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To become the master of time management, you might be weighing up Calendly vs Book Like A Boss. Here's the lowdown on the two solutions.

calendly vs book like a boss
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We still remember the confusing back-and-forth emails between clients and customers when we tried to set a meeting time. And let’s not mention how we could barely see our computer screens with all the sticky notes to try and keep track of our meetings and scribbles when booking times changed. 

We’re eternally grateful for the friendly scheduling solutions available these days. We can just attest to how our productivity improved … and let’s not mention our much neater-looking PC screens! 

You can probably manage your personal calendars and may have a booking platform in mind. But do you do your appointment scheduling like the Boss you are? 

Let’s dive deep into Calendly vs Book Like A Boss so you can get the skinny on which of these meeting scheduling software solutions is the bomb. (We’ll give you a hint: It’s BLAB, but we’ll let you decide whether you agree with us or not.)

The Scoop: Calendly vs Book Like A Boss 

Which is actually better? Book Like A Boss or Calendly? 

Key Similarities

When it comes to Calendly, what key features does this platform for scheduling appointments offer, and how does it compare with BLAB? 

Well, both platforms are very user-friendly. You can use them to professionally and efficiently schedule your meetings. 

You can personalize your calendar, create a custom URL link, and email or share this with your customers and clients. They view when you are available, book an appointment accordingly, and BAM!

The meeting is locked in. 

And with automated scheduling, everyone gets notifications and reminders. Missed meetings are a thing of the past, so no more wasted time! 

Concerning the range of scheduling scenarios, both Calendly and BLAB offer group booking, resource scheduling, real-time scheduling, and team scheduling options. 

That said, only BLAB features class scheduling and facility scheduling, making employee scheduling woes disappear.  


Both appointment apps offer third-party integrations. You can set them up with your favorite calendars, conferencing software, email managers, and more. 

A quick note here about some integration differences and similarities for Calendly vs Book Like A Boss: both of these scheduling tools are fully capable of being integrated with Zapier, giving you access to the thousands of apps that connect with it.  

They also both integrate with:

  • Zoom
  • Google Calendar
  • MailChimp
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • iCloud
  • WordPress
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Dubb
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
Young entrepreneur working on laptop in coffee shop

On top of those, Book Like A Boss offers integrations with YouTube, Square, and Google Tag Manager. 

Calendly has a pretty long list exceeding BLAB’s. It integrates with the likes of Salesforce, Slack, Zoho Code, Workato, and other CRM, sales, marketing, and ATS & recruiting solutions.

Although Calendly comes out top in terms of the number of integrations, you have to pay for most of them. In fact, some of them are only available on their Pro Plan, which is just below their top Enterprise offering. 

Every plan on BLAB, from the entry-level Solopreneur plan to the Company plan with a custom number of seats, has access to all the integrations on offer. 

Booking Pages

The biggest difference between Book Like A Boss vs Calendly is the booking pages. 

With BLAB, your booking pages look like your own professional mini-website. 

Want each booking page where you sell your products and services to be different? No problem! 

What about a personalized About Me section, profile photo, sidebar, testimonials, FAQs, and photo gallery? You got it! 

And payments? Choose what works for you - whether it’s an offline payment or through PayPal, Stripe, or Square. You can do it all on BLAB. 

Two people working on laptop together

With Calendly Basic, you only get a very rudimentary booking page that features your profile picture and a short welcome message. 

With the Pro and Enterprise plans, you can create a custom branded page. This means you can tailor the colors to suit your branding. 

With the Premium plan, no Calendly branding will be visible. Once you’ve shared a link to your booking page, your clients can book an appointment with you. 

Calendly also allows your customers to pay when booking an appointment. However, this is only available on the Pro and Enterprise plans. Moreover, you can only collect payments with Stripe and PayPal. So if you prefer Square, you are out of luck. 


In comparing Calendly vs Book Like A Boss, you will notice differences in the notifications that your invitees, customers, and clients receive. 

Calendly lets you customize the email notifications from the Premium plan. But you can only customize the SMS notifications on the Pro plan.   

True to BLAB’s near full feature offering across plans, you can customize any plan’s email and SMS notifications. This gives you more control over the messaging that is sent out. 

Another key feature that BLAB offers (and Calendly doesn’t) is that you can choose to display your email address, make full changes to your email, and reply to the emails you receive. 

