From to - Embracing Simplicity and Communication rebrands to, embracing the users' affectionate nickname and reinforcing its mission of seamless communication. Existing accounts remain unaffected, with plans for improved user experience and new features. The team expresses gratitude for their community's support as they transition.

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A New Era of Seamless Communication

Dear BLAB Community,

We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey that marks a new chapter for our platform. After seven incredible years of growth and innovation, we have decided to make a change that reflects the essence of what we stand for and embodies the close bond we share with our valued users. Starting today, we have shifted our domain name from to the more concise and communicative

The decision to change our domain name was not taken lightly, as Book Like A Boss has been the foundation of our identity since our inception in 2017. However, over the years, we noticed a remarkable evolution in how our community refers to us – BLAB. Our users, in their own endearing way, shortened our name, making it more accessible, relatable, and easier to remember. This shift naturally occurred as BLAB rolled off the tongue effortlessly, highlighting the value of simplicity and directness.

Communication has always been at the core of what we do. Book Like A Boss was designed to bring together diverse parties, facilitating seamless and meaningful connections. We have empowered countless entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and professionals to organize their schedules and engage with their clients effortlessly. Our platform has become a hub for enabling conversations, opening doors, and fostering collaboration.

The decision to transition to aligns perfectly with our mission and vision. The word "BLAB" conveys the essence of communication in a friendly and approachable manner. It epitomizes the free flow of ideas, the joy of networking, and the power of human connection. By embracing this change, we are reinforcing our commitment to promoting seamless communication and helping our users succeed in their endeavors.

Fear not, for even as we embrace this new domain name, the soul of our company remains unchanged. We will continue to be "Book Like A Boss," and our passion for facilitating meaningful connections remains as strong as ever. The transition to will not affect any of your existing accounts, bookmarks, or saved information. We have ensured a smooth migration process so that you can continue enjoying our platform without any disruptions.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement continues unabated. We have exciting plans in store to enhance your user experience, introduce new features, and take our communication facilitation to new heights. As always, we are committed to actively listening to your feedback and incorporating your suggestions to shape into the perfect solution for your scheduling and communication needs.

We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support and trust you have bestowed upon us throughout our journey. Your belief in our platform has been the driving force behind our growth and success. We look forward to serving you even better under our new domain name,

Thank you for being an integral part of the BLAB community. Together, let's continue to empower communication, bridge gaps, and celebrate the art of connection.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The BLAB Team


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