What Is The Best Spa Scheduling Software To Use (Platform Reviews)

We review some of the top Spa scheduling software platforms to help busy Spa managers or business owners pinpoint their best option.

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Spa scheduling software is the ultimate tool to help you manage your busy spa. The right software can help you grow your business, streamline it, and improve customer loyalty.

However, finding the best booking platform software to use can be a daunting, tricky business. 

With so many excellent options available, you don’t know which software will help increase your customer loyalty or lower administrative costs.

Luckily, we want to help you manage your spa, like a boss. So, here’s our ultimate guide for the best spa scheduling software!

How Do I Choose The Best Spa Scheduling Software For My Business?

Choosing the right software is essential for your success. A scheduling platform can help you and your business in various ways, such as to:

  • make bookings quick and easy
  • avoid double bookings
  • increase customer loyalty and retention with a simple-to-use booking system
  • assist with payroll management
  • improve your marketing and branding efforts
  • convert leads into sales and bookings

We find that it’s best to keep a couple of things in mind when searching for a scheduling app for your spa. Typically, you’d want software that:

  • integrates well with your existing software, whether Outlook or Google Calendar
  • offers a quick and easy setup to help you get started immediately
  • has a free version or demo version, which you can try out risk-free
  • includes essential data that you can use to fine-tune your spa’s operations

We researched hundreds of spa scheduling software packages. We did it to save you time and money. Here’s our definitive list of the best three scheduling platforms available to spa businesses or entrepreneurs. 

Scheduling Software For Spas

The Best Spa Scheduling Software - Our Review

1. Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss, or BLAB, has been around for a while now. This versatile booking software appeals to ever-more business owners and professionals every day.

BLAB is incredibly useful if you’ve got a busy, popular spa or salon. 

It takes only seventeen minutes to create your very own booking page. So, you don’t have to spend hours trying to get your scheduling software to work.

It’s easy to add colors and logos to create an on-brand booking page. Here you can tell your prospective clients about your superb services. 

Since the page follows your styling, a unique, on-brand booking page will welcome your customers. This page can easily upsell and improve their experience with your spa or salon.

Customers also get to see which time slots are available to choose the one that best suits them. Being in control like this will make a customer feel valued and important. 

That feeling will make them come back time and time again. Talking about time, if you’re managing a full salon with several employees, BLAB lets you view pretty impressive reports.

These NASA-level reports can help you see which employees are available, which works the most, and how many hours they’ve worked.

You can easily use these reports to sort out your payroll or even add generous bonuses or weekly targets. All of this will help your spa operate like a boss-level business.

How Well Does It Work With Other Software?

Spa booking software

Book Like A Boss is pretty well-known for how great it plays with other software. 

When your spa and salon scheduling software integrates with other software, you don’t need to lose valuable time trying to master new tools. 

BLAB integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and even Google Calendar. 

This integration means you only ever have to use one platform to have excellent control over various aspects of your business.

How Complicated Is It To Start With This Spa Scheduling Software?

Starting with BLAB is easy. In fact, the developers boast a 17-minute challenge. You get a special gift if you cannot get your first booking page created within the time limit. 

So, it’s pretty easy to create your first booking page. This online booking page puts your customers in control of the booking process. 

The system will also automatically send out reminders and notifications to ensure that customers show up at the correct times. 

You don’t need to hire an expensive staff member to sit and coordinate your bookings with these reminders. Everything happens automatically in the background.

You end up saving time and valuable money.

Is There A Free Or Demo Version Available?

BLAB has a free trial available. You’ll be able to create your first booking page quickly and start making money right away. 

For more advanced features, they offer various subscription-based options. If you want to run your spa or salon like a boss, then there are plenty of options to choose from.

Booking App Integrations

We really do like this pricing as it puts you in control. You only need to pay for the package features that your spa or salon requires. 

So, there’s no need to invest in expensive spa scheduling software that comes with features you won’t even use. That’s how you do business, like a boss.

What Can I Do With This Software?