Customer Service

BLAB Customer Service

Calendly only provides full customer support, including individualized training, on the Enterprise plan.

On Pro, you get 3 hours of email support and live chat support only if you have 10+ users on your account. 

For everyone else, the platform has email support and a self-serve help center with video tutorials.

On BLAB, you get access to 24/6 chat and bot support, a Knowledge Base, email support, and video tutorials no matter the plan you are on. 

Plus, you can join a private Facebook group where other Bosses hang out and get advice to scale your business. There is also, where you can book a slot with the good team to get advice on using your platform to its potential.

What’s Missing?

Aside from some of the integrations mentioned above, a mobile app is the only thing Calendly offers that BLAB lacks. You can download the Calendly app for your iOS or Android smart device and access it on the go.  

That said, BLAB is optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Turning the tables, we have spoken about BLAB giving each team member their own mini-website to take bookings. 

You can also sell stuff on BLAB, including memberships, physical, and digital products. Design a beautifully customized booking page to showcase and sell your brand or product. Collect payments in a way that’s convenient for invitees and collect and share all the information you both need from the transaction.

Whats Missing From Calendly

Affiliate Program 

BLAB also has an affiliate partners program you can join. It is free, and once you sign up, you get banners and textual links you can share with your connections and on your site. 

When a visitor clicks on the link and signs up to Book Like A Boss, you earn a commission. Plus, you get access to real-time stats and reports to check out how your banners are performing. This can help you tailor your affiliate marketing strategy so you can earn even more commissions from the sales you bring to us.  

Calendly has an affiliate offer too, which is application-based. To qualify for it, you need to be a B2B platform or website. Plus you should have a large user base, preferably with tens of thousands of users.

Pricing Deets

Let’s look at the subscription plans for Calendly first. 

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to test out the Pro plan. After that, you can downgrade to the always-free Basic plan or subscribe.

They offer four subscription plans at the monthly pricing options (if you opt-in for annual billing, there is a $2-3 discount per user depending on the plan): 

  • Basic “Always Free” plan - 1 calendar connection, 1 event type, no customization options, and some integration functionality 
  • Premium plan - $10/user/month, 2 calendar connections, unlimited event types, some customization options, and more integrations than with the Basic plan
  • Pro plan - $15/user/month, 6 calendar connections, unlimited event types, full customization options, and full integration 
  • Enterprise - contact Calendly for pricing, 6 calendar connections, unlimited event types, full customization options, full integration, and most customer support
Book Like A Boss Pricing

With BLAB, you have a lot - and we mean A LOT - more options. This means you can pick out exactly the right plan for you and save on unnecessary features you may not need (but that you pay for with other appointment scheduling tools). 

First up, the Company plan, where if you pay annually, you get two months free (that’s a great deal, right?): 

  • Starts at $35/month for 3 users
  • For 4 users, pay $40/month 
  • For 5 users, pay $50/month, and for every additional user, add $10/month 
  • If you have more than 100 users, contact Book Like A Boss for a custom plan 
  • Plus, you get all the features that BLAB has to offer, meaning you don’t need additional solutions like a website builder, website hosting, landing page builder, and shopping cart software, all of which could add up to a minimum of $134 per user.

The point? BLAB saves you a lot of dough. 

Next is the Solopreneur options, where there are four plans. We’ve included monthly billing amounts. Opt to pay yearly, and you’ll save $$$.

BLAB Plans

These two are best if you mainly want to use Book Like A Boss to make appointments:  

  • Espresso - $9/month, priority support, SMS reminders for appointments, calendar embeds and integrations, third party integrations, skins for your booking pages, text pages, and group bookings 
  • Mocha - $12/month, everything in the Espresso + no BLAB branding on your pages, a custom domain, and a custom footer

These two plans are better suited for the solopreneur who sells services and products too: 

  • Cappuccino - $19/month, everything in the Espresso plan + ability to charge your guests for making appointments, coupon codes, and events, classes, group, and recurring scheduling, and memberships 
  • Latte -  $29/month, everything in the Cappuccino and Mocha plans

Who Wins? 

That’s up to you, right? 

If you need to test out whether Calendly vs Book Like A Boss is best for business, then sign up for the commitment-free 14-day trial. Test until you’re sure which is made for you.

We’re sure you’ll choose Book Like A Boss, because, well, you are the Boss! Start your free BLAB trial today!


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