Introducing The Recurring Events Feature On Book Like A Boss

Find out all about one of the latest greatest updates on Book Like A Boss - you got it, Recurring Events and Bookings!

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Though so much of the world was at a standstill during the Spring and Summer months of 2020, the team at Book Like a Boss were busy at work bringing amazing new updates and features to our booking platform.

You can read about our previous update here.   One of the latest and greatest updates is..... wait for it...... RECURRING BOOKINGS!


What is recurring events exactly and how does it differ from BLAB's regular products and services? Keep reading to learn more!

Recurring Events are set up under the Events tab on the BLAB Dashboard.  It is ideal for Bosses who would like to offer several sessions or classes or workshops that take place over several dates.  For example, if you are a mediation specialist and you would like to offer a course that takes place over 4 weeks on advanced meditation you can set up this as a Recurring Event, with each class listed on your site.  You add each session and adjust setting specifications, just as you would for any products or services. Each session of your recurring events can also be connected to your Zoom or connected to a live webinar that you can set up through YouTube.  

Some fantastic features included with this update:

  • Events are listed on your main BLAB page so clients can see what exciting stuff you have coming up
  • Your clients pay for the entire package of sessions, so you have payments upfront for all of the events included in that package
  • Countdown clock to get your clients psyched and looking forward to your amazing events.
  • You can limit participants to one or have your events open to hundreds. This flexibility is fantastic when you are setting up classes and course. Guitar lessons for one? No problem. Set the recurring event with one max participant and share that link with your student. Want to offer a course to 250 high school seniors about college prep? Also no problem. Customization and adaptability are the name of the game.
  • You can adjust the duration of each of the single sessions within your session group. This comes in handy if you want a first session to be longer for an intro class or if you need to adjust duration or time for any other reasons.  

Recurring Bookings is just another one of Book Like a Boss's amazing feature updates. We continually strive to grow and provide our Bosses with the best tools for their booking needs.  This is a feature that has been requested by many Bosses and something we have been looking forward to and working on for a while.  We believe that this one is a feature that will truly change the way Bosses can book their clients.  We are sure you will enjoy it!

Check out the video below for more details about Recurring Events:


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