Calendly vs Doodle: Features Comparison & Buyers Advice (+ Alternatives)

To become the master of time management, you might be weighing up Calendly vs Doodle scheduling tools. Here's the lowdown on both solutions!

calendly vs doodle
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To become the master of time management, you might be weighing up Calendly vs Doodle scheduling tools.

The two are popular options, with Doodle boasting more than 30 million satisfied monthly users and Calendly upwards of 10 million. Based on that, does it mean Doodle is the best, and you should sign up and hand over your hard-earned cash?

To help you select a winner, we have made a features comparison and put together some buying advice.

But, whether you are the Boss of 1 or 100, intelligent decisions are informed decisions. So, we would be remiss not to throw a great alternative, Book Like A Boss, into the mix.

What Are Calendly vs Doodle? (plus the alternative)

Both Doodle and Calendly are appointment scheduling platforms that help businesses and professionals book meetings, whether at the office or on the go.

With Calendly, you can easily set your availability so your customers can book a meeting when it is convenient for you both. No more losing the plot over endless back-and-forth emails trying to align schedules.

Similarly, invitees can easily book appointments and schedule meetings with you using Doodle. It helps you juggle time zones and sends out reminders to ensure missed meetings are few and far between.

More than scheduling software, Book Like A Boss (BLAB) packs all the features Bosses need to schedule appointments, sell your services, and take bookings. It is a landing pages builder with a VA-type calendar of your dreams.

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Is Doodle Better Than Calendly: Features Comparison

Key Features

Calendly’s cornerstone feature is the ability to schedule a booking within minutes.

Widening the view, you get unlimited scheduled meetings and can choose from several event types. Integrations with the likes of Paypal and Stripe allow you to take payments, and automated reminders ensure no appointments are missed.

Doodle does similar but has a bit more collaborative power, which is helpful for large group meetings. You can set proposed meeting times and send them out to a bunch of busy people. See who is free and when with ‘if need be’ votes.

BLAB is an extension of your brand. With customized booking pages and domains, your clients know exactly who they are booking with. You get to put your best foot forward with professional and clean pages that showcase your full value. Include as much (or as little) of the caboodle as you wish. 

Who Uses The Platforms?

Calendly works for both individuals and businesses. The basic plan is a simple meeting scheduler, while the paid plans offer more business-oriented integrations. A quick look at the list, and you will see that Zapier, Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, and HubSpot connections are available.

Calendly vs Doodle

Doodle Scheduling has a similar although simpler line-up to support businesses as they host one-on-one, time block, and group meetings. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Office 365, and Google Calendar all feature, plus you can use their API to build custom integrations.

If you sell a service, take bookings, host webinars, or schedule recurring appointments, BLAB is for you. It is designed for solopreneurs and companies who value their time and want to boost productivity.

Pricing & Plans

Not ready to commit? All three platforms offer a 14-day free trial for you to test-drive the goods.

Only Calendly has a Basic always free version on offer. Then it has three paid plans, starting at $10 for Premium, $15 for Pro, and a customized Enterprise solution. If you choose annual billing, you will save $24 and $36 on Premium and Pro, respectively.

Doodle has three plans, which are paid annually. There is Pro at $6.95 per month and Team at $8.95 per month. They also have an Enterprise solution, which is customizable. Unlike the other two platforms, Doodle doesn’t offer any savings or discounts.

BLAB's plans are for Solopreneurs and companies. The Company Plan starts at $35 a month for three seats. From there, each set costs $10 per month. That is until you get to 100 seats, which is when you should contact the good team.

To help solopreneurs conquer the world, monthly plans start at $9 for Espresso, $12 for Mocha, $19 for Cappuccino, and $29 for Latte. Have to love a good coffee.

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Best Buyers Advice (and other alternatives)

To choose the best meeting scheduling software, you need to consider the features on offer and how user-friendly the platform is.

Also, does it look good on mobile (all three in this review are mobile-optimized) and fit into your budget? Remember, a free trial is a great idea if you want to test the water before you commit.

Some of the alternatives to Calendly vs Doodle include Book Like A Boss, Acuity Scheduling, Appointy,, and Setmore.  

That said, we are confident that it will be all eyes on your brand once you try BLAB. The platform is built for companies and professionals just like you.

From real-estate agents to spa and salon owners, sales teams to home improvement specialists, Book Like A Boss is designed to get your bookings in a row.

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