How To Empower Your Deskless Employees With Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

Mobile workforce scheduling software is a super tool that empowers your deskless team to put their best foot forward in business. Here's how.

mobile workforce scheduling software
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Deskless employees have a unique set of challenges around booking meetings. As they’re not always at a dedicated workspace or in the office, they need mobile workforce scheduling software that is accessible on the go, automatically syncs information, and does the thinking for them. 

Are you a deskless business or entrepreneur in the real estate, construction, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, education, or manufacturing space trying to optimize your scheduling? Our guide will help you pinpoint how scheduling software can help you empower your deskless team.

Five Ways To Use Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software To Empower Your Deskless Employees

Managing the schedules of deskless workers comes with an endless list of organizational tasks. We’re talking about:

  • overseeing worker rosters
  • tracking staff movements
  • dispatching work
  • booking meetings
  • keeping a pulse on customer satisfaction
  • and more 

It’s nearly impossible to manage these manually, especially if you are looking to scale business while keeping your customers and employees satisfied. 

That’s where mobile workforce scheduling software comes in. It automates these and other tasks for streamlined deskless operations. 

Here are five ways to use this software to enhance your deskless employee management and streamline business practices.

Scheduling Software For Mobile Workers

1. Build Landing Pages That Do The Talking

Sure, many deskless employees are salespeople who can command a room and walk out with results. But, it definitely pays to have scheduling software that helps you edge your foot in the client’s door in the first place. 

Using the software, you can create beautiful and simple booking pages. Think profile photos, company bio, service description, customer reviews, demo videos, and bright, modern design.

Through these, you can catch your customer’s eye and convince them that your company or your employee is the exact right person for the job. 

2. Improve Communication Around Scheduling

Let’s kick off our list by looking at communication and employee support. 

According to stats, deskless workers make up 80% of the global workforce. Yet, only 10% agree that they feel connected with the company they work for. Technology has a critical part to play in keeping teams connected, and this includes mobile workforce scheduling software.

In a traditional workplace, workers can just pop into the office to check their roster or ask about new assignments.

With deskless workers, communication may be a bit more challenging. Workers may be in a meeting or on-site when their manager calls to notify them of a new gig. Or managers may miss a request for support from a worker, reducing workers’ ability to complete their assignment to their best ability.

Improve Communication Around Scheduling

But with software that’s available on various devices and online, your staff can send questions, support requests, and other queries regarding any scheduled booking. 

Scheduling software can also help you keep your team abreast of changes through real-time notifications and updates. 

This includes push notifications, text messages, and emails to ensure there’s absolutely no chance of missing new comms. Workers can just check their schedule when they get new notifications, no matter where they are. They get all the information on dispatched jobs, cancellations, changes, and much more instantly as they happen.

3. Centralize Information Access

Customer CRMs and the information they contain are key to providing a great service

Say an existing client requests a service call out. Or perhaps you win a new account and need to collect pertinent information: your scheduling software integrates with your CRM to function as an intake and access point for customer booking information and history. It has a booking form to collect information, and customers can attach documents to their booking.

From there, the employee who picks up the job can easily access new and existing documents and files. This gives them a bigger picture view of the work history or site background to complete their work effectively.

There is no need to phone into the office to request information - it’s all right at their fingertips.

Software For Employees On The Go

4. Enhance Employee Feedback Strategies

Customer feedback is an integral part of both your customer relations and your employee development. But, how can the software empower effective feedback flow? 

Well, if we use BLAB as an example, customers can leave reviews on your employees’ booking pages after their appointment. Depending on the feedback you receive, management can dig in deeper to uncover the necessary truths that empower your team. They can take steps to identify where each person or the business in general is doing great, and areas that could do with improvement. 

From there, it’s a case of relaying information to the team and possibly providing more training where necessary. 

It’s also a great mechanism to identify your most loyal employees and acknowledge their valued custom. 

5. Automate Workflows To Streamline Operations

It’s so much easier for mobile workers to have one central scheduling space to work from, especially when they’re on the go. Mobile workforce scheduling software can integrate your favorite apps to bring them into one platform and streamline operations, so it all works together. 

Handy integrations include payment portals, emails, calendars, communication tools, workflow automations, and more. At the very least, look out for connections with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • YouTube 
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • PayPal
  • Square
  • MailChimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Zoom 
  • and more
Scheduling Integrations

Final Thoughts

As you now know, mobile workforce scheduling software is the superpower that your deskless employees need to manage their schedules. More than that, though, it empowers them to put their best foot forward, communicate with the team, arrive for jobs promptly, and get the most from their day. 

That sure sounds like a connected and empowered workforce to us. 

Take the first step to showing your team you’ve got their back by taking us for a test drive with a free trial today. There are no obligations or credit cards required here; just value ahead.


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