Clover Connect: A New Payment Gateway Integration

There's a buzz in the air because Book Like a Boss has just integrated with Clover Connect. Read on if you’re in the USA or Canada looking to boost your credit card processing game.

New Payment Gateway Integration
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Online payment gateways are an essential part of your booking page. You can collect payments quickly and efficiently, reduce no-shows and protect your time. 

Book Like Boss users can already connect with Stripe and PayPal to process payments through their booking pages. However, with great excitement, Book Like a Boss has recently introduced a new payment integration with Clover Connect

If you’re in the US or Canada and looking to enhance payment processing for your booking pages, this is for you.

The importance of online payment gateways for your booking pages

In 2022 only 17% of consumers in the US are using cash to pay for goods. We can all agree that cash is old news, and not many people are dealing in cash anymore. This is a promising direction for your online business that deals with online payments. 

Online payment gateways like Clover Connect and PayPal authorize you to accept customer payments through your booking pages safely and efficiently. Money from a client is moved swiftly and soundly into your bank account with very little manual labor. 

There are considerable benefits to online payment gateways that are integrated into your booking page. 

1. Online payment gateways save time

An automated payment processing system on your booking page is ideal for a busy Boss. You need the reassurance that there are zero hassles regarding the payment procedure. The good news is that online payment gateways are quick, easy, and efficient, so you can focus on scaling your business and reduce the hassle of following up on payments.

2. Online payment gateways enhance customer experience

There’s nothing worse than a client having trouble paying for your service. However, an integrated online payment gateway makes it easy for your client to pay with very little manual labor on either side of the transaction. This makes your business look seamless and professional.

3. Online Payment gateways increase business cash flow

An online payment gateway on your booking page increases your cash flow. Gone are the days of running after invoices. With an integrated payment processing system like Clover Connect, customers can pay upfront for your service. You'll have that everlasting cash flow to empower your future business decisions.

Who’s Clover Connect?

Clover Connect: Online payment gateway

Clover Connect was initially known as CardConnect and is owned by Fiserv, one of the largest card processing companies in the USA and Canada. 

Clover Connect is an award-winning online payment service that helps businesses grow through integrated payment processing in the US and Canada. It makes accepting and managing payments easy and effortless.

It's just like Paypal and Stripe. We at Book Like a Boss make sure our Bosses have an array of top-class payment processing options for business. 

Suppose you’re already a Book Like a Boss user in the US or Canada. In that case, sign up to create a Clover Connect account, which will be integrated directly onto your Book Like a Boss dashboard so that you can start earning. 

Not using booking pages yet? No Problem.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Book like a Boss today.

Benefits of using Clover Connect for your booking pages

Benefits of online payment gateways

Clover Connect offers some fantastic features. You can seamlessly accept online payments from your clients on your booking pages. 

Here's a few benefits.

1. Clover Connect has a virtual terminal

The virtual terminal gives you the flexibility to process payments no matter where you are. All you have to do is log in to your Clover Connect account from whatever device, and you’re ready to accept payments. This makes the payment process so convenient. Clover Connect will be integrated with your Book Like Boss booking pages to process payments even when you’re sitting on the beach sipping a Pina Colada. 

2. Live customer support

We know Bosses work at weird and wonderful hours. Clover Connect can assist you at any time of day or night with their live customer support. Your problems will be solved immediately to make you feel at ease.

3. Receive payments on and off Book Like a Boss

Your business is dynamic and has many products and services. You can process payments in all parts of your business using Clover Connect, whether on Book Like a Boss or Shopify. Clover Connect can process Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as offline sales. Talk about efficiency!

4. Seamless activation and onboarding

Activating your Clover Connect account to integrate with your booking pages is flawless and straightforward. If you’re already a Book Like a Boss user in the US or Canada, fill in a quick form, and a sales representative will get in touch.

Questions about Clover Connect from the Bosses using our booking pages

Questions about Clover Connect

A few of our Bosses had queries about the Clover Connect and Book Like a Boss integration. 

Let's see what they had to say.

Question # 1: Is there a contract involved with Clover Connect? 

Absolutely not. You can go month-to-month with no long-term commitment or contracts so that you're flexible and don't feel locked in.

Question # 2: Can I freeze my account?

Yes, you absolutely can. This can be done if you need to put your account on hold because you are going on holiday or your business is seasonal. You’ll feel at ease that you don't have to pay fees while not using your account. 

Question # 3: Does Clover Connect work with the Book Like a Boss membership feature?

Indeed it does. You can set up recurring payments, so you don't have to worry about awkwardly chasing down clients for overdue invoices. 

Question # 4: Is Clover Connect PCI compliant? 

Yes, Clover Connect systems are fully secure. Customers purchasing your products and services can include information with complete trust that it won't be misused.

It's time

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You'll make money in your sleep with integrated, seamless online payment gateways like Clover Connect.


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