5 Mighty Reasons Why Mindset Coaches Need Booking Pages

We talk to Kelly Campana, a mindset coach, about why booking pages are astronomically vital for the success of her business & staying productive.

5 reasons why mindset coaches need booking pages
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As a mindset coach, you have an invaluable skill set that leads clients to greater self-awareness and personal growth. 

However, working on such an interpersonal and intimate level with a client strips much of your precious energy. 

You don't necessarily want to waste time and energy on mundane tasks, like setting up initial appointments in a manual fashion. Instead, you want to focus on saving your vitality so you can show up for your clients. 

This is why Kelly Campana, a women leader mindset coach, uses booking pages.

Booking-based software automates the booking process so that she can focus on her clients and offload the admin side of her practice. 

And truth be told, the most popular time people book appointments is on Sundays between 4 pm- 8 pm. The time you should be resting and recovering so you can transform into the best version of yourself come Monday morning.

Booking pages afford you this rest privilege by automating the whole booking process. Clients can book you on Sundays, and you don't even have to raise a finger.

What are the booking pages?

Booking pages are a type of online landing page that clients use to book you for an appointment.

They’re automated and easy to use; you can customize them any way you want. Clients can also pay for their appointments upfront, all in one place. 

The best part about booking pages is that you can send your clients a URL link that immediately directs them to the right place to book you. You can also display the booking link on your social media accounts or a button on your website. 

It's like your biz phone number and an assistant merged into one URL. One click and your clients land on your booking page to book you in a slot that suits you and them. They receive automated reminders, and the session can be paid for upfront.

Did we mention that you can add testimonials, a FAQ sheet, photos, videos, and logos to your booking pages? It makes you look professional, showcasing your unprecedented value and offerings. 

Pretty epic!

Why do mindset coaches need booking pages?

Why do mindset coaches need booking pages?

Chatting with Kelly Campana, we were enlightened on how much energy mindset coaches need to preserve, so that they can show up for the client. 

As a mindset coach, you’re not typing away at your desk all day. You’re working with humans on a deep level to bring out the best version of themselves. 

However, these humans need to book you so that you can help them.

Under those circumstances, how do booking pages help you as a mindset coach?

1. Booking pages automate and delegate tasks

Kelly loves using booking pages. She can automate and delegate tasks she doesn't want to put time and energy into. 

She focuses on the client and has a booking system that does all the nitty gritty bits and pieces required to book future clients into her calendar. 

Booking pages automate the booking process so that Kelly doesn't have to hire someone. 

Automated booking pages are a time saver and energy preserver. And you can set them up in minutes.

2. Booking pages preserve your precious energy

Since Kelly is an entrepreneur and a coach, she wants to spend most of her time laser-focusing on her clients. A space she’s unequivocally talented in. Booking pages allow her to do this, as they take care of the administrative aspects of her business. 

There’ll always be things you don't like doing in your biz, such as all the mind-numbing booking admin and back-and-forth emails. Booking pages takes this off your plate so you can focus on the skills you’re outstanding at.

3. Booking pages have a minimal learning curve

If tech doesn't come easily to you and your clients, then booking pages are a cinch. 

It’s a system that doesn't take hours to grasp and a seamless booking process for your clients, to eliminate their frustration.

You don't need much time to learn. In fact, it only takes 17-minutes to set up Book Like a Boss booking pages that are ready to go. 

The wildly popular booking page software comes with 24/hour support in the form of:

  • Demos to test drive the software. 
  • A roadmap that exhibits what's new and coming.

4. Booking pages can be customized for different clients

As a mindset coach, much of the work with your clients is tailor-made.

Booking pages give you the power to set up different fee structures and engagement terms, specific to each client you have. 

This will keep you substantially productive in your business, instead of worrying about developing and designing long proposals according to specific client needs.

5. Booking pages keep you productive

Productivity has sprung up a lot here, because booking pages keep you productive. 

End of story. 

Clients will book a time with you using the calendar feature and pay for your service using an integrated payment gateway.

The appointment will be added to your calendars with SMS and email reminders, so you never miss an appointment

You go about your day focusing on the nucleus of your business...

The people you help.

Get your booking pages today

Get your booking pages today

Whoever said you can't have it all obviously hasn't tried Book Like a Boss booking pages.

You’ll get: 

  • High-converting booking pages which simplify the booking process and hand you the money. 
  • Flawless calendar coordination with no back and forth email hassle. 
  • Fail-proof upfront payments with no awkward miscommunication or running after invoices. 

If you want to connect with your clients on a deeper level professionally and maintain your valuable energy, click here to receive your 14-day free trial with Book Like a Boss. 

Level up your biz today!


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