When2meet vs Doodle: Feature Reviews & Alternative Options

In the battle of When2meet vs Doodle, which comes out as the best scheduling software? Find out here, plus get ideas on great alternatives.

When2meet vs Doodle
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As a solopreneur, company employee, or team manager, you want to be fully in charge of your time and your meeting schedule. Doing this manually while keeping track of the back-and-forth emails trying to find a suitable appointment slot just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not when there are much better ways of doing things. 

If you haven’t yet tried out scheduling apps, what are you waiting for, Boss? 

Wait, we know… Finding the best one for your unique needs is too time-consuming. Are we right? (We know we are.)  

And so, the battle between When2meet vs Doodle is on. These are two scheduling apps you could consider … or you can go with BLAB, which (spoiler alert) outshines both of these in every sense. 

Since we are honest and only want the best for you, let’s dive into the details of these online meeting schedulers. 

When2meet vs Doodle: Feature Comparison

In a feature and pricing comparison, which of these scheduling tools will come out on top? 

Key Features 

Doodle uses polls to select meeting dates and times and then find the best suitable time to meet, whether you are holding one-on-one meetings or large-scale events. 

This helps you schedule appointments where you will have more than one participant as it also takes time zones into consideration. 

Simply share the meeting link with your customers, clients, or employees, and they respond with a yes, no, or a “doable.”  

Doodle vs When2meet

On the other hand, When2meet uses a survey where you select what times you are available. 

The event link is shared via email or social media, and your invitees see when you are available. When you need to decide on a meeting time, simply check to see what time slot option was picked the most in the survey results.  

With Book Like A Boss, you can set your availability according to your calendar (or calendars). Alternatively, create a booking page, which looks like a professional mini-website, through which your clients and customers can book meetings and events. 

When2meet is pretty basic as a web-only meeting scheduling tool. Doodle and Book Like A Boss offer you much more in terms of features and customizations, ultimately making you look like the pro that you are.

You can integrate third-party apps like Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier integrations, and more with BLAB and Doodle. Both of these platforms also send out daily meeting reminders and follow-ups that you can personalize to your heart's content. 

Full customization and automation come with all BLAB subscription plans as well as the three plans available on Doodle.


Let's look at When2meet's pricing first. So... there is actually none. This is a basic free tool anyone can use, but you are welcome to make a donation. 

Doodle Poll vs When2meet

Doodle has a completely free version where you can create polls to determine meeting times, but that’s about it. On the premium side, if you aren’t ready to commit, you can sign up for the 14-day free trial. The scheduling solution also offers three plans:

  • Pro: 1 user at $6.95 per month if you pay annually
  • Team: $8.95 per user per month if you pay annually (for 1-20 users)
  • Enterprise: customized plan for large teams; contact Doodle for more info

BLAB has the greatest number of plans on offer. 

Companies with a team of three pay a total of $35 per month. From four to 100 users, it is $10 per seat. If you pay for an entire year, you get two months free. 

There are also the Solopreneur plans. Below are the prices if you pay monthly, but expect a discount if you opt in to pay annually: 

  • Espresso at $9 per month
  • Mocha at $12 per month
  • Cappuccino at $19 per month
  • Latte at $29 per month

Alternatives To When2meet and Doodle

You already know that Book Like a Boss is a top contender in this Doodle vs When2meet battle. But are there other scheduling software options you can consider? 

When2meet Alternatives

Yes, there are. Here's a list, and you can check our blog for more helpful comparison articles too:

  • Calendly
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • ScheduleOnce
  • YouCanBook.Me
  • Setmore 

That said, we are confident that BLAB will always come out on top. Check out our video clip on What are Booking Pages on our home page and tell us you disagree? 

With BLAB, we help you connect leads and sales. This way, you can make money quickly, get paid fast, and never have to worry about resending an invoice or payment reminder… for the 5th time. (We’ve been there too. It’s a big no-no.) 

Set up your calendar in minutes with your availability and share the link… or set up your booking pages to look like the Boss you are. 

We know you want to… Click Start Free to try out BLAB today.  


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