook.Me can see your availability. And you can add events as usual too. Next, set up a booking page that you can customize to fit your brand.


Share the link to your booking page so that invitees can see when you are available and make an appointment. When an appointment slot is booked, it will automatically populate in your calendar so you can get an overview of your day or week.

With tentative bookings, you can choose to accept or reject the meeting before they are confirmed. This gives you total control, and you surely like the sound of that.

4. Calendly

Next up is Calendly, a hub to make the process of booking meetings professional, efficient, and accessible. With a user-friendly design, Calendly helps align, sync, and integrate your professional life around your meetings.

You simply connect your calendars to ensure double-booking never occurs again. You control when you are available by setting up your preferences. Set meeting times with a goal, whether you want to meet one-on-one, in a group, or a round-robin.

Like BLAB, you can create a custom URL to send to invitees. From there, share your availability with your employees and colleagues, as well as with your clients and customers.

5. 10to8

The next Acuity alternative is 10to8. The platform works for many industries; however, they focus primarily on teams and small and medium-sized businesses.


Key features of this solution include tracking meeting performance and attendance with a live dashboard, creating custom reports, and getting instant updates from your employees and clients.

The 10to8 Accessibility Suite offers you an omnichannel scheduling process with web and mobile-friendly booking pages and more. So, you can book from anywhere on any device, as in the case with most of the solutions on the list.

Like the contenders, on 10to8, your colleagues and clients can book appointments online, make online payments, and get reminders by SMS, email, or voice call.

6. Calendar

Not to be confused with Calendly, Calendar helps its users be more productive by saving time and focusing more. The Find a Time feature ensures that invitees can quickly find a time to schedule a meeting with you. And you can add all your calendars to Calendar to ensure you don’t need to worry about being double or overbooked.

But how does this platform improve your productivity? After all, it promises to do so.


The answer is in Calendar Analytics (because who doesn't love data and statistics and analysis). You can see precisely where your time is going and analyze where you are spending most of it. The best is that you can see if you are spending it with "worthwhile" people and on effective meetings.

The AI in Calendar is always learning, and the more you use this platform, the more value it can offer you.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it—the best Acuity alternatives.

Which one will you choose? More specifically, which are the features that matter the most to you and your team?

Of course, we recommend that you give BLAB a try first. There is nothing to lose with pricing to impress and a 14-day free trial to test the waters. 


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