Your Top 6 Questions Answered About Class Scheduling Software

Everything you didn't know and more about class scheduling software. Whether you're a tutor, coach, or business guru, we've got the answers.

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Today, we answer some of your most burning questions about class scheduling software. Whether you are a trainer, a business guru, a tutor, or a teacher, this article will help align your expectations and give you the advice you need to schedule your online classes seamlessly.

Top Questions Answered About Class Scheduling Software

1. Do I Need Online Class Scheduling Software?

Yes, you absolutely do, and here’s why.

Zoom became the go-to video conferencing software at the onset of the pandemic. From an already profitable position in December 2019, it drummed up a 317 percent year-on-year increase in revenue in 2020.

And that’s just one of the video conferencing providers. Others have seen excellent uptake, too; Google Meet saw a 30-times growth in the pandemic.

From home workouts to e-learning, interactive digital classes to professional online consultations, people had no choice but to schedule online.

Now, online classes aren't expected to lose pace. Instead, they look set to complement in-person consultations and classes. People are busy; they have to look after kids, work late, do the grocery shopping-having the option of meeting online when it makes sense to do so is very convenient.

Any professional looking to benefit from this online trend needs class scheduling software. With the right platform to support your business, you can schedule online and offline classes of all shapes and forms - from dance, martial arts, business, and yoga, in a flash. 

Do I Need Online Class Scheduling Software

2. Who Can Benefit From Using The Software?

If you pick accessible, easy-to-use software, anyone in your organization, from the staff to the students, can benefit. Typically, professionals such as gym instructors or managers, college administrators, online coaches, tutors, and online course coordinators, use class scheduling software.

The platform’s automation features make it so much easier for you or your team to manage your bookings. There is less of the back and forth in emails or calls to settle on dates, send appointment reminders, and chase up payments.

This frees up your valuable time, allowing you to get on with doing what you do best, that is, teaching or consulting with your students or clients.

3. What Is The Best Software For Scheduling Classes?

Because we live in the 21st century, we have access to the latest and greatest software. This means we don’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Your scheduling and booking software should allow you to take gazillions of bookings, handle payments like a boss, and not require you to have a Ph.D. in tech. Your software solution should suit your business, whether it’s a small startup learning center or a sizable institution.

Tutoring schools will love this all-in-one scheduling solution from Book Like A Boss. It allows teachers to set up booking pages in a matter of minutes and automate emails and rescheduling. It also eliminates no-shows by sending automatic reminders to students via SMS and email. 

What Is The Best Software For Scheduling Classes

Additional benefits from this excellent class scheduling software include:

  • Activity and attendance reports
  • Increased privacy and security for students and teachers
  • Customized branding to show off your learning center
  • Flawless calendar integration

4. How Do I Set UP My Schedule Online?

Forget about needing to hire an expert to set up your software and create your schedule - the name of the game is simplicity. Connecting your calendars and entering in data so that students or clients can reserve time with you shouldn’t be a daunting experience. For this reason, we have developed our platform dashboard around two simple rules:

Make It Quick

Time is money. Setting up your first landing page shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. If you work on Book Like A Boss, the good team is so confident of the platform’s simplicity that we invite you to take the 17-minute challenge. If you cannot set up your booking page in 17 minutes, you get a free gift.

Keep It Simple

Scheduling software needs to be simple—the same counts for the admin control panel. With detailed guides, easy integration, and simple setup, users with little tech experience can design their first booking page and calendar.

To schedule your class online, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill out your profile
  • Set your personal or team availability
  • List your courses or services
  • Connect to your favorite payment portals, such as Stripe or PayPal
  • Get paid
  • Manage your classes and appointments

5. What Is A Landing Page Builder, And Why Do I Need One?

What Is A Landing Page Builder and Why Do I Need One

A landing page builder is handy when you want to really showcase the services you offer. It’s all about personality and style. You can create a mini-website that gives off all the right professional and social signals to encourage clients to book. 

Think photos to show people who you are, YouTube videos that provide insight into your classes, and reviews that sing your praises. All of these can be included on your landing page to show invitees who you are, increase your sales, take more bookings, and steadily grow your fantastic business.

Let the landing page do all the talking, 24/7, while you have fun teaching your newly converted students.

6. Is There Free Class Scheduling Software?

Of course! Some platforms offer a limited feature Freemium, while others offer a free trial to give you a taste of what’s on offer. We would advise professionals who want to book classes to get a fuller feature plan that offers customizations, integrations, great customer support, superior functionality, and ease of use.

Final Thoughts

Delete that ancient, confusing booking spreadsheet. Close your complicated and overloaded email inbox. You deserve smart tech that can improve the quality of your life. With the right online class scheduling software, you can start reaping the rewards from day one.

When choosing your next class scheduling platform, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my new scheduling software mobile-friendly? Can my invitees and I use it on a tablet or smartphone?
  • Does my scheduling software play well with other apps like Zoom, Zapier, Meet, MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, WordPress, and more?
  • Is the software super easy and quick to use and get started with?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time to switch to a software that will have you shouting, “YES!” Contact us today.


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