Who Uses Field Service Scheduling Software & What To Look For

Are you a deskless worker looking to become the master of time? Field service scheduling software is just the tool you need to optimize your schedule.

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If you’re a business or professional who offers field services, you’ll have heard about the undeniable value of field service scheduling software. In short, it’s a tool to help you become the master of time. Using it, you and your team can better manage your schedules to work optimally while putting your brand’s best foot forward. 

After all, more bookings equal more money, right?

If you’re unsure whether the software is suitable for your type of business and what features to look out for, we’ve put together some pointers to help you. 

Who Uses Field Service Scheduling Software?

Traditionally, field services looked more technical and typically included specialized occupations like plumbers, technicians, etc.

Today, as occupations and workforces evolve, field service has become somewhat akin to mobile or deskless workers. So, a field worker can refer to any individual who travels to a location to complete their work. 

At Book Like a Boss, we know that the right software will help you work smarter and not harder. Here are some of the major industries that can benefit from using field service scheduling software:

IT & Telecommunication Technicians

Who Uses Field Service Scheduling Apps

Today, every IT and telecommunication service provider must prioritize customers’ convenience. This means that they have to find creative ways of bringing their services to the customer when they need them. So, if the Wi-fi is down or a customer’s new software is giving them problems, field service scheduling software makes it easy to respond to customer needs. 

It enables IT and telecommunication businesses and agents to provide swift and convenient support for customers on-site. Technicians can receive notifications about technical support requests, new appointments, booking details, etc. They can also schedule installations and follow-up visits with customers.

Whether you’re a managed service provider (MSP), network installer, or computer repair business, the software manages customer requests, technician scheduling, and more.

Building Maintenance Services

Plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, pest control, landscapers, and more- field service scheduling software can help you to better plan your day-to-day site visits. 

With booking forms, customers can also include information on their issues, making it easier for the attending team to bring the necessary tools and parts to the site. 

Customers can also book a slot that best suits them. With a time specification and the details of the service requested, field service managers can allocate an available and qualified technician to the job. 

Scheduling On Site Services

Healthcare Providers

Another key industry that can benefit from service scheduling software is the at-home healthcare service industry. Scheduling software is perfect for professionals who offer support in bedside care, physical therapy, telemedicine, and more.

In fact, the software is more relevant than ever as home healthcare bookings saw a rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it remains a convenient way for people to get the care they need.

For this industry, field service scheduling software gives your healthcare business better control over patient visits and staff calendars. It allows your mobile health clinic workers to adjust their availability and travel zones. This makes it easy for you to identify workers that may be available or best positioned to respond to a call. 

This software also improves your healthcare organization’s patient booking procedure. Patients can make their own bookings online and include details of their symptoms or any other relevant information. With this information, you can ensure that you allocate the most qualified person to attend the call-out. 

It also makes it easy to track patient data and create a comprehensive patient history, as the software allows you to store booking histories. The right software will enable you to prioritize your patients according to their needs, allocating the right professional to handle their cases. 

Scheduling Platforms For Nurses

Other Businesses Or Professionals Who Can Benefit From A Field Service Scheduling Platform Include:

  • Cosmetics or makeup businesses that dispatch workers for at-home beauty treatments.
  • At-home spa or recreational services like masseuses that go to people’s homes for sessions.
  • Food delivery or catering services for events and other occasions.
  • Home education or tutoring services.

Generally speaking, if your business falls into one of the above categories, or your business involves dispatching workers or a high volume of fieldwork, you can benefit from using a field service scheduling solution. 

What To Look For In Field Service Scheduling Software

Finding the right scheduling software to meet your calendar management requirements can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. After all, you need an intuitive and adaptable application to help you navigate the ever-changing nature of fieldwork.

Naturally, we believe that Book Like A Boss is everything you need in a platform and more. It’s an all-in-one landing page builder that is fully optimized for taking bookings and making sales.  

Here are a few features to look out for when choosing a scheduling solution for your field-based business:

An Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard will give you total flexibility, allowing you to manage your bookings and customers easily. You want to be able to drag and drop, move things around, and reschedule with a few clicks. 

