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In need of some inspiration for Setmore Alternatives? We've put together of five other scheduling platforms to knock your socks off.

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Looking for Setmore alternatives because the scheduling platform doesn’t seem to quite hit the nail on the head for you? 

In that case, it is a warm welcome to you, Boss. This article will help you make the right decision on which online appointment software to use. 

Like so many other professionals, you clearly recognize the value of using this type of organizational tool. In fact, the global market size of scheduling software is estimated to reach $546 million by 2026. It is changing how people manage their bookings and time.

Before taking the plunge, it is essential to compare the scheduling tools available to you, one being Book Like A Boss. The last thing you want to do is pay for an app that doesn’t give you what you want, leaving you stuck with a white elephant. Cute when you think about it, but what are you going to do with it?

This is a decision that can completely transform how you connect with clients, partners, and other important contributors. We will help you make the correct one by giving you the lowdown on the Setmore alternatives below. That way, you can make the perfect choice for your scheduling (and selling) needs.

So, What Does Setmore Offer?

About Setmore

Like most other appointment scheduling apps, Setmore is free up to a point. If you want all the bells and whistles, you will need to fork out some money. 

Setmore’s calendar system is simple. It improves your connection with customers and gives you room to grow as you take your business to the next level.  

You can list your availability online, giving customers the freedom to book as they wish on your custom booking page. It is also super accessible as it accepts bookings around the clock. Notifications and reminders keep you and the people you are meeting aware of any changes to the booking.

Setmore includes functionality where you can add video meetings through Teleport Video, which allows you to connect with customers all over the world. One of its selling points is the feature that enables people to make appointments directly from your social media posts. That way, your followers can conveniently schedule appointments from the platforms where they hang out.

Five Setmore Alternatives To Consider

1. vcita

As a Setmore alternative, vcita’s scheduling platform integrates with the vcita business management suite. This gives you access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online payments, and email marketing. Coaches, counselors, and photographers are just a few professionals who could find this app useful.  

Back and forth communication is draining, and this alternative cuts out that headache, which will give you more time with the people you want to speak to. With vcita’s functions, your business can run as a 24-hour operation to schedule bookings, generate leads, and increase revenue.  

Setmore Alternative


This platform caters to pretty much everyone. is accessible on a variety of devices and across locations. Bookings can be made anytime, and the platform sends confirmation or cancellation notifications via SMS or email. Plus, their revamped subscription options give admins complete control of booking processes and professional services.  

It is a yes to their customizable booking pages! You can add these to your business website and social media channels for easy accessibility. You can also collect feedback from customers, a key feature of consistent business improvement. accepts cash and credit cards through its payment integrations, offering flexibility in choosing where, how, and when to pay. Another win is that it offers gift cards and coupon codes to boost your customer satisfaction.

3. Book Like A Boss (BLAB)

BLAB is a one-stop-shop to optimize your time management. Solopreneurs and companies of all sizes use it to book meetings and sell services, closing the gap between gaining leads and making sales. 

This complete scheduling platform automatically syncs your connected calendars and sends you and the invitees reminders of your appointments. Clients can self-manage their appointments, and you get a clear overview of your schedule. 

In short, it is a powerful yet simple landing pages builder that allows your clients to get to know exactly who you are through branded pages and a customizable domain which place you in the front. 

Alternative To Setmore

Build a mini-website to showcase your services, events, classes, or physical products. Integrate with your favorite productivity apps, including Zapier, MailChimp, Office 365, Stripe, and PayPal, to simplify and automate how invitees connect with you. 

You can build BLAB’s booking pages in various languages, including French and Spanish, among others. Work with your team or go it solo; the power is in your hands with the variety of highly specced plans on offer. 

4. Ovatu

With Ovatu, you can create a customizable mini-site to take bookings. Customer reviews, appointment scheduling, and gift cards are just a few of its mentionable features. 

Their booking bot takes bookings and customer service to another level. You can also include this chat-style bot as a feature on your website. Bot features are a great way to offer a helping hand to clients as they schedule their appointment. 

If bots don’t strike your fancy, you can also embed a widget feature into a website page. Invitees can complete online payments and deposits through Ovatu’s digital card capture. The deposit feature guards you against no-shows. 

Customers can also log in when they wish, optimizing their time as they complete tasks without waiting.

5. Bookafy


As far as Setmore alternatives go, Bookafy handles a host of different bookings, like one-on-one appointments or recurring meetings. You can run and automatically schedule appointments via a unique meeting link. Clients can use this link to book their time via Zoom with payment made through Stripe. 

SMS reminders and email notifications further enhance this scheduling experience. Take your organization a notch further with this appointment scheduling software that allows you to invite team members to appointments based on their skills. 

Which Alternative Should You Choose?

Now that we have shared some Setmore alternatives with you, the ball is in your court. Of course, it always helps to put the platforms into action. Many, including Book Like A Boss, offer this.

Get in touch with us if you want a demo, or click Start Free to change your life. Book Like A Boss - More Bookings More Money. 


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