As a busy business owner, you know that your time is valuable. So, the best spa scheduling software should help you save time and make money faster.

BLAB does precisely that. You create an online booking page where customers can book your services according to the times that you’re available.

Take it one step further, and add videos, testimonials, or all manner of sales content to turn your booking page into an always-online salesperson. Let the page convert visitors into customers 24/7.

You can also use the special data reports to pay your staff for the actual time they’ve been working. You could also use these reports to fine-tune your marketing efforts.

You can also send out coupons or emails to increase customer retention, ensuring that your business grows and is thriving.

What Did We Think Of This Software?

BLAB is pretty great! If you need a simple-to-use, but powerful booking and scheduling platform, then this is it. With BLAB, you’ll end up saving loads of time and money while providing customers with a pleasant experience.


  • Free trial is available to test out this booking platform
  • Customized landing and booking pages to suit your brand
  • Detailed reports to help up your management game
  • Integrates well with existing software, such as email and calendar tools


  • No inventory management
Inventory Management

2. Zenoti

Zenoti is an all-around great spa, salon, and fitness center management software. While it’s more complicated than Book Like A Boss, it comes with a plethora of features that can help you manage your busy business.

With Zenoti, you can manage your front desk, employees, stock, and even billing. We particularly like the consistent branding that you can enable through this platform.

Consistent branding will show customers that you’re a business they should take seriously. While some of the branding elements are more complicated than we would’ve liked to see, the results are pretty impressive.

How Well Does It Work With Other Software?

Unlike Book Like A Boss, Zenoti does not play well with other apps and software tools. In fact, you’ll have to learn how to master Zenoti’s built-in tools if you want to achieve the same level of variety and convenience.

For instance, instead of connecting your Google Calendar to Zenoti, you’ll have to make do with the included calendar. Zenoti will also force you to use its integrated payroll system.

While this may seem limited, especially when compared to BLAB, once you’ve mastered the steep learning curve, you’ll have one comprehensive platform that can do everything to help you manage your spa or salon.

How Complicated Is It To Start With This Spa Scheduling Software?

Zenoti is pretty complicated, and it’ll take you a couple of weeks to master most of its features. We did find that there are loads of incredibly detailed guides and videos available to help you set Zenoti up.

Zenoti Features

These guides should help cut down on the time it will take you to master this spa scheduling software.

Zenoti’s customer support team is always on hand to help guide you through any issues you may have while using their platform. 

Is There A Free Or Demo Version Available?

There’s no free or demo version available. Suppose you’re interested in trying out an all-around spa management software, such as Zenoti. In that case, you’ll have to contact the developer for a quote or a demo.

What Can I Do With This Software?

Zenoti truly shines when it comes to features. With Zenoti, the tech-savvy business owner can unlock one powerful software platform that can help them manage every aspect of their spa.

Zenoti will help you manage bookings, employees, payroll, and even stay on top of equipment availability. This data-rich environment will help you make the best business decisions to ensure a high return on investment.

Zenoti also comes with a mobile app that staff members can download to help them manage their availability, follow up on appointments, and more.

What Did We Think Of This Software?

Zenoti is definitely not easy to use. It’s also not quick to install this spa management software. 

However, suppose you have the time available to master a feature-rich, overall spa scheduling system. In that case, this software will work for you. It’ll help you manage every aspect of your business in one handy platform.

Reviews Of Spa Management Software


  • All-in-one spa management software
  • Brand and customize every part of a customer’s experience with your spa
  • Several analytics and reports are available to help you make better business decisions
  • Inventory or stock management options are available


  • Steep learning curve
  • No free version and demos are only available on request

3. Envision Spa & Salon Software

The Envision Spa & Salon Software package is another general spa management and scheduling software. It helps you simplify your daily admin tasks while building your business.

We particularly like the branded mobile app that comes with this software solution. Your customers can download this app to manage their appointments. 

Doing this puts them in control, and they’ll quickly fall in love with your spa or salon. This loyalty is also essential as it keeps your customer retention pretty spot on. 

