Never Miss a Client Meeting Again. Learn from the Bosses Using Our Booking Pages

Warning- this is a head-turner because we're about to showcase Bosses already making money online using our booking pages with such ease and professionalism. Never miss another meeting again to convert high-quality leads into customers.

Never miss a client meeting again using booking pages
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Running an online business in today's manic world is met with a lot of multi-tasking. Working at a highly productive speed is essential while still maintaining professionalism. This can get tricky and sticky if you don't have suitable structures in place. By skipping over emails accidentally, you run the risk of missing meetings with potential clients. Pure human error when time is precious. 

You know that feeling when your stomach drops to your feet after realizing you missed an opportunity? 

However, today's not the day to shiver over this matter. Today's the day we talk to some of the Bosses who are using our booking pages to make sure this never happens to them again.

1. Simon Hedly lost £1000 before he found Book Like a Boss

Booking pages stop meeting clashes

Simon is a business consultant and publisher. Book Like a Boss has helped simplify his life, and to Simon, this is priceless. 

The simplicity of our booking pages is paramount for a busy business owner. You need to be confident that appointments haven't slipped to the wayside, especially if money is involved. Our booking pages make sure that’ll never happen.  

Simon tells a story of when he lost more than £1000 before he found Book Like a Boss. A potential client emailed him to set up an appointment. This client was willing to hand over £1000 for his services. Unfortunately, Simon missed the email because it was sitting in a jam-packed inbox. He inevitably missed the appointment, losing out on £1000. Ouch! 

First impressions are so crucial for a business owner. However, just like Simon, when you have so much going on, it's easy to miss an appointment if you don't have the structures in place. The result is lost opportunities and, as a matter of course, money. 

Simon also had a challenging time finding a personal assistant to manage his diary. There’re many virtual PA services, but Simon needed a service that he could trust with his data. 

Simon found Book Like a Boss

Simon now uses Book Like a Boss for himself, his whole company, essential partners, and his clients worldwide. He trusts our booking pages with his data, not to mention our esteemed customer service. 

His favorite booking page feature is the ability to connect multiple calendars with separate booking systems into his one diary. This ensures he never misses another meeting again. It replaces a virtual PA service, as our booking pages warrant that all your bookings are in one place. 

Simon insists that Book Like a Boss is perfect for professional entrepreneurs that value their own time and, more importantly, those of others. Booking pages can reshape how you do business. 

2. Claude Diamond talks about the simplicity of our booking pages

Booking pages are easy

The learning curve must be simple when using a new booking software service. If you have any questions, the customer service must also be unrivaled. 

You are busy- we know this, and you know this. You need things to work soundly, especially if tech is not your strong point. Setting up your booking page needs to be intuitive and straightforward. 

Claude Diamond is the owner of the GUTS Sales Method, and he teaches people how to sell and communicate well. He’s been doing this for over twenty years and utilized many different web pages and booking pages. 

Most of the booking pages that Claude used have been complicated with a significant learning curve. When a booking page is complicated, you often have to hire a webmaster or web technician to help set it up. This means money wasted on something you should do independently. 

Naturally, our booking pages cut out this middle man. 

Claude was looking for a booking page that he could manage himself without hiring a technician. For example, adding new content and products or even changing the videos, all on his own with zero assistance and resistance. 

In addition, a complicated booking page is burdensome to navigate for the person trying to book you. This runs the risk that you miss out on an opportunity to make money because that same person will click away from your booking page as fast as lightning. 

Simplicity is the key to converting leads into customers. Claude insists that Book Like Boss booking pages use the ultimate KISS method (Keep it Simple, Stupid). 

We are certainly not calling you stupid. You have a Boss mentality. It plainly means that systems work best when designed simply. Our booking pages ensure the user experience is superior for you and your customers. 

Claude meets Book Like a Boss

Claude has attracted high-quality customers to sell many of his products and services by using our booking pages. 

Claude loves how simple our booking pages are. He doesn't have to spend a bundle of money hiring a technician to help him with the setup. He has complete control over the matter with no third parties helping him do it. 

Our booking pages have everything you need in a straightforward format that brings Claude a lot of high-quality leads that convert into customers effortlessly. Our booking pages will introduce your products and services in a user-friendly way. 

Claude insists that our booking pages are perfect for someone starting a new business or who already has a company. A business that wants to get their information to the consumer quickly and thoroughly. 

He recommends Book Like a Boss to all of his clients. 

3. Aryanna Rollins uses booking pages to help juggle her complicated schedule

Use booking pages to manage your busy calendar

We spoke to Aryanna, who works in consulting, training, and coaching. She has a really complicated schedule and works with 60 clients a month. She needed an online booking system that turned visitors into paying customers. 

