Calendly vs YouCanBookMe: Which Is the Right Pick? (incl. Alternatives)

Decisions are never easy! To help you make your mind up about Calendly vs YouCanBookMe we've got the lowdown on both solutions.

calendly vs youcanbookme
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Whenever we hear the words “online scheduling tool,” we mostly think of the title of ABBA’s hit song, “Money, money, money.” After all, BLAB’s tagline is “More Bookings, More Money.” The easier and faster Bosses can book their appointments and schedule meetings, the more money they can bank. 

With all the online scheduling software choices on offer these days, we understand why you hesitate to make a decision. But choosing shouldn’t give you a headache. 

In this round, we give you the lowdown on Calendly vs YouCanBookMe, with some alternatives (because we’re awesome and nice).

The 411 on Calendly vs YouCanBookMe: A Comparison 

So, which is better? YouCanBookMe vs Calendly? Let’s see.

Key Features

How does the following sound? Your team, customers, and clients can easily check your availability by booking a time to meet on your calendar. With automated, customizable follow-ups and reminders, missed meetings are no more. 

Both Calendly and YouCanBookMe (and BLAB too) offer these. 

Another similarity between these booking platforms is that they easily integrate with third-party apps, like Zoom and Google Calendar. The booking pages are also completely customizable … provided you at least have Calendly Pro. 

One main difference you get with YouCanBookMe is that every meeting is a tentative booking. You decide whether you accept the appointment or not. 

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What about your international clients and colleagues? Not to worry. With time zones being automatically detected, everyone will join the meeting at the right time. 

What about Book Like A Boss? Called the VA of your dreams, BLAB puts you in the driver seat, all the way. The top features that set it apart? 

Set up booking forms with clients to find out the deets you need before you meet. Streamline your online payments so “invoice overdue” is a thing of the past. 

And there’s a dashboard! We are sure you also want to keep track of stuff - your orders, your team’s info, and what you need to manage your page in a user-friendly way.


Calendly’s monthly pricing structure is as follows:

  • Basic - which is always free
  • Premium - $10 per month
  • Pro - $15 per month
  • Enterprise - customized solution

The Basic plan is, well, pretty basic, but you can sign up for a 14-day free trial and check out what Calendly Pro has to offer. 

In comparison, YouCanBookMe charges per calendar you use. There is a free version, but it has limited features (figures, right?). Choose to be billed annually and pay $10 per month per calendar. Each calendar comes with YouCanBookMe’s supercharged features. 

So, in essence, it works out more expensively than Calendly Pro, where you get six calendar connections you can use for yourself or share with a client or coworker.  

But there is also a 14-day trial, just like with BLAB, so you can test before you buy. 

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Book Like A Boss, on the other hand, offers you more customized options where you can choose the best plan for your business and save money by cutting features you don’t need. 

BLAB has Solopreneur and Company plans, and choosing to be billed annually means you pay for 10 months but use the booking platform for 12. 

For the Company plans:

  • Team of 3 - $35 per month
  • Team of 4 - $40 per month
  • Team of 5 to 99 - $40 + $10 for every extra team member
  • 100+ seats - contact BLAB 

So, the Solopreneur plans offer:

  • Espresso Plan - $9 per month
  • Mocha Plan - $12 per month
  • Cappuccino Plan - $19 per month
  • Latte Plan - $29 per month

Time To Make A Choice: YouCanBookMe vs Calendly … vs BLAB

Both Calendly and YouCanBook.Me can work for your business. Other alternatives you could possibly consider would be Acuity Scheduling, Stetmore, Doodle, and Appointy Scheduling. 

But we believe Book Like A Boss beats the competition every time. You get more than what you pay for, and our platform is ideal whether you have a small or large company or are a solopreneur. It's user-friendly, helping you book and get paid fast.

Who doesn’t want to Book Like A Boss? And our secret weapon? It’s all in the booking pages, where you can sell anything and set up all kinds of bookings. 

Ready to be the Boss that you are? Start with your free trial today!


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