How to Create a Lead Magnet Using Book Like a Boss

Learn how to create a lead magnet with Book Like A Boss that will bring new clients to your doorstep in droves.

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From small business owners to coaches to large agencies- every one of us is in the pursuit of growth for our businesses and  overall success. Having an online presence is one major factor that allows your potential client base to find you, learn about you and hopefully pay you for services you can provide.  Setting up a Facebook business page or an Instagram business account is one way to maintain an online presence at no cost. Building a website and a Book Like a Boss  account is the next step up for having a point of contact on the Internet for your customers to seek you out.

Once someone has found your online site or business page- what can you do as a businessperson do to ensure that you capture that potential client’s interest? What is the next step you can take to turn that potential client into a real, live paying customer?

I'm a real boy!

Here’s where marketing strategy comes into play. When a business is trying to reach a wider clientele, it can offer a free item, such as an e-book,digital download,free sample or white-paper. In order for the potential client to gain access to the download or to receive the free item they are required to enter their contact details. This method can be used to gather phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other contact details. Business owners attempt to convert these leads into paying customers via an upsell or simply adding them to email lists and letting them know about new releases, future products and services.  More advanced marketers may include these contacts in a sales funnel, which over time guides these individuals towards a purchase. This marketing technique, in which a free item or service that is being offered for purposes of gathering contact information, has been termed by experts as a “lead magnet.”

Some business-minded folks, with money on their mind might wonder- “Why not just ask clients to purchase my product? I mean it is an amazing product after all!”

As amazing as your product might be - it is unusual for people to purchase an item when the are first checking out a website. Usually they browse a bit or comparison shop before spending any money. But a free product? That can be super enticing. In order to make the product enticing, aside from not costing anything, you will want to make sure that your offer has some specific value to their lives or businesses. Some examples of items that can provide value to your customer can be in the form of specialized information, insider “secrets”, access to a webinar or cool video.

Book Like a Boss, your favorite online scheduling and booking platform, can be used to create a lead magnet.  To do so, Bosses need to just follow a few steps:

  1. Create a digital product and price it as zero dollars.  
  2. Create an auto-redirect that directs clients to a URL for the digital product
  3. Customize confirmation email with other links and potential upsells
  4. In order to receive the free item, clients will be required to enter their name and email address

Presto! You have now gathered a lead!

Due to the ease  of the user interface, which is continually tweaked and updated by a fantastic development team, you can create multiple lead magnets. Feel free to experiment and test what sort of product or wording works best as a magnet for your leads. 

 To learn more about how to use Book Like a Boss to create a lead magnet, check out the video below.


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