Book Like A Boss or Omnify? A Comparison

Book Like A Boss or Omnify? We’ll walk you through some of the key features & pricing of both online booking systems to decipher which is best for you.

Book Like A Boss and Omnify comparison
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What’s Book Like A Boss? 

Book Like A Boss is a web-based online booking system for scheduling appointments and selling products and services through a custom, all-in-one booking page.

Their booking pages are an all-in-one solution that converts more leads into sales. Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing an extensive team, there’s a customized booking page for every occasion. 

Book Like A Boss is unmatched when it comes to making money online. Their booking pages are highly optimized for bookings.

You'll undoubtedly level up your productivity due to the simple tech and all-around automated systems from payment to calendar integrations.

What's Omnify?

Book Like A Boss and Omnify comparison

Omnify is an online booking system that allows you to streamline all aspects of your booking-based business. 

You can craft your branded website and add multiple schedules for various facilities, amenities, and services. 

They ignite the customer experience with features such as automated emails, contactless check-ins, unique member benefits, and more. We will go into this a bit later on. 

Their primary focus is to simplify the booking process, personalize communications with the client, and create a solution to scale your business using their booking pages.

Book Like A Boss features

Book Like A Boss and Omnify comparison

Book Like a Boss is renowned for many high-quality features that positively improve your performance as a booking-based business.

Their countless features are striking. Let’s look at a few that stand out from the crowd. 

1. Customized booking pages 

Booking pages that look polished and professional are highly customizable to include all your offerings. You can build them yourself or get a certified Boss to help you do it. 

2. Effortless booking calendars

These booking calendars put you in the driver's seat. You can set availability that works for you but also avoids overbooking hassles and no-shows. You can get all the information you need from a client through intake forms, so you’re fully prepared for the booking. 

3. Fail-proof online payments

Your clients have numerous payment options that make the payment process easy and your sales conversions high. Payments can be made upfront, so you never have to chase after overdue invoices again. 

4. Easy-to-use dashboard 

Your dashboard is a cinch to use and intuitive. You can add admin privileges to bring your team together and harmonize your booking pages. As well as track past orders and bookings to analyze booking trends. 

5. Seamless integrations 

Book Like A Boss integrates with your favorite third-party apps, making booking easy. They constantly keep adding more integrated apps to power up your booking pages, adding value to the scheduling functionality. 

6. Compliance

Book Like a Boss is GDPR compliant, meaning your client data and your own are protected by the law. Especially if you’re working with sensitive client information, this is excellent comfort for your clients. 

7. Customer support 

You’ll never feel unsupported when you need a question answered about anything. Book Like A Boss has diverse support methods to help you in any situation. 

You’ll have access to an active Facebook group, tutorial videos, operators to help you every step of the way, and detailed answers to common questions.

Click here to see the Book Like A Boss complete feature list.

Book Like A Boss pricing

Book Like A Boss starts you off on a 14-day free trial. You can choose between membership packages that begin at a generous $9 up to $29 billed monthly for solopreneurs and from $35 billed monthly for company plans.

If you choose to pay annually, you’ll get a considerable discount.

Omnify features

Omnify has some prominent features that make it an elite online booking system. Let’s dive into a few. 

1. Mobile app 

Omnify GO is the app version of this online booking system for Android and iOS users. You and your clients can schedule and manage bookings using your phone and other devices for ease and accessibility. 

2. Waitlist management

This is a nifty feature if your booking-based biz handles multiple people booking into one class, such as a fitness studio. You can add clients to a waitlist, should another client cancel last minute, to give others a chance to access that class. 

3. Discount management

You can run promotions and discounts on your services to grow your revenue and drive retention. According to your marketing plan, these discounts can be customized for different services. You can create discount codes and share them as you please.

4. Client portal 

This feature gives your clients more control in managing their bookings with you. They can track payment history, collect data, and view their subscriptions and memberships. 

5. Automated emails 

You can customize and personalize all emails going to clients and set up automated workflows that keep your clients in the know about their planned bookings and cancellations. 

6. Liability waivers 

Liability waivers and terms of service can be accepted digitally to keep you and your business safe from liability. These signed waivers can be found under the profile of each of your clients.

Omnify pricing

You can test the Omnify platform with a 7-day free trial and then choose from a detailed and diverse pricing plan, depending on the industry your business is catering for. 

For instance, if you're in the fitness industry, you're looking at $39 per month as a solopreneur and $499 per month as a large fitness studio (which needs all the nuts and bolts to keep the studio management up and running). 

As mentioned, it all depends on your industry. Go check out Omnify's comprehensive pricing plan here.


There you have it. 

A detailed online booking system comparison between Book Like A Boss and Omnify. 

Both booking software services are invaluable. It all depends on what you’re looking for regarding features and functions. 

The best solution is to take them for a test drive and then decide. 

Try out your 14-day free trial with Book Like A Boss to get this process up and running.


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