Practical Ways To Promote Your Booking Page On Social Media

Want to promote your booking page on social media but feel stumped about where to start? You’re not alone! We’ve got you covered with six saucy secrets.

Practical Ways To Promote Your Booking Page On Social Media
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Promoting on social media is all about awareness and gaining trust. When you decide to bluntly and mind-numbingly throw your services at social media users, they’ll get irked. 


  • Nurture your leads.
  • Gain their trust.
  • Get them to know you.
  • Then they’ll like you. 
  • And buy from you. 
(It’s like going on a date; you should nurture and impress before asking for the fully-fledged smooch at the end)

As of the first quarter of 2022, Facebook had 1.96 billion active users, making it a failproof platform to promote your booking page.

Your leads are there. It's just about getting them to notice what you’re offering. 

Social media is powerful, but it can be overwhelming. 

Consequently, we’ve got six ways that drive leads on social media to notice you, so they click on that link that directs them to your booking page.

Let’s dive in.

1. Host a giveaway

Host a giveaway on social media to leads customers to your booking page

People love FREE stuff. 

It’s the way of the world.

Hosting a giveaway is a practical course of action to increase your audience reach. It starts a conversation about your business and brand identity.

Without being too pushy and salesy, giveaways promote a buzz around your booking page that’s linked to your social media platforms.

Let’s say you own an online tutoring company for college students and want more people to book your services on your booking page. You could host a competition on Instagram, where students have to take creative selfies on campus and tag your account in their stories. The most creative selfie wins $100 voucher for their first few lessons with you.

This creates engagement and free advertising, as the competition urges students to share your page, increasing your brand reach.  

There are so many different ways to host a giveaway.

Take note:

  • Understand the giveaway objective. Plan it smartly to reap as many benefits as possible. 
  • Choose one social media platform best suited for your target audience, niche, and industry. Where is your audience hanging out the most? 
  • Decide on a prize that suits your budget but is also worth the effort for your leads to try to win.
  • Link this giveaway to your booking page creatively. The main goal is to gain more awareness of your booking-based business and how to book your services. 
  • Make sure your booking page looks fresh, fabulous, and easy for people to book you in a heartbeat.

2. Announce a free webinar 

Free webinar and booking pages

Free webinars and training are a surefire way to build trust with your audience, and 83% of marketers find that webinars are an effective strategy to build brand awareness. 

You’re not just a pretty face on Facebook anymore. Instead, you’re offering some invaluable training that sets you up as the authority and positions you as the expert in your niche. 

Hosting a free webinar provides your social media audience with an elite amount of free value. 

It also convinces your audience that your offerings are the solution to their massive pain points. 

All they have to do is click on your booking page link, and those pain points go away to make their lives much more jolly.

  • You’ll reach a larger audience. 
  • Boost brand awareness. 
  • Nurture leads. 
  • Position yourself as the expert.
  • Be one step ahead of your competition.

Ensure the topic hits a massive pain point that your target audience struggles with and that your webinar is the solution. This will hook your audience's attention, and they’ll sign up immediately. 

For example: 

Let’s say you’re a life coach who helps people with confidence in the workspace. You could host a webinar on…

The art of public speaking: Increase your confidence and build your skills.

Public speaking is a massive burden for many people. This free webinar will be a colossal hit for anyone who grapples with the idea of standing up in front of an audience.

The key is to ensure your free webinar is valuable and helpful. Your leads need to walk away feeling like they’ve learned something new and can apply it to their own lives.

If your audience feels this way, they’ll want more from you; therefore, be more willing to pay and book your services as you’ve set yourself up as an expert in your field.

3. Use paid advertising

Paid advertising for booking pages

If your marketing budget holds, paid advertising on social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. 

It has the seductive ability to direct people straight to your highly optimized booking page to convert leads into bookings and paying customers. 

We advise you to do your homework to ensure you know what you're doing when using paid marketing on social media. 

Siphoning money into a social media advertising campaign that hits the wrong target audience is a significant risk and a waste of money. However, it's potent if you know what you're doing and your targeted ads land in front of the right people.

If your budget allows an expert to assist you with paid advertising, that's even better. If not, there’s excellent free content on YouTube to help set up your ads and ensure they’re compelling and persuasive. 

The rule of thumb is that an effective ad campaign should have a 3 x return on investment (ROI). 

For example, suppose you decided to spend $500 on paid advertising using Facebook. In that case, those ads should bring you $1500 in sales from leads booking your services.

Also, if you’re using Facebook for paid advertising, set up a business account (Meta Business Suite) and link your Facebook pixel to your booking page. The Facebook pixel will help you track data around how well your ads and promotions are performing, according to conversions and sales. 

If your booking page doesn't integrate with Facebook pixel, use a booking software service that does

4. Interact with your followers

Interact with your social media followers

The more active you are on social media, the more your target audience will likely see your valuable content. And want to use your booking page to book your products and services. 

So how often should you post? 

Ideally, once per day, but if that is too much, then keep it to three times per week. Create a content strategy for the month so that when the day comes to post, you already have a thought-out plan that generates tremendous value in your target audience's lives. 

An example of an Instagram account that provides immeasurable value is @copyposse. Alex Cattoni manages the account and helps businesses with copywriting hacks to convert more leads into sales. She offers tremendous value. Naturally, this free content directs traffic to her paid products. By this stage, leads want to access all of them. 

Connecting with your social media followers is a powerhouse method that moves your target audience toward your booking page.

5. Collect reviews

Collect reviews for booking pages

There’s nothing better than social proof to push someone over the edge to buy from you.

How do you get a piece of the social proof pie? 

Reviews and testimonials

Ask customers who have bought from you to either review your products or write a testimonial. You can then showcase these reviews on your different social media platforms. Or better yet, on your booking page

Send customers an email asking them to review your products and services that they’ve already experienced. They can do this on a third-party site like Trust Pilot. Just make sure to add the link to the same email, so it’s a simple and easy process for the customer to leave a review. 

These reviews are then handy to showcase on your social media platform so your followers can genuinely see your business's value. 

6. Build an email list

Build an email list for booking pages

Email marketing remains one of the most significant ways to market your products and services.


People willingly sign up to receive your emails that promote your biz.

They want to be there. 

Your followers may get annoyed when you directly sell to them on social media all the time. Also, new followers may not be privy to everything that you offer. 


Start building an email list that nurtures your target audience on a deeper level. 

Leverage social media to collect email addresses to market your booking-based business. 


These emails can swiftly move leads towards your booking page, where customers can book and pay for your services. 

So how do you begin filling up your email list with people keen to learn more about your offer? 

Create a lead magnet.

Offer something free in exchange for a person’s email address. It can be anything from a free eBook to a cheat sheet or even signing up for a stupendous free webinar. 

Growing your email list is one of the most effective ways to create a solid relationship with your target audience to convert them into paying customers.


Social media is a magnificent tool to promote your booking pages so that you can convert leads into paying customers. 

Make sure you’re using high-converting booking pages that are easy to use and automated to free up your time. Social media can be time-consuming, but it's a direct link to your booking page if done well. 

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