All Your Questions About Massage Scheduling Software Answered

Your top questions about massage scheduling software answered to help you take your busy spa or massage therapy business to the next level.

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Your time and hands are far too valuable to do absolutely everything on your own. That’s why you’re looking at massage scheduling software. 

But, you’ve got some burning questions about the scheduling software that need answers. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. 

Our handy guide will help you determine if these apps are really worth it and whether your business is ready for one. Let’s get started!

Why Massage Scheduling Software Matters

If you read our massage scheduling software reviews, you’ll know how important it is to get the right platform for your business.

The right scheduling app can help your busy spa or massage therapy business grow to the next level without too much effort or money. 

You’ll quickly find that your business is more popular, makes more money, and gives you peace of mind at night.

However, since there are so many different booking and scheduling platforms available, it’s easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong scheduling software for your massage parlor.

Here are the four essential things you need to look out for when you think of getting massage scheduling software to run your business like a boss.

Does It Put Clients In Control?

Few things keep clients coming back more than the feeling of being in control. When they are in control, they feel valued and quickly turn into regular customers. 

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For instance, Book Like A Boss, or BLAB, puts your clients in control of the booking process. You will find this invaluable considering that 67% of people prefer to self serve over talking to someone on the phone. 

Existing and even potential customers can view your schedule online and confirm a time slot that suits them best. No more back-and-forth to find the best times. Just book it.

While on this same booking page, you can impress customers with videos, testimonials and even handle those FAQs.

You can do all of this with one easy-to-locate, fully customized online page. So, your customers will have their important questions answered while the booking page turns leads into new clients.

With BLAB, clients will also get the opportunity to make an online payment, so there’s no need to handle payments, invoicing, or deal with cash on the day of the appointment.

Not only do customers feel happier with a streamlined and well-organized business, but you also save a lot of time and effort to confirm those bookings. 

By saving this time, you’ll end up saving on administrative costs too!

Will It Cut Down On Administrative Costs?

It’s vital that your massage scheduling software cuts down on your administrative burden. 

When you reduce the daily administrative tasks, you also cut down on costs. Your massage therapy business will make so much more money with lower administrative costs!

So, scheduling software, Like BLAB, should make it easy to handle various administrative tasks so that you can focus on what’s important.

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For example, BLAB will send automatic SMS and email reminders to your staff and clients alike. 

By doing this, the software will cut down on missed appointments, and the software will help ensure that your customers book your spa throughout the year. BLAB also keeps a history saved in the cloud so you can always keep a watchful eye on your business and what was said.

You’ll find that with the right software you’re a boss with purpose. Your massage scheduling software should also help you make better business decisions.

Does It Enable You To Make Better Decisions?

BLAB comes with some pretty impressive reporting tools, from adding Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel and much more.

The clever business owner will use these reports to guide future business decisions. Do you find that you’re not so busy on a Wednesday afternoon? Send out coupons to your customers!

With these reports, you’ll also be able to see which of your therapists are most in demand, and which can do with some added hours. 

Your massage scheduling software should also make your payroll easier. With a glance at a report, you should be able to tell who deserves a bonus and who needs more training!

At the end of the day, booking software like BLAB will help you simplify and streamline your massage business. 

We all know that a well-managed and streamlined business will help you save time and money.

Are You Able To Use Your Existing Tools?

What to look for in appointment software

Another critical aspect of massage therapy scheduling software is that of integration. The chances are good that you’ve already got some management and productivity tools in place.

Perhaps you use Outlook to send emails and Google Calendar for managing bookings. You might even send coupons via MailChimp to increase customer retention.

Instead of wasting time trying to master new, complicated software, BLAB lets you use these existing tools.

When you use existing tools that integrate well with your new scheduling platform, you save loads of valuable time. There’s no need to change your system.

You don’t have to train your staff to become software engineers. Instead, let them concentrate on the skills you’ve hired them for. 

So, your scheduling software needs to be easy to use and integrate well with your existing tools. Just like BLAB!

Are You Ready To Manage Your Massage Therapy Business Like A Boss?

There are only four essential questions to ask when determining whether massage scheduling software is the right fit for your business. Those four critical questions are:

  • Will it put my customers in control, helping us save time?
  • Will it lower my administrative burden and help us save money?
  • Will it help me improve and streamline my business to grow it?
  • Will it be easy to use, and can we add some of our regular tools to it?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you know it’s time to start managing your busy massage therapy business like a boss. 

So, go on and grab the best massage scheduling software around. We suggest that you head on over and get started with BLAB for free

Your clients, staff, and your business will thank you for it!


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