Why Course Scheduling Software Matters For Your College

Learn about the benefits of using course scheduling software for your college. It's your admin and teaching teams' very own super power.

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Course scheduling software is a nifty tool that takes the heavy lifting out of managing complex timetables, saving your college time and money. Teachers, training instructors, admin teams, students, or clients use it to seamlessly automate scheduling processes, including booking rooms, assigning courses, or monitoring class capacity.

Our comprehensive guide on why this software matters for your college will show you why it’s worth investing in.

What Is Course Scheduling Software?

Course scheduling software is innovative software developed for busy teachers, coaches, and trainers. 

It includes all the tools you, your staff, and your students require to schedule and manage classes, courses, programs, and other activities. You can create group courses, set session time limits, specify class sizes,  as well as access other functionalities to help streamline your college’s processes. 

Software, such as Book Like A Boss, automates those tedious and time-consuming back-office tasks, enabling students and lecturers to focus on what’s important. Students can learn and teachers can teach, giving your college room to grow as a business. 

What Does This Software Let Me Do?

Let’s be honest; scheduling courses involve a lot of time-consuming and hard work. This logistical nightmare can be a challenge for lecturers and administrators. If it takes too long, you risk losing students and money. So, it’s essential to get it right.

Scheduling software for colleges

For this reason, most colleges spend hours or days signing up new students and trying to create the perfect schedule. After that, there’s always a lot of back and forth to find the right time slots. And don’t forget about the no-shows!

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you’ll be happy to know that course scheduling software eliminates most of these everyday problems. Here are the top reasons why a scheduling software system is crucial for your higher education institution...

1. No More No-Show’s

When students don’t arrive for classes, it wastes time and costs money. So, from a business perspective, it’s crucial to reduce the number of no-shows as much as possible. 

The good news is that with the right scheduling software, you can reduce no-shows automatically. 

It will send out automatic appointment reminders via email or text, ensuring that students attend their sessions on time. And if they can no longer make it, there’s also an option for them to self-manage their booking and reschedule it for a more convenient slot. 

The ideal scheduling software will also remind your lecturers about upcoming classes so that they are always prepped to run on time. 

2. Better Control Over Scheduling and Bookings

Benefits Of Course Scheduling Apps

This type of software gives everyone, from administrators to teachers to students, more control over bookings. 

For example, students can get an immediate overview of their teacher’s availability over a certain period. They can then book lessons at a suitable time for them both. This eliminates the back and forth to figure out schedules and improves the customer experience. 

We all know that happier customers mean returning customers and more money. Yet, teachers also benefit from being in control of their timetables.

Academic scheduling software allows teachers to set their availability, lowering the administrative staff’s workload and removing any additional expenses needed to manage their time. 

It’s not complex to set up schedules and booking pages either. BLAB has a 2-step, 17-minute setup challenge. You can create your first online booking page for your college within 17-minutes. That's how quick this process should be! 

3. Detailed Reporting

Top course scheduling software will offer you NASA-level reporting that puts you in control at all times. If you use BLAB and are an analytics or data-nerd, you’ll be pleased to hear that your software easily integrates with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Drawing on these integrations, you can find out:

  • exactly which lessons happened and which didn’t 
  • how busy each teacher or trainer was within a certain period of time
  • where most of your bookings came from
Appointment Reporting

Having these details on hand should make marketing, course scheduling, and paying your teachers a breeze.

These reports will also help you fine-tune your operations. Is one teacher not working nearly as hard and often as they should? Do you need to hire another teacher because your classes are so popular?

4. Improved Communications

Privacy is always important, more so when running an online business. For this reason, additional security is a must! The ideal software will let students and teachers communicate without sharing personal contact information. 

All of this communication is also stored safely in the cloud online for future reference. If miscommunication occurs, it’s pretty straightforward to go back and see who said what. 

Having access to this will ensure that you can continue to improve your services and business. 

5. Seamless Integrations

It's no secret that staff and teachers are busy. Nobody wants to spend hours learning new and complicated applications. So, when you choose the best software, it’s vital to search for one that’s easy to use and integrates well with your existing tools.

Whether you use Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, Stripe or PayPal, life becomes more manageable when your software integrates with these tools.

College Scheduling


Fantastic integration means you don’t have to struggle to update and maintain several calendars and software platforms to run your business. You’ll also find that onboarding new staff becomes more manageable and less expensive. Your teachers will also likely thank you for choosing an easy-to-use software.

Are You Ready To Book Like A Boss?

Now that you’ve seen why course scheduling software matters for your college, it’s time to start running your business like a boss.

Remember, the software should:

  • Automate class bookings
  • Improve communications within your school or college
  • Offer valuable data and insights to improve your business,
  • Be easy to use
  • Integrate well with your existing software tools

Are you ready to activate boss mode? Follow the link to start a free trial today. Your students, teachers, and college will love you when you book classes like a boss.


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