Acuity vs Book Like A Boss: Quick Overview & Feature Comparison

Eager to learn more about Acuity vs Book Like A Boss? We've done a handy feature comparison to bring you up to speed on these two platforms.

acuity vs book like a boss
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Trying to figure out which platform out of Acuity vs Book Like A Boss is going to float your boat?

There is no question about how effective scheduling software is for managing your time and improving productivity. Instead, the tricky part arrives when you have to narrow down your options and choose the best platform to suit your scheduling needs. 

From calendar management to taking bookings, accepting payments, and selling your services, there are many points to consider and features to look out for when making a decision. 

Here, we’ll do a comparison of Book Like A Boss (BLAB) and Acuity to help you get a feel for the waters. 

Quick Platform Overview

Acuity Scheduling is an around-the-clock appointment scheduling platform you can use to manage your time. 

The software’s functionality allows you to take bookings for online classes, workshops, meetings, and group events. Your attendees will receive automated booking reminders and be able to process payments if the situation calls for it. 

Book Like A Boss is all of that and more. 

For solopreneurs and companies that want to book meetings or sell things, this all-in-one landing page builder has the features to support it. 

There’s a calendar that’s more like the VA of your dreams and customizable booking pages that put your brand first. In a matter of minutes, you can design an eye-catching yet clean-cut landing page that has all the elements of a mini-website.  

Both platforms have their unique points, so let’s look at their features in more detail.

Acuity vs Book Like A Boss: Features Comparison

Dashboards/User Interfaces

Acuity Scheduling vs BLAB

Both Acuity and BLAB rank high on user-friendliness or usability. They have intuitive interfaces with prompts that give new users a smooth onboarding and setup experience.

With accessible drop-down menus and super sleek, easy-navigation dashboards, you can do what you need to quickly and easily. 

Acuity’s dashboard has calendars, charts, and tables that give you an easy overview of your booking data. 

The platform also makes it easy to track client appointments or improve your customer relationship management. You can just go to ‘Appointments,’ select ‘Clients,’ and search for the name of the client you want to manage. Here, you can see the client’s history and details, and any specific client notes.

BLAB offers an easy-to-navigate activity dashboard that you can use to track bookings, updates, cancellations, clients, and much more. 

There is no need to worry about the software being confusing - the dashboard shows as a simple calendar view and offers drag and drop functionality to help you manage your pages. 

To ensure consistency across your team, global settings (which can be overridden), keep every page uniform and beautiful. You can also bring your team into the fold with admin privileges to ensure the right person oversees the engine’s smooth running. 

Booking Page Customization

With BLAB, you can pretty much personalize the entire booking page to match your brand. 

From adding images, customer reviews, and an about us section to your page, you have a boatload of extra information fields to customize your bookings. 

You can also play around with over 300 fonts and colors, add your logo, tutorial videos, and create a custom booking domain.

Acuity has similar features, although you can only remove all of their branding on the highest Powerhouse plan. The extra information fields are also a bit more basic in design when compared to BLAB. 

Platform Pricing

With BLAB, you get bang for your buck, starting at $9 per month for a Solopreneur plan that’s perfect for scheduling appointments. You’re not contract-bound, and no sneaky costs are lurking in the background, just value. 

If you’re a business owner looking to get your team on board, rates start at $35 per month for three seats. After that, it’s priced at $10 per seat, plus there are savings to be made if you select annual payment. 

With Acuity, you’re starting off at $15 for the Emerging plan that has one staff or location. The high-end Powerhouse plan is $50 per month. Like BLAB, Acuity also has zero hidden costs, no extra cancellation fees, and no setup fees.  

Customer Support

I get by with a little help from my friends... 

Acuity provides email support and does not have phone support. They mention there may be waiting times for them to get back to you when you have a query. You can also hit them up on social media if this is your preferred communication channel, but this isn’t a dedicated support channel, so no guarantees there. 

When it comes to customer support, BLAB is always there to keep you from feeling a little lost at sea. Aside from the extensive knowledge base to help you out, there is 24/6 chat and bot support, YouTube videos, and our social media communities. Never feel alone again.


Some of Acuity’s integrations include:

  • Wix
  • MailChimp
  • PayPal
  • Zoho CRM
  • Squarespace
  • Quickbooks
  • Zapier
  • Freshbooks
  • Zoom

While Book Like A Boss integrates with:

  • WordPress
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Paypal
  • Google Analytics
  • Outlook
  • iCloud
  • MailChimp
  • Zoom
  • Zapier
  • Office 365
  • YouTube
  • Dubb
  • Facebook Pixel

With these integrations, you can connect other aspects of your business to your calendar and bookings. Think better marketing with MailChimp, payment processing for your services, video calls for meetings, and calendar sync. 

BLAB integrations

So, Which Is It? Acuity vs Book Like A Boss

As with anything in life, only you can make the right decision on what is best. But, we can tell you that Book Like A Boss is a real winner in our eyes. We give you everything you need and more to create, manage, track bookings, clients, and payments like a boss! 

Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself with our 14-day free trial today- time to be the captain of your own ship before the business sails away.  


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