How To Level Up & Start Your Own Online Business in 2022

Thirsting to start an online business in 2022 & ignite yourself into an awe-inspiring Boss? Look no further because we're handing you the steps to grant that wish.

How to start your own online business in 2022
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Why start an online business in 2022? 

Did someone say recession?


This nasty word is being whispered into the air this year and may be causing a slight panic on a global level. 

You might be thinking… 

But then, this is the worst time to start an online biz. Everyone is holding money close. 

But actually, it's THE BEST TIME to start an online business in 2022.


A recession provides you the opportunity to grow a business, as history proves, time and time again, that past recessions have been the driving force behind the creation of innovative companies. 

Why again?


  • There are more pain points to solve.
  • Less competition to fight against. 
  • More access to talented individuals. 

Not to mention that learning in challenging times makes you bulletproof.

Steps to start an online business in 2022

There are a few powerhouse steps you need to take and consider when starting an online business in 2022.

Let's take a look.

#1: Come up with an idea that solves a problem

start an online business in 2022

Undoubtedly, there are more problems to solve when inflation is high and recession settles in.

A successful business solves massive pain points. If you start an online business in 2022, ensure you're solving an enormous problem people face. 

Get innovative with the idea. 

For example: 

A mammoth burden of 2022 is the global gas price hike. Think about what you could do to shift the pressure off of transportation. 

Maybe offer free shipping, online digital products, or remote consultations using booking pages

The bottom line is that your business idea needs to be the solution to a problem that people are facing. And you can leverage off of the recession as many more issues come into play. 

Focus on positioning your brand, products, and services as the new and more profound solution compared to your competitors.

Here's another example:

If you're a whizz at investing, you could offer online consults on opting for better investments when the markets are down. Coming out of recession, flip the switch, and offer consults on where to invest when the markets are up.

#2: Choose your online business model

Don't let this step get you all unglued. Choose a business model and stick with it. 

There are three distinct business models to choose from:

a. Selling a physical product online 

Creating shippable physical products people want to buy.


Online clothing store for babies.

b. Selling a service online 

Offering an undeniable service that you advertise online to deliver physically or digitally.


Plumbing repair or a travel agency service.

c. Selling a digital information product 

Sell information products bought online by customers keen to learn about subjects you're an expert on. It’s automatic and electronic.


Selling an online course on tips and tricks to become an expert French baker. Or how to house train puppies.

There’s no harm in mixing all three of these business models up to start an online business in 2022. However, to begin, focus on just one and become good at that one business model. 

When the time comes to start scaling and growing, expand on your idea and business model. 

For instance, if you’re selling a digital product on how to crochet and starting to do really well. Grow your business by introducing some physical products like crochet wool and needles.

#3: Build your website

 start an online business in 2022

As a newbie starting an online business, it’s crucial to have an online presence. The best way to do this is by building a website where you can showcase your offerings. 

This may seem unnerving, but the trick is choosing an intuitive website builder that makes the whole process easy. 

There are many different website builders to choose from. An excellent suggestion is Wix, which has various templates according to your business model and what you’re offering. 

You also have the choice to build your website from scratch, and if you have a few bucks in the bank, you can hire someone to create your website for you.

#4: Fill your website with optimized copy 

What’s copy?

Copy are the words on your website that have the sole purpose of persuading a visitor on your site to take action. Inevitably the action is that visitors buy your products and services or want to find out more about your brand. 

This means that the words on your website are not just words, and you need to optimize them so that they become a powerful marketing tool. 

How do you do this?

  • Hiring a copywriter (if you have some spare money in the bank).


  • Upskilling yourself on how to write good website copy. 

There's so much information on the internet to teach you how to write good copy for your website. 

You’ll learn about SEO, persuasive words, user experience, and more. 

Remember, this doesn't have to be perfect from the get-go. If hiring an expert copywriter is too expensive, you can upskill yourself first.

When money comes in after a few successful sales, you can then look to hire an expert to craft your website copy. 

Copy is an essential marketing tool. If done right, a considerable part of your marketing strategy has been ticked off the list.

#5: Create a booking system

Booking pages to start an online business in 2022

When you start an online business, meetings and scheduling appointments move to the forefront of your day. 

Whether you meet with a vendor, a client needs to schedule an appointment with you, or you want to interview a new employee. 

No matter the nature of the meeting, booking pages make this process streamlined and easy for you.

Also, remember booking pages are innovative software that makes a business owner's life easier and less complicated by keeping costs down.


Because booking pages are an automated service that does everything for you. Instead of hiring a human to manage your booking intakes for meetings and consults.

Booking pages are:

  • Quick: You can set up multiple impressive pages and even take payments. 
  • Simple: They are intuitive, easy to use, and highly customizable. 
  • Increase your ROI: Built for conversions and making money online. 

You can add a meeting link or button to your website and social media platforms for clients to book you easily. The booking is linked to your online calendar, so you’re notified immediately.

#6: Utilize social media

There are so many social media platforms and even more popping up all over the show. 

Show value on one of the platforms instead of spreading yourself too finely amongst all of them. 

Think of which social media platform your target audience hangs out on and get really good at utilizing that specific platform. 

It takes a lot of effort, time, and learning to really get good at leveraging off a social media platform. As a new biz owner, your time is precious. 

Your brand will look more streamlined with one active social media account full of unmatched value. Rather than if your brand is spread thinly across too many social media platforms. 

Take Instagram, for example. Suppose you take the time to nurture an Instagram account and add so much value there. In that case, you can link it to your Facebook business page and your website instead of tackling 10 social media platforms where they’ll look dry and worse for wear. 

In fact, 78% of consumers are prepared to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on a social media platform. 

Add value and interact with your followers to give them that positive experience. 

Make your Boss life easier with booking pages

The time couldn't be riper to start an online business in 2022

Everyone is online, and the expectation of finding products and services there is ever-growing, especially after the pandemic. 

You have multiple website builders to choose from, a line-up of social media platforms, and booking page software to schedule appointments. 

All you have to do is close your eyes and take the grandiose leap to become your own Boss in 2022. 

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