Envision also offers you the opportunity to launch your own loyalty program, something that’ll help keep customers interested and loyal for years to come.

How Well Does It Work With Other Software?

Envision doesn’t play well with other software. In fact, you’ll have to say goodbye to your existing calendar and payroll system if you want to start using Envision.

However, once you do, you’ll unlock a complete platform that can help grow your spa or salon with all the essential tools that you’ll ever need.

How Complicated Is It To Start With This Spa Scheduling Software?

While Envision isn’t as complicated as Zenoti, it’s certainly not as easy to use as Book Like A Boss. Several excellent guides help you find your way around this feature-rich software. 

Easy To Use Salon Software

The guides should make mastering your new software somewhat more accessible and faster. An important note is that you’ll have to train your staff to use the integrated dashboard.

This dashboard is where staff can manage a variety of daily activities. They can follow up on bookings, send out coupons, or set their availability.

While training your staff to use Envision may cut into your productivity, it’s definitely worth it. 

Once they’ve mastered this software, they’ll unlock a world of possibilities that can help them perform better and improve their engagement with customers.

Is There A Free Or Demo Version Available?

Envision has no free or demo version available. However, there are three different pricing tiers to choose from. Pricing starts from $125 a month up to $365 a month. 

The standard tier allows you to add ten users to your spa. So, this is an excellent option for small to medium spas. 

In contrast, the Ultimate option allows you to add up to 50 users and is excellent for large salons or spas.

What Can I Do With This Software?

Envision’s main feature is the well-planned dashboard. It’s here, at the nerve center, that you can send out mass emails to up your marketing efforts.

It also has a built-in calendar system that allows you to view your staff’s availability, manage equipment and bookings in one spot. 

Like BLAB, Envision also helps to cut down on no-shows. It, too, will send out automated reminders, either via email or SMS, to remind customers and staff about their upcoming appointments.

Streamline Spa Bookings

When your spa scheduling software automatically reminds customers and staff about appointments, you know your business will be running at optimal efficiency. 

Not only does your business make more money, but you don’t have to hire an expensive assistant to manage bookings.

Another great feature worthy of mention is the staff goals feature. You can set targets for your staff and track their progress. 

It makes rewarding the loyal, hard-working employees pretty straightforward while also managing any pain points.

What Did We Think Of This Software?

Envision Spa & Salon Software is pretty neat. We were blown away by the custom, branded mobile app that your customers can download to manage their appointments. 

Everyone loves mobile apps, and your customers will love this app too! It’s a small, constant reminder in their pocket that your business is an impressive one.

However, we were a bit saddened to find out that, unlike BLAB, Envision is pretty expensive. While it’s got plenty of handy time-saving features and that handy mobile app, we feel that it may be too steep a price to pay.


  • Fantastic, custom branded app for managing bookings
  • All-in-one spa or salon management software
  • Built-in point of sales system
  • Set staff goals and track their productivity


  • Expensive software
  • Somewhat steep learning curve

Is My Spa Or Salon Ready For Scheduling Software?

The right scheduling software will help you manage your spa like a boss. So, say goodbye to those complicated spreadsheets, and forget about that whiteboard.

With spa scheduling software, such as Book Like A Boss, you’ll end up saving time and money.

Improve Customer Scheduling

The software can help you retain your customers, increase their loyalty and provide them with a pleasant customer experience.

So, when you decide whether you want to get a scheduling platform or not, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to streamline my booking process?
  • Do I want my customers to be able to pay online?
  • Would I like to remind customers about upcoming appointments automatically?
  • Do I want to track my employees’ availability and time spent working?
  • Do I want to simplify my payroll system?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, investing in spa scheduling software is a must. It’s the key to taking your spa or salon to the next level.

Are You Ready To Become A Boss?

There you have it, the best three spa scheduling software applications around. An excellent scheduling app will take your business and help it grow. You’ll end up making more money.

Your customers, staff, and business will thank you for letting them book like a boss.


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