Video Meetings Made Easy - With BLAB and Google Meet

It is with great excitement that BLAB has integrated with Google Meet. Much like Zoom. Learn how it works and why you'll want to use it.

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Almost since the very beginning of the Book Like a Boss journey the platform integrated with Zoom. Zoom is an excellent platform for online meetings and calls. We have always been very happy with our relationship with Zoom and our Bosses have always been excited to know that our integration with Zoom made booking digital meetings with clients even easier.

With 2020 changing how people work, there is an even greater need for digital options for meetings and webinars that would have previously taken place face to face. It is with great excitement that BLAB has integrated with Google Meet. Much like Zoom, Google Meet is a fantastic way for professionals, teams and companies to have secure video meetings.  We've been working on this integration for a while and can now be easily integrated with Book Like a Boss accounts.

You can use Google Meet on numerous devices- phone, laptops, PCs, Macs and you can event connect it to your home television. This means you can have your business meetings from the comfort of your couch- something that the Book Like a Boss team is all about. Getting work done, bringing home the bacon with less stress and without all that corporate formality.

To connect with Google Meet- all you need to do is go to BLAB's  Integrations tab, find our Google Meet integration.

-Click on Connect

-Google will ask you  a couple questions like which Google account you are connecting with and ensuring that you give your permission to connect.

You are now connected!

The next step is for you to go into your Appointment/Product/Service/Event settings and selecting from the drop down menu at the bottom of the settings which says " Create Meeting In:"  If you have both Zoom and Google Meet integrated you can opt for one or the other.

When a booking is placed the Google Meet link will appear at the top of the confirmation email, making it super easy for you and your clients to connect.

To see this in action please check out the video below! As BLAB's CEO always says- "There's a lot more to come!"  Keep Bossin' it, Bosses!


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