Appointment Software For Plumbers

It will also make it easier for you to manage customer requests and complaints, track service delivery progress, and follow up on past bookings. The interactive dashboard should allow you to check information, review orders, and export client databases with absolute ease. 

Most importantly, this dashboard will open communication channels between you and your customers, keeping you in the loop at all times. Efficient and effective customer communication empowers you and your team to provide the best service.

Easy-To-Use Booking Channels

You want to select scheduling software that allows you and your clients to make or change bookings in a few minutes. The right software will offer you various booking channels, including direct booking pages, custom booking links, open-access calendars, and more. In turn, this ensures you have a variety of custom, easy-to-use booking options that suit you and your clients. 

Booking Forms

You also want software that gives you the option of including booking forms for customers. That way, customers can input necessary information about their appointment so that you know exactly what they need. This is a big plus when you have to travel with spare parts or carry around specialized tools. 

Customization For A Brand-First Booking Experience

Booking Platform For Field Nurses

It’s not just about convenience and practicality; the aesthetic also matters. Not only do you want professional-looking booking platforms, but you also want scheduling software that represents your brand, too! Branding plays a vital role in how customers choose where they spend their money. 

This is particularly important for service providers who want to assure customers that they can trust their service staff.

With customizable and professional booking pages, you can now include images and descriptions of your services or staff, giving a face to the service you provide. 

You can also include videos, testimonials, and other reviews to build customers’ trust in your service. Use your booking page as a space that invites customers to trust in your service provision.

Payment Features

The right scheduling software will have dynamic and easy-to-use online payment options. Whether it's PayPal, Stripe, or Square, you want to allow customers to make payments as they process their booking. 

Not only is this convenient for customers, but it also makes it easier to manage incoming payments for your business. That way, field service workers don’t have to accept cash payments on-site, and there’s no need to wait for electronic transfers that take forever and a day to come through. 

This type of convenience is a must-have for field service businesses, creating seamless processes and field management.

Booking Apps For Electricians

Team Scheduling 

With the ideal scheduling software, you can quickly and easily redirect service requests to an employee based on skills, location, and availability. The scheduling software can send automated alerts to allocated workers. That way, they can immediately accept or reject a job, speeding up your service provision. 

Automation capabilities also enable the platform to send reminders to staff and clients about upcoming appointments. This ensures that workers never forget an appointment and all customers get the punctual service they deserve.

Automation features will make dispatching easy and effective, ensuring that you leave your clients satisfied and never waiting. 

Mobile Connectivity

Find a service scheduling software that provides a comprehensive mobile toolkit for your field staff. This should allow them to do just about anything from their mobile device, including looking at booking info, finding client addresses, checking payment data, and so on.

It’s also vital to select software that supports various mobile devices (iPad, laptops, smartphones, etc.) and software like macOS, iOS, and Android. This will ensure that your team and your customers always have access to your system, no matter the device they use.

Third-Party Integrations

You should also keep third-party integrations in mind when looking at field service scheduling software. This includes platforms like Google, Slack, Outlook, Paypal, and Stripe that your company may already use to run efficient field services. 

The point is to use scheduling software to support and improve how you offer your service and allocate work.  

Scheduling Health Teams

Notifications and Reminders

Like any business, there are always going to be last-minute changes or unexpected bumps in the road. Field service scheduling software should provide immediate and regular updates to both customers and employees. Each notification should give details of the change or provide information about the booking.

Automated and instant notifications give you the power to provide quick turnarounds and improve response times. This will set your field service business apart as a convenient one for customers. It will enhance your brand perception and reputation and keep customers coming back in the future.

Final Thoughts

Good field service scheduling software gives you the power to schedule and track service bookings. It gives you control over staff dispatch, customer communication, and staff availability. 

With the platform, you can allocate suitable workers to each incoming service request by factoring in availability, location, and other essential details. Other features like customization, easy navigation, payment portals, and third-party integrations are also important to consider when looking for software. 

Book Like A Boss has all these capabilities and more to help run your field service business, no matter what professional service you provide. To get started, contact us today.


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