What Every Video Marketing Newbie Needs to Know

What was once a nice add-on or a “special occasion” marketing tool is now the fastest growing and arguably the most important part of any company’s marketing strategy- video marketing.

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What was once a nice add-on or a “special occasion” marketing tool is now the fastest growing and arguably the most important part of any company’s marketing strategy- video marketing. Video marketing has become a major component of all marketing strategies for both small and large businesses. The consumer public has slowly grown to expect video content for anything and everything they are interested in. The numbers are remarkable- one study concluded that 72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or a service (That’s only 28% less than ALL the people, People!)

Video marketing is to the modern day consumer what the TV commercial was to the consumer of the 1990’s and  billboard ads were to the population at the turn of the previous century.  Large and established business know the importance of video marketing and  likely have a marketing department to strategize and share the company message. If you are a small-business owner or freelancer,  your marketing department probably consists of  just you. It is important that you learn about video marketing and how to best use this critical tool to both grow and sustain your business.  

Billboard of yore

What exactly is video marketing?

Is video marketing creating explainer Youtube videos? Speaking directly to the camera about your services? Or is it creating more standard “commercial advertisement” type videos that run on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? The answer is- yes. Yes, video marketing can include all of those things and more. What you need to do is figure out the best method or methods to reach your ideal client base. This will depend on your product or service. If you are providing information, such as professional development courses or coaching or webinars- a teaser video with some relevant content could be the way to go. Are you a home-based childcare or animal care provider? Perhaps a short and humorous video that attracts potential clients is your best bet.

What is important to remember is that the ultimate goal of video marketing is to connect with your audience. It is up to you to determine what will work best for your particular brand. You want your videos to be contextually relevant and on target with who you are as a service provider or professional. Videos allow your potential clients to get to know you and your brand. This builds trust with the client not only because you can share your expert knowledge but also because it makes the client feel like they are getting a better sense of who you are and what your brand is all about. This is way more effective simply reading a whitepaper or article, which don’t really express any personality or help you stand out from other experts.

Not a Pro? Not a Problem

Many people erroneously think that they need fancy camera equipment or knowledge in video editing to create powerful marketing videos. In actuality, a smartphone’s camera is generally adequate for this purpose. You also don’t really need to be an expert video editor to  edit your video. There are many editing tools and video marketing platforms out there, such as Dubb, which are very user friendly.  For the small-business owner knowing that all they need is the device that they already have in their pocket can be quite a relief. Of course you can always get higher end equipment or hire a videographer or editor if you want something really professional or snazzy. For small businesses and their even smaller budgets “DIY video marketing” is entirely fine and can be just as effective. Remember- the important thing is that you get your brand message out there with relevant content on a consistent basis.

Think it Through

Okay, you’ve come up with some great ideas for videos that highlight your unique knowledge and present your brand message in a clear way. What do you do with it? Where to put it? And how will it benefit you? Expanding your brand awareness is very important but your main goal is to lead your potential clients to your site or to purchase your service or product. Using your videos to funnel leads is so they become conversions is what it's all about. Now is your time to shine. Using your own creativity and knowledge of your market, create a strategy for your company. Where will you use your video and what will be your call to action? For example, if you integrate Dubb, your handy dandy video marketing tool, with Book Like a Boss you can  create a “call to action” for one of your videos that can lead clients to book with you. Figure out where you want to place this video. Learn about where your ideal client hangs out-  on the  internet that is. Not every video is ideal in every format and on every platform. You will probably need to tweak and edit your videos depending on where you want them seen. You want each video to have the most impact. For example- if you have decided to market your videos on Instagram you will want to think about sizing and time - as most Instagram users are using the platform on their mobile devices and on the go. Long content videos won’t work well  on Insta and are better suited on other platforms, like Youtube and Vimeo.

In a Nutshell

It may seem daunting to jump into the video marketing world, but as a small business owner it is critical that you put yourself and your brand out there .Your clients expect it and you will want to keep up with (and hopefully surpass) your competition. 


-Videos are your way to stand out from the crowd 

- Use the right tools- there are many great apps and software available to you

-Strategize- video selection and placement is key

- Make sure you keep track of what is working and what isn’t through your analytics

-It is okay to try something to see if it works and then try a different approach.  

-Your goal is to turn leads into conversions 

-Keep at it! Video marketing requires consistency and regularity to work best.


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