Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Therapists

Denise Taylor, a career psychologist, uses online appointment scheduling software to ensure her clients are booked professionally and effortlessly.

Online appointment scheduling software for therapists
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What’s online appointment scheduling software?

Imagine you could make an appointment without picking up the phone or having to send an email. 

This is precisely what online appointment scheduling software does. It’s the ultimate new-age tool that allows businesses- big or small- to manage their appointments and bookings quickly and efficiently online. 

You can…

  • Set appointment reminders. 
  • Integrate your calendar.  
  • Process payments. 
  • Automate the whole process. 
  • Craft different booking pages.

All of this without picking up the phone. 

Bookings are made in your sleep or while doing other business-related tasks like attending to clients. 

Denise, a career psychologist who depends on an efficient booking system, accesses all these tools by choosing Book Like a Boss as her preferred appointment scheduling software.

Benefits of online appointment scheduling software for therapists

Benefits of online appointment scheduling software for therapists

In this post-pandemic age, we’ve learned so much about online systems and how they possess the capacity to transform our productivity. The online meeting system has advanced faster than the speed of light. 

And even though Covid restrictions are easing, online efficiency has stayed with us. More so, how we make bookings. And as a therapist who sees patients- this is the cornerstone of your practice. 

Appointment scheduling software helps you with this? 

Lets’s take a look.

1. Maintain cashflow and get paid instantly

Cash flow injected into your business hands you the power to meet existing financial obligations and plan for the future. 

As a therapist, the rule of thumb is that payment is taken after the session. This runs the risk of the client canceling as there’s no financial obligation holding them accountable.

Yes, you can have a 24-hour cancellation policy, but still- you don't have their money yet.  

When you use online appointment scheduling software like Book Like a Boss, you can process payments as soon as the patient makes a booking. 

This reduces the number of no-shows and maintains a healthy flow of money into your business to empower you to make decisions that suit you. 

2. Send automated reminders

Every business that targets the modern-age human has to deal with the modern-age busyness, causing frequent no-shows because people simply forget.

These no-shows are exceptionally frustrating, and your hours are precious as a therapist. However, suppose you use appointment scheduling software like Denise does. In that case, you can send reminders to your patients, so they don't forget.

These reminders are entirely automated and will be sent to your patients in the form of text messages as well as email. 

You don't have to worry about calling your patients to remind them. That takes up a whole bunch of your time, reducing your productivity.

3. The booking process is easy

As a therapist, you’re always with patients. And if you’re not- you’re doing paperwork. Answering the phone or replying to emails to take other patient bookings takes away your productivity, and you end up working more hours than needed.

You could hire someone to do this for you, but this will be another cost to your business, reducing your profit margin.

Online appointment scheduling like Book Like a Boss automates the whole process. You can continue seeing patients while others book you in the background without needing to hire someone to receive those bookings. 

You’ll always be in control.

4. Integrates with your own website

You probably already have a website to showcase your business as a therapist. If online appointment scheduling software sounds tantalizing, consider including a booking button on your website.

When patients click the button on your website, they’ll be directed to your booking page. They can choose the time and day that suits them (according to your schedule) and pay for your service upfront. 

Your booking page also has its very own URL, so you can send the booking link as a single entity via email and other messaging platforms. 

Easy peasy!

What Denise loves about Book Like a Boss

online appointment scheduling software for therapists

Denise is a career psychologist who uses Book Like a Boss for many reasons. It's an online scheduling software service that makes the booking process straightforward and affords her a more significant return on investment. 

Here’s why. 

  • Book Like a Boss has many features that make the booking process efficient, inevitably making her smarter in her business. 
  • Book Like a Boss makes Denise look professional as a solopreneur, an essential aspect of her therapy practice. 
  • Book Like a Boss reduces Denise’s labor expenses because she doesn't have to employ someone to receive patient bookings.

Features to look out for when choosing online appointment scheduling software

Features of online appointment scheduling software

There are various online appointment scheduling software companies that you can choose from. However, make sure you choose the right one according to the features that they can offer you.  

Some excellent features to look out for: 

  • Polished and professional booking pages showcasing your entire value. 
  • A booking calendar you can control that prevents overbooking or no-shows.
  • Seamless and effortless online payment processing. 
  • A booking dashboard that makes managing bookings easy. 
  • Integration with other apps that you love and cannot live without.

Are you ready to manage your therapy practice like a Boss? 

Just Like Denise, who uses online appointment scheduling software to streamline the booking process in her practice, you can do the same. 

Book Like a Boss is the perfect solution if you’re a therapist and your whole business is centered around patent bookings.  

Instead of securing bookings after hours via email and phone calls, why not automate the entire process. Use software instead of time. 

Start your free trial with Book Like a Boss and transform your productivity with online appointment scheduling software that will change the way you do business entirely. 


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