When a business owner has plenty of clients to juggle, it’s essential to have a system that automates the whole booking process. Otherwise, you risk missing an appointment with a client or even double booking. This leads to negative online reviews that can hurt your business reputation. 

Aryanna needed a reliable online calendar to ensure she didn't miss or double-book appointments. An online booking system guarantees she stays as productive and efficient as possible.

Before Aryanna found Book Like a Boss, she also had to juggle payments alongside the back and forth process of manually scheduling clients into her day. This became complicated as a PayPal link had to be sent separately in an email. It wasn't an all-in-one solution. 

Businesses gain an average revenue increase of 27% when using online booking systems. Implementing online booking pages in your business is crucial if you are serious about increasing your revenue and productivity.

Aryanna got her time back

Once Aryanna started to use our booking pages, she could step out of the equation and truly get more of her time back. Time to focus on the things that she loves in her business, rather than the grueling back and forth motion of manually booking clients into her day. 

Arynanna loves how accessible our booking pages are, and now her complicated schedule is organized and automated in one place. 

Her clients can even make payments as they book her, which takes away the overwhelming and time-consuming task of following up with payments or sending payment links. 

Aryanna coaches many clients just starting out on their own business ventures. She recommends our booking pages to them around the clock, because The Book Like Boss booking page looks like a professional website. They’re easy to use without spending an entire budget designing them. 

Aryanna insists that Book Like a Boss is perfect for anyone who needs to get their business up and running online to take payments.

The world's trajectory has shifted because of the pandemic. Businesses have closed their physical shops and moved online. Phone calls and emails are being replaced with automated systems (like our booking pages) to increase productivity and revenue- 10-fold. 

4. Tim Sedillo says Book Like a Boss is the "all-in-one solution"

Tim Sedillo is a business cofounder, and he loves how Book Like a Boss streamlines the way he can connect and meet with his clients. 

Before Tim found our booking pages, it was challenging to schedule meetings for prospective clients and preexisting ones. Book Like a Boss has wholly changed this idea, and with just one click of a link, his clients can now book him quickly and efficiently. 

Tim is in the business of networking. The method must be simple, noninvasive, and uncomplicated for the prospect to take action. Previously, Tim had handed over his business card. The likelihood of a candidate following through is low because that method is outdated, and 88% of business cards get thrown out in less than a week. 

After the pandemic, everything changed. The idea that businesses need to rely on digital technology to stay in the game expanded like wildfire. A European survey done in mid-2020 found that 70% of executive respondents expected the coronavirus pandemic to accelerate the pace of the digital transformation. 

It is safe to say (while we now edge to the middle of 2022) that we have witnessed this prediction come to pass in crystal clear plain site. 

It is essential to move and shake with the times to ensure you have an online booking strategy that is effective, fluent with ease, integrated with other apps, and professional. 

Tim's solution is online booking pages

When Tim started to use our booking pages, it completely transformed how he and his company network. He sends a simple link to a prospect. This link opens up his professional booking page that’s easy to use and showcases what he does with a clear call to action- book me. 

This streamlined all in-one-solution has assisted his company to scale rapidly. Not to mention the accessibility of prospects all over the world. Tim can use an eye-catching booking page to sell his services and convince future prospects that his services are what they need. 

Tim and his team carry out frequent video meetings with clients and partners, and Book Like a Boss has made this so easy as it integrates other apps into the equation. For example, when Tim's clients book him for a meeting, it automatically links with the video-conferencing service he wishes to use, such as Google Meet or Zoom. The meeting room is automatically generated so that he doesn't have to do it manually. 

Removing the manual labor from the online booking process ensures that Tim saves a heap of his precious time. This makes him more productive, and instead, he focuses on scaling his business further to make more money.  

Tim loves Book like a Boss because it’s an all-in-one solution. It has so many features that work together to make sure his business looks professional and that it moves with the digital times. 

Tim recommends Book Like a Boss to any business that needs a sound way to book meetings, consultations, and group sessions. Any service provider who wants to exhibit their brand professionally needs a booking page that is effortless to set up.

Want to learn how to grow your business with booking pages?

Now you have heard from some of the Bosses already using our booking pages, its pretty safe to say these Bosses use our booking pages because it's: 

  • Quick: You will set up multiple impressive pages in minutes and take payments in seconds.
  • Simple: You will take gazillions of bookings and payments like a Boss without a Ph.D. in tech. Not to mention our superb customer service if you need it. 
  • Increased ROI: You will boost your conversions and scale your business because, our pages are built for bookings and making substantial money online. 

Start your free trial with Book Like a Boss to get everything you need to build high-converting booking pages. You can create a professional brand, scale your business to the rafters and never miss a meeting